Enabling conditions to foster a green transition : The Dominican Republic experience

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Daniel Abreu from the Nationl Climate Change Council of the Dominican Republic discusses the enabling conditions needed to foster a green transition

Daniel Abreu from the Nationl Climate Change Council of the Dominican Republic discusses the enabling conditions needed to foster a green transition

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  • 1. Enabling conditions to foster a green transitionThe Dominican Republic experience Daniel Abreu Mejía Focal Point UN CC:Learn DR GLOBAL TRANSITION DIALOGUE #2 On the New Economy March 17th, 2012 ,
  • 2. High Vulnerability to Climate Change in DR Extreme weather Rise sea levels Draught HurricanesFloods
  • 3. Condition 1 for enabling a green economy: Developing a Legal and Institutional FrameworkThe Dominican Republic is one of the few countries inthe world that recognizes both sustainable developmentand the adaptation to climate change as a key element ofland use and environmental policy of the nation in itsPolitical Constitution. The Environmental Law establishes that theEnvironmental Ministry has to involve civil society andcommunity base organizations in its policy makingprocess. The same Law creates an Attorney for the Defense ofthe Environment and Natural Resources.
  • 4. National Council for Climate Changeand Clean Development Mechanism DirectorateDate: September 20th, 2008 ConsultiveCreation: Decree 601-08, as aninstance of public policy coordinationand joint efforts in mitigating the Executivcauses and adapting to the impacts eof climate change. OperativePresident:Dr. Leonel ExecutiveFernandez Reyna Vicepresident: Omar Ramirez Tejada
  • 5. Condition 2 for enabling a green economy:Developing a long term policy frameworkThe DR adopted as a National Law a long term (20years) National Development Strategy, were adaptationto climate change and sustainable development is thefourth pillar. With the support of UNITAR the country developed aNational Plan for implementing Article 10 of the RioDeclaration on strengthening capacities for participatoryenvironmental governance and access to information. The formulation of a long term climate-compatibledevelopment plan.
  • 6. Climate Compatible Development Plan (CCDP) Resolute climate action is a key priority of DR, these goes at the same time with our economical and social developmenth. Double GDP by 2030 at the same time as cutting our emissions by half The CCDP reflects our core aspiration of economic development: we intend to raise GDP per capita from USD 5,200 to 12,500, an increase of 140%. In the BAU scenario, 70% of all emissions in 2030 would be concentrated in three sectors: energy, transport, and forestry Quick Wins: Sectors cement, waste and tourism
  • 7. Climate Compatible Development Plan (CCDP)The implementation strategy of the draft CCDP is centered onfive key factors for success: Stakeholder engagement and Effective institutions and mobilization systems Commitment and leadership from the highest level of government and society Comprehensive strengthening of the government’s ability to Smart financing perform
  • 8. Closing the implementation Gap:the strengthening of human resources,learning and skills development Objectives: Mapping of Needs and Capacities the National Strategy for the Strengthening of Human Resources, Learnig and Skill Development Contribute to human resources capacity building in various sectors of Dominican society to tackle climate change. Priority Action: Already the project has made a partnership with the Ministry of Education to update the curricula to introduce sustainable development and climate change. The same approach will be developed with the Ministry of Higuer Education.
  • 9. Thank you!More information:www.cambioclimatico.gob.do Daniel Abreu Mejia National Council for Climate Change Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Phone: 809-472-0537 d.abreu@cambioclimatico.gob.do