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LinkedIn Webinar, LinkedIn Presentation, LinkedIn Training
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LinkedIn Webinar, LinkedIn Presentation, LinkedIn Training


Published on - Enjoy this LinkedIn presentation! Click this link ( ) for the best and most comprehensive LinkedIn training guide on the internet. We have looked high and low … - Enjoy this LinkedIn presentation! Click this link ( ) for the best and most comprehensive LinkedIn training guide on the internet. We have looked high and low on the internet for the best and advances LinkedIn training guide and here it is. Click the link above, you will not be dissatisfied.

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  • At the end of the presentation, you will walk away with a better understanding of how LinkedIn will help you grow your business. It’s simple, LinkedIn can help you prosper! We are going to look at three areasShow you how LinkedIn can help YOU build credibility for your business.Look at how LinkedIn can be used for Lead Generation and ProspectingWe’ll share some case studies on LinkedIn is used as a communication tool to stay in regular contact with Customers, Prospects, and Suspects! Before we get into these three specific areas, let’s take a look at how people buy. (Next Slide)
  • I like to start off with this for two reasons…We are all on this call because we are looking for new customers and we are looking for smart ways to grow our businessWe need to put this into perspective. I think we call all agree the best way to grow a business is through word of mouth and referrals. One of the things I like most about LinkedIn, it supports word of mouth and referral based growth. (You will see exactly what I mean when I get to some examples.) So this visual is cool, it shows people buy through our Friends Family and Coworkers, “Our Sphere of Influence” (This is true whether you are looking for a Lawyer, Plumber, Painter, Local Restaurant, Real Estate Agent or Doctor)Why? In this graphic, what we call “traditional forms of marketing blocked out in grayed out” It is NOT DUE to the rise in Social Media Sites like Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube. It has to do with the way people have access to information and the choices people make when consuming information. (Google Search, Tivo, iPhone, Blackberry). Information is at our finger tips!
  • LinkedIn has over 60 million members in over 200 countriesIndia Fastest Growing 1 new member is added every second A new member joins LinkedIn approximately every second, and about half of our members are outside the U.S. Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members.
  • If you are a Lawyer, Plumber, Painter, Restaurant, Real Estate Agent or Doctor YOUR business NEEDS CREDIBILITY! I see credibility being CRUTIAL for business to survive.People NEED to trust you or they will never buy from you. This credibility or trust sometimes happens in the subconscious or it can be built over a period of time. One thing is true, this trust and credibility takes place in EVERY SALE large or small. We will show how your LinkedIn profile can Build Credibility!
  • Questions/Answers/Polls/Groups/Applicaions
  • LinkedIn will show you if your profile is complete or what is your profile completeness.
  • Communication Plan
  • Tommy Hilfigure or Ketheth Cole or JC PennysCommunication – When it comes to communication w/ your Target Market, back 5 or 25 years ago, businesses created a marketing and advertising message (usually a board room or behind closed doors) and pushed that message out to their target market, HOPING it would drive sales! They used Yellow Pages, Newspaper, Radio, TV and Pushed that message to as many people as possible. (A LOT OF HOPING AND PRAYING IS INVOLVED IN THAT METHOD) “Called Spray and Pray”Having that said, YOUR PRODUCT IS ONLY AS GOOD AS WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT IT- YOU NEED A COMMUNICATION PLAN!We’ll share some case studies on LinkedIn is used as a communication tool to stay in regular contact with Customers, Prospects, and Suspects!
  • Lead Generation and Prospecting related to LinkedIN – We all need customers! (Weather our business grows through referrals, word of mouth, advertising, marketing, or cold calling) If you are anything like ME or many CEO’s you want more and spend less getting more! IM AM GOING TO SHOW YOU A WAY ON LINKED!In my 10 plus years doing sales, I have yet find a better prospecting tool or prospecting company that matches LinkedIn’s capabilities.
  • Search or prospects just link you would search your company database for prospects. Powerful!
  • Case Study
  • Transcript

    • 1. Let’s Connect
    • 2. Webinar Agenda
      5 Keys to the Million Dollar Deal
      CEO Level LinkedIn Setup
      Real World Networking
      10 Minutes a week Social Strategy for the CEO
      Bonus: Download Resource Kit
    • 3. LinkedIn for Business
    • 4. Our Sphere of Influence
      How do people make buying decisions?
      5 Keys to the Million Dollar Deal
      Credibility /Trustworthiness
      Online Reputation
    • 5. LinkedIn Member Profile
      • 60 Million Members - 1 New Member Per Minute
      • 6. Average Age = 41
      • 7. Average Household Income = $110,000
      • 8. 95% of Users College Educated
      • 9. 37% hold Graduate Degrees
      • 10. 49% Business Decision Makers
      • 11. Job Titles:
      • 12. C-Level Executives = 7.9%
      • 13. EVP/SVP = 6.5%
      • 14. Senior Management = 16%
      • 15. Middle Management = 18%
    • 1. Build Credibility
      How is Credibility Built?
    • 16. 1. Build Credibility
      Become Expert - Trusted Resource -Market Leader
    • 17. 2. Online Reputation – Google Resume
    • 18. 2. Online Reputation
      Build Incredible Profile
      • 100% Profile Completeness
      • 19. Set Public Profile Settings
      • 20. Edit Contact Setting
      • 21. Be Interesting!
    • 3. Communication - Social and Interactive
    • 22. 4. Leadership – Transparentency
      Positive Interactions
      Brand Reputation Destruction
    • 23. 5. Networkinig-Lead Generation & Prospecting
      When People Search…
      They Find YOU!
    • 24. 5. Networking –Search & Find Prospects
    • 25. Client Case Study
      Business Challenge
      • Find Media Advertisers
      • 26. Build Business Partner Relations
      • 27. Grow Smart2BeGreen Reach w/ Joint Publication Ventures
      Proposed Solution
      • Utilize LinkedIn Profile Search For Prospecting
      • 28. Answer Questions & Join Groups
      • 29. Connect with Potential Advertisers
      • Solidified 3-6 Potential Leads/Month
      • 30. Joined 15 Groups – Distribute RSS Data Feed
      • 31. Over 116 Connections
      • 32. LinkedIn was added as a Top 10 Website Traffic Source
    • Summary & Questions
    • 33. Remember!!
      Download the Whitepaper at:
      Our Next Webinar is on March 25, 2010
      “ Facebook and You in the New Millennium”