Camp Preparation


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Camp Preparation

  1. 1. Camp PreparationHow to prepare your troop to go camping Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road Council
  2. 2. Course ObjectivesOne of the most important aspects of taking a troop camping is preparing everyone to go. This involves: Involve the girls in planning Meeting plans to prepare for camping Basic Outdoor skills Basic organizational camp skills Budgetary principles for camping and activities with girlsThe objective of this course is to help walk you through the steps to take your troop to camp.
  3. 3. Girl Planning Girls can plan! While it may seem easier and faster for leaders to plan activities, girls need the opportunity to develop leadership skills that come with planning. Girls will be more responsible and more receptive to getting things done when they have been the ones to plan the activity.
  4. 4. Girl PlanningWith your help, girls can decide: When and where to go What to do What to take Acceptable behavior New skills to learn Special needs
  5. 5. Girl PlanningGirls will benefit by: Once girls learn the skill of planning, leaders will benefit: Learning decision makingskills  Reducing their planning time Creating excitement and  Having a sense ofownership accomplishment seeing the Learning to work together girls take charge
  6. 6. BrainstormingA simple way to get the girls started with planning is to have a “troop adventure box”. It is a box where girls can put suggestions or ideas for their outdoor adventures. They can draw or write their ideas, depending on their age. The ideas can remain anonymous. You can pull them out and see what most of the girls want to do. Use this as a starting point for planning with girls.
  7. 7. Basic SkillsOne reason girls join Girl Scouts is to learn how to take care of themselves. We have identified 8 basic skills to help them to that in the out-of-doors. They are: Outdoor manners Dressing for the outdoors Knots Knife care, usage and safety Fire usage and safety Cooking First Aid Nature and conservation
  8. 8. Out and About Skill Building Here are the Basic Out Door Skills that you should teachIf you are taking these online your girls for an Out and Aboutcourses to complete Out and experience:About, you will need to sign upfor a classroom session on Fire  Outdoor MannersBuilding and Safety.  Dressing for the weather  Outdoor safety and basic firstThis is a beginning level of aidcamping and is a great place to  Nature and conservationbegin to teach the 8 Basic  Fire safety and simple fireOutdoor Skills. building  Cooking indoors
  9. 9. Troop Camping Skill Building Additional skills for girls toIf you are taking these online learn for their basic outdoorcourses to complete Troop skills:Camp Certification, you willneed to sign up for a  Building a fire for cookingclassroom session which is an  Cooking on an open fireovernight in a camp setting.  Knife safety and usageYou will be learning outdoor  Knot tyingcooking techniques, tent care,  Compass /GPS– Finding Yourcamp sanitation, and many waymore skills to make outdoor  Camp Sanitationliving an adventure packed  Camp toolswith fun and great memories.
  10. 10. Meal PlanningPlanning meals with your troop isn’t much different from planning meals for a family with a few exceptions. You will need to consult with parents regarding food allergies and religious restrictions Also remember that girls will almost always eat more when they are physically active and outdoors Their food should be nutritious and filling and they should drink plenty of water
  11. 11. Meal PlanningOther things to remember when planning are: Nutritional balance Cooking/preparation time Cleanup time Costs Skill level of the girls Other activities/time limitations Ease of transport Likes and dislikes of the girls
  12. 12. Out and About Level Cooking Girls should help plan their meal prior to the camping trip. Ask questions like:  What are some of your favorite foods?  Have you ever tried . . . ?  Raise your hand if you will eat one hotIf you are completing Out and dog? Two? More?About level training, your  How many buns are in a bag, and howcooking methods should only many bags are needed if we need 17 hot dogs?include no-cook, the kitchen What utensils and special ingredientsstove or restaurant take-out. will we need to prepare that?
  13. 13. Troop Camp Level Cooking For experienced planners, girls can accompany the adults on the shopping trip to purchase food.If you are completing Troop For handouts to help plan foodCamp level training, your for camping and a camp cookcooking methods can be over a book, check out the Outdoorcampfire. During your training Education section of theyou will learn a variety of council web site!wonderful recipes and ways tomake outdoor cooking fun and www. gskentucky.comdelicious!
  14. 14. BudgetingGirls need to understand the basics of budgeting before planning a camping trip. There are many trade offs to consider: Food Activities Site rental Equipment purchasesAs a troop, you may decide what is most important to you. There is no right amount to spend on any one item.
