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Word-of-mouth marketing is your ability to make the most of customer chatter. Does your brand get it? Explore more about this trend with our video and iBook. View here: http://shar.es/5CYqW …

Word-of-mouth marketing is your ability to make the most of customer chatter. Does your brand get it? Explore more about this trend with our video and iBook. View here: http://shar.es/5CYqW

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  • 1. A New Era forWord-of-MouthDoes Your Brand Get It? Created by Bader Rutter as part of the Fast Forum series
  • 2. Success is creating experiences worth sharing.Old-school marketing is the price for being 22unimaginative. It relies too heavily onmanagement of manicured messages thattell customers what to think about your brandand banks on buying attention with volume Onlyand frequency. percentThis model’s days are numbered. In the digital of word-of-mouth is sparked by advertising.age, messages served by a brand aren’t asbelievable when online customer ratings and The rest is something else.peer reviews will tell the real story, as told byreal people. 1
  • 3. So what does a brand need to do to realize true potential? Change the game. Compel customers to talkabout you because they love the experience they have with your brand. In turn, customers are moreinclined to reward you with a review, pin, like or share. Before you know it, their peer network knowsabout you and the phone starts ringing — a big reward for doing nothing more than giving customersan experience worth sharing.Ready to see how word-of-mouth can work for you? Greater What you’ll get: understanding of why delivering memorable experiences is Ideas for getting good business people talking See brands that are about your brand creating an advantage with word-of-mouth 2
  • 4. People have an average of 130 Facebook® friends.No one shares an averagecustomer experience.At its most basic level, word-of-mouth is the story your customers share with peers abouttheir experience with your brand. The marketing part is when you intentionally focus on providingcustomers an experience worth sharing. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc. 3
  • 5. Word-of-mouth marketing is not a new concept. Restaurants are famous for relying on peerrecommendations. BtoB marketers are now in a service economy where, just like in restaurants,product features aren’t enough. It’s increasingly difficult to sustain a position of actual productdifferentiation. A longer-term approach is to act differently by providing memorable experiencesthat spark word-of-mouth.Social media now empowers a consumer who has Studies show thathad a remarkable experience to reach hundreds customers will share aof followers. Likewise, studies show that customerswill share a negative experience with more peers negative experiencethan a positive one. These facts make word-of-mouthmore important than ever because conversations with more peers than aabout your brand move faster and to a much largergroup today. positive one.Marketers who don’t focus on providing meaningful customer experiences won’t get talked about —no matter how many tweets, ads and direct mail you send. If it’s average or boring, it’s not worthsharing and it’s a lost opportunity for the brand to differentiate. 4
  • 6. Take command of the customer experience. Word-of-mouth is really very easy to understand. If people like your work and trust you, they will tell their peers to do business with you. The recipe is the same as building any solid relationship: participate, rectify, engage, entertain, satisfy, support and surprise. So why doesn’t your marketing team have a focus on word-of-mouth right now? Control. When a brand puts out a marketing message, whether it’s contained within an online ad or a direct mail piece, marketers are in control of the message. When you’re allowing customers to talk about your brand, youClient story: Make it memorable and extend it online. have to trust that they’ll say what you want — something with which traditional marketers often struggle. 5
  • 7. 80% of word-of-mouth happens offline.Plus, it’s relatively easy to put together an emailmarketing campaign, but it’s much more difficultto influence someone’s experience and reactions,for many reasons. Marketers who successfully gain some command of• Marketers don’t traditionally have influence over  other touch points create a huge advantage for their service and sales interactions. brands. Word-of-mouth is an untapped opportunity•  sking for a customer experience budget isn’t easy. A for most, and simply focusing on creating more• Marketers have to re-evaluate the role of familiar  shareable customer experiences helps move the mass channels. brand forward through differentiation. 6
  • 8. Thousands of FREE YouTube® views forLeverage what you flight safety instructions and beef jerky. Your brand isn’talready do better. too boring to sparkIs there something your brand can’t avoid doing well? word-of-mouth.Influence what people say about your brand whenyou’re not there by leveraging what you naturally dodifferently or better than your competition. Note that thisshouldn’t be focused on a product feature because yourproduct doesn’t need to be different to act differently.It’s all about: • Your brand personality •  ow you interact with customers H • Your unique tone in the marketplace YouTube is a registered trademark of Google Inc. 7
  • 9. Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines is a great example of this. It does service better and it has woven shareable experiences into multiple customer touch points. It allows its flight attendants to get creative, whether that’s by rapping the in-flight instructions or adding a little dance to the seat belt and life vest demonstrations. Southwest Airlines extends its unique experiences beyond customer service by getting on the customer’s side with “Bags Fly Free” and by putting the word LUV next to its airline acronym SWA on the Departures monitor. Its stock symbol is NYSE:LUV. Unique advertising also can spark word-of-mouth. The “Messin’ With Sasquatch” campaign by Jack Link’s® Beef Jerky offers an entire experience for snackers, complete with television commercials, events such as “Sasquatch Sightings,” an online game Jack Link’s and a Six Flags® roller-coaster ride. Jack Link’s is a registered trademark of Link Snacks, Inc. Six Flags is a registered trademark of Six Flags Theme Parks Inc. 8
