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Microsoft Protege Grand Final Pres 6th May
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Microsoft Protege Grand Final Pres 6th May


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Microsoft Protégé 2011Windows Phone 7 Marketing Campaign
  • 2. Computer Geek Sports Mad Art Fanatic Study Freak Party Animal Music Lover
  • 3. The Concept6 different student groups create communities to fully engage with all aspects of the WP7through a fun, interactive and clear campaign. Facilitating a social, networked community.
  • 4. Meet the students
  • 5. Meet Computer Geek Tom…
  • 6. Meet Art Fanatic Anna…
  • 7. Meet Sports Mad Alex…
  • 8. Meet Study Freak Elle…
  • 9. Meet Music Lover Josh…
  • 10. Meet Party Animal Katy…
  • 11. Implementation
  • 12. Media Above the line: 1. Advertising Campaign 2. Sponsorship 1. Television 3. Product Placement SEO Below the line: 1. Website: PPC Analytics 6 Facebook Groups 2. Online 2.Facebook: 1 Facebook Page Facebook Ads Viral 3. YouTube: Advertisements Events/ Group Films Groups/ Profile Tweets 1. Twitter: Trending Brand Tweets Press Releases 2. Journalists: Press Packs Press Events3. Public Relations Ambassadors 3. Blogging: Student Groups Universities Nationwide Experts 4. Student Partners: Representing 6 different groups Campaigning
  • 13. 1. Television1. An advertising campaign has been created to communicate the campaign concept to the student market.2. Sponsorship of television programs should be considered.3. Product Placement –This campaign should utilise this new opportunity to advertise the product in programs.
  • 14. 2. Online Website :
  • 15. 2. Online Website : Facebook: YouTube:
  • 16. 3. Public Relations 1. Twitter provides a direct communication channel 2. Journalists will be closely managed during this campaign 3. Blogging is an appropriate tool for digital natives 4. Student Partners are brand advocates and on-campus contacts.
  • 17. The Campaign
  • 18. Campaign RoadmapLevel of Impact
  • 19. Pre-Launch Teaser• Teaser updates daily• Competition – winners announced at Launch Event• Register for tickets to the main event
  • 20. The Main EventThis event will create buzz, generate press coverage, enablepromotion and buy-in of student group partners.
  • 21. The Main Event Continued Press Zone Party Animal Study Freak Art Fanatic Sports Mad WP7 Training CentreComputer Geek Music Lover
  • 22. Campaign Launch and Follow Up8 weeks before the launch event:• Short TV adverts•Facebook campaign• Youtube videosFollow Up Activities will include:• Additional training events• Retail
  • 23. On-Going Campaign ActivityOn-Going activity is important to maintain the impact and visibility of the campaign.
  • 24. Internal MarketingMarketing MAD believe that an integrated and aligned marketing approach is key to success.
  • 25. Post-University WP7 Alumni
  • 26. Budget Allocation
  • 27. Campaign SummaryComputer Geek Sports Mad Art Fanatic Study Freak Party Animal Music Lover
  • 28. Thank you for your time.Do you have any questions?