  15. 15. Budget FOODWe always want to insure that girls are eating a properly balanced diet. Within the nutritional needs, you have many choices.After the girls have talked about their likes and dislikes, it may be a good time to take them in on a field trip to the store. Consider assigning them certain items to find and have them write down the cost. Use this information at the troop meeting when you explain the budget for the trip.
  16. 16. BudgetingActivitiesGirls love to do the activities at campand this can become an expensiveitem for the troop.Give the girls a realistic picture ofhow many activities you will be ableto afford by talking with them aboutthe number of boxes of cookies theyneed to sell to do each one. The girlswill quickly decide what is “worth it”to them and what isn’t.There are many free field trips andfun things to do at camp to fill thetime.
  17. 17. BudgetingSite RentalKentucky’s Wilderness Road camps are an affordable option for many troops.The pricing for the camp sites can be found in the Camp Handbook found on the forms section of the council web site.
  18. 18. BudgetingEquipment rental or purchaseThe families in your troop may have items that you can borrow for the camping trip. Council camps have equipment available at most camp sites. Check the Camp Handbook for a list of available equipment.If your troop is going to camp regularly, you may wish to purchase some troop equipment.
  19. 19. BudgetingTeaching girls to budgetA fun way to teach girls to budget is to do an “activity fair” at a troop meeting. Post signs around the room that list activities the girls would enjoy with arbitrary prices. For example: Camp $85 Crafts $10 Parade $0 Picnic $40Post as many ideas as you feel the girls can handle at their age.Give the girls play money and have them decide where and how to spend their money. Don’t give them enough money to do everything.After they are done, talk to the girls about what else they would like to do and how to go about earning money.
  20. 20. Kaper ChartGirl Scout camping shouldteach girls life skills. The bestway to learn things is by doingthem. Each girl should havehousekeeping responsibilitieswhile at camp. These extendbeyond taking care of herselfand personal belongings. Tasksor responsibilities in Girl Scoutsare called “Kapers”. An easyway to organize girls is with akaper chart.
  21. 21. What can girls do?With proper training and supervision, girls can do almost anything that is needed at camp. They can clean, cook, set the table, wash dishes, etc. Activities are usually assigned in groups called patrols. The patrols will rotate responsibilities throughout the trip so that no one is stuck with the messy jobs the entire trip.Every girl should take responsibility for a variety of tasks.
  22. 22. Sample Kaper Duties Customize to Meet Your NeedsFire Builders (Not for Out and About) Cooks• Gather equipment • Gather food needed• Check for safety • Gather equipment needed• Build type of fire needed • Prepare and cook meal• Watch and tend fire • Remember condiments and drinks• Extinguish fire and put away equipmentHostess Clean-up• Clear and arrange tables • Gather dishwashing equipment• Make a nature centerpiece • Plan method of heating water• Place dishes on table • Wash personal dishes first• Select and lead grace • Store and dispose of leftovers• Decide how food will be served • Wash all cooking equipment • Wash table (stove) • Put equipment away when dry • Empty trash
  23. 23. How to choose which girls are in a patrolDividing girls into groups for kapers should be done in a manner that doesn’t show favoritism. Draw names from a hat Assign jobs based on experience and age Pick groups based on the color they are wearing Play a game
  24. 24. Do things the fun way!Here are some steps for a simple game: Decide how many patrols you need Come up with stickers as a symbol for each patrol Place stickers inside plastic eggs Have the girls pass the eggs while music is playing When the music stops – each girl opens her egg to find her sticker She is then part of that patrol
  25. 25. Kaper ChartsHere are samples of kaperchart designs. Make them assimple or as decorative as thegirls desire.
  26. 26. Camp Clock A camp clock might include:A camp clock is a time schedule Campsite setup Time to get upof activities and should be Flag raising ceremonydone in large blocks of time. It Breakfast and clean up (allow 2 hours ifcould cover a single day or an cooking) Morning activities and free timeentire weekend. Camp clocks Lunch and quiet timeare planned with the girls and Afternoon activitiesshould allow for rest periods Dinner and clean up (allow minimum 2 hours)(turtle time) and free time. Flag lowering ceremony Evening program Bedtime Lights out Final camp clean up
  27. 27. Planning Your Trip Planning your camping trip canWhether you are camping in take 4-6 troop meetingsbuildings, cabins or tents,preparing your girls should be Resources on the Outdoor Education of the council web site includes an outlinepart of the process. of preparing your girls for the your camping trip.Preparing your girls for theexperience should include Check the web site to sign upplanning everything from when for the skill building section forto go, what to eat and teaching Out and About or Troop Campthem the skills necessary to Certificationmake the weekend successful.