  • 10. Overdo and overdeliver. “I would make sure that it’s over the top. You want to createan experience, not just an event, to givethem something they can take home and remember for the rest of their lives.” - Greg Cannon, Mycogen Seeds 9
  • 11. Going above and beyond expectations is one way to get noticed by your customers and ensure the chatter about their experience is shared with peers. Now, there’s no need to overdo everything. In fact, the simpler, the better. Maker’s Break the routine by changing your packaging, service or a customer event. Mark Maker’s Mark, for example, treats its customer like old friends in everything it does. These friends then have the chance to act as ambassadors for the brand and receive a variety of special perks, such as their name on a barrel of bourbon and the ability to track their barrel’s progress.Sendik’s Sendik’s, a local specialty grocery, offers distinctive and durable red bags that are Bag useful long after carrying food items home. As a result, every customer has the potential to be a walking billboard. Our client Mycogen Seeds also has done a fantastic job of creating a peer event and online community that fosters conversations among customers and prospects — all without a push from sales. It adds over-the-top elements to its customer events by taking participants to a Monday Night Football® game or having a quirky, custom Mycogen Seeds song sung to the tune of “Rocket Man.” Anything that breaks routine is a good candidate for word-of-mouth. Monday Night Football is a registered trademark of National Football League. 10
  • 12. It has to beunexpectedly deviant. Provide an experience that’s truly worth sharing. Customers expect great products and services, so you must find a way to be unexpectedly deviant or clever. Ask yourself, “Would anyone share this experience?” If it doesn’t challenge what’s normal, chances are no one will want to talk about it. 11
  • 13. Never think your product Any change or challenge to the norms will beis too mundane for this type of found as weird by a few. That’s exactly what makes experience. them shareable! Here are a few ways to be more shareable: •  ecast the rules of the marketplace. Think R “Bags Fly Free.” • Find the edges of customer service and take  things further. •  he pleasantly unexpected is definitely T For example, our senior digital strategist, Grant shareable. Thekan, expects that when he stays at a Four •  uild marketing into the customer experience B Seasons hotel, the staff will be helpful. However, versus just surrounding the product with it. during a recent stay in Chicago, he didn’t expect a housekeeper to go above and beyond by brushing his daughter’s American Girl® doll hair, putting her in her pajamas and gently tucking her into bed. It was a moment that truly delighted his daughter and compelled him to tell his peers about the extra special effort. The Four Seasons gets it. Even though a hotel seems like the perfect place for word-of-mouth, you should never think your product is too mundane for this type of experience. BtoB company WindsorOne sells lumber to builders and puts T-shirts with funny slogans in every shipment. Take a fresh look at your shareability. Customers can’t wait to open another box! American Girl is a registered trademark of American Girl, LLC. 12
  • 14. For every dollar we’ve spent, we average a $10return.Word-of-mouth pays.Today, real online product reviews and social media comments trump marketing messages, andmedia consumption is at the point of saturation. Because of these unique challenges, word-of-mouthmarketing may be the answer for your brand. It’s an untapped opportunity for many. 13
  • 15. “How likely is it that you would recommend this to a friend or colleague?”Word-of-mouth forces you to focus on making decisionsthat are good for your customer first, and it makesunderstanding and improving your customer touch pointsa priority. Let word-of-mouth marketing be the catalyst fora conversation about customer satisfaction metrics, likethe Net Promoter ® Score, which is based on one question:“How likely is it that you would recommend this to a friend orcolleague?”People are now putting a higher value on honesty andtransparency. Provide that by letting your customers helpyou tell your story. Invest in experiences worth sharing, Client story: Word-of-mouth can work very quickly.and you’ll activate the most compelling message andmedium you have — your customers! Net Promoter is a registered trademark of Satmetrix Systems, Inc. 14
  • 16. Check out these greatword-of-mouth examplesfrom brands that get it.• Krispy Kreme gives its customers a reason to share their experience by providing  a behind-the-scenes look at how its donuts are made.•  outhwest Airlines lets bags fly free, something airline passengers are sure to tell their S fellow travelers.•  irgin America’s safety video has 600,000+ views. V•  endik’s, a local specialty grocer, turns customers into walking billboards by offering S durable red bags that customers will be sure to use again and again.• Maker’s Mark treats all of its customers like friends by offering an ambassador program and hands-on tours. 15
  • 17. These word-of-mouthresources inspired us.Links: Reading List:WordofMouth.org 1. Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart  Companies Get People TalkingWord of Mouth Marketing Crash Course 2. Conversational Capital: How to Create Stuff  People Love to Talk AboutWe enjoyed expounding on the opinions aggregatedin this publication from other word-of-mouth leaders, 3.  urple Cow, New Edition: Transform Your Pevents we have attended and our experiences in Business by Being Remarkablehelping our clients find success. If you are inspired 4.  verything I Know About Business I Learned Eto read more about these topics, check out the From the Grateful Dead: The Ten Mostrecommended reading list. The authors are all Innovative Lessons From a Long, Strange Tripamazing minds who “get it” and share wonderfulways to spark conversation. 5. Marketing Lessons From the Grateful Dead:  What Every Business Can Learn From the Most Iconic Band in History 6.  inchpin: Are You Indispensable? L 16
  • 18. Thank you to Greg Cannon for sharing his word-of-mouth story. Shot on location at General Mitchell International Airport, Miller Park and Bader Rutter HQ by the BR video team. 17