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GSW Grounds Care is your official John Deere dealership in Geelong, stocking the full range of commercial consumer John Deere machines toys. For more details visit this site:

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John Deere Dealer

  1. 1. © 2012 GSW Grounds Care Geelong
  2. 2. Mowing is very uniquely used for harvesting .There are two types ofmowers. One is used for cutting small grasses at play fields, at home lawnor office. They have small wheels cutters installed. Another type ofmowers is called large mowers. They are specially used for cropsharvesting. Mowers can be classified into…• Sickle mowers: are supported with skid at the end. They move througha channel and drives forward and backward. They are driven by horse andwere the first mower to be designed.• Rotator mowers: they have sharp wheels with cutters at the end.• Reel mowers: they are used for fine grass cutting. They are mainly usedin polo ground, golf ground etc.• Flail mowers: it is used to trim the grasses at the edges.
  3. 3. Tractors are machines designed by engineers that’s tends to provide high torque at aminimum speed. It is a vehicles mainly used at farms and fields for mechanizing theprocess of crop harvesting. They are four wheeled vehicle used moving trailers.They are specially designed for howling and also planting. There are different typesof tractors among them some are...• Garden tractors: they are sometimes known as mini tractors. They are mainlyseen in farmhouse or small house fields. They are specialized at small cropscultivations and also grass cutting.• Orchard tractors: As the name suggests they are mainly used in orchards. Theyare quite agile and can pass through any terrain.• Road tractors: are heavy duty tractors and has got powerful axels. Axels in thistype of tractors are huge in numbers. They are used for pulling trailers.• Push back tractors: they are mainly seen at airports. They are used for pullingaircraft on the ground.• Artillery tractors: they pull artillery of different weights.
  4. 4. There is lot of dealers available these days all over the world. John Deere dealers are known worldwide for their high quality machines.
  5. 5. Chainsaw that are mainly 2 stroke machines are used for cutting trees andlimbing. They are powered by electricity and functions on hydraulic power.It also has a guide bars and a powerful cutting chains. They needpercentage of oil for proper functioning. A kickback is a very frequentaccident suffered using this chainsaw. Bush cutters use monofilamentmaterial to cut grasses instead of blades.Generator that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy and alltypes of move-ons are designed at Geelong mowers. For moreinformation’s and queries you can visit the site and get yourself more informed aboutdifferent mowers, tractors and brush cutters available.