Resume Writing for Jobs and Internships


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Resume Writing for Jobs and Internships

  1. 1. Discover Develop Achieve Resume Writing for Jobs and Internships Stefano Verdesoto Graduate Assistant UB Career Services University at Buffalo 259 Capen Hall (716) 645-4499
  2. 2. Discover Develop Achieve Before We Get Started… • What’s your name? • What’s your major/field of study? • Have you ever written a resume? – If so, what was it for?
  3. 3. Discover Develop Achieve What is a Resume? • A concise, complete document that outlines your unique work-related education, skills, accomplishments, and experience • Helps secure you an interview • Usually 1-2 pages – Especially for someone just starting out!
  4. 4. Discover Develop Achieve Resume Layout • Layout – to (most important to least) – Reverse chronological order (present to past) – Avoid overusing bold and italicized text!
  5. 5. Discover Develop Achieve Resume Format • What do you think is the most common mistake? – Inconsistency! In formatting and spacing • Margins should be the same • Format all sections exactly the same • No spelling errors
  6. 6. Discover Develop Achieve Consistent Resume Format
  7. 7. Discover Develop Achieve Contact Information • Really important! • Should be visually appealing – brand yourself! • Make it easy to contact you • It’s okay to have 2 addresses • Have a professional voicemail and email – No “Sexy and I Know It” ring-backs – No
  8. 8. Discover Develop Achieve Objective • Optional! • If you do have one, make sure it’s SPECIFIC – Target a specific company and position – List 2-3 specific skills you will bring • Avoid “dedicated,” “motivated,” “hard-working” • You can find the specific skills they’re looking for on the job postings! – Example: To obtain the Marketing Internship at Shea's Performing Arts Center to utilize my public relations experience and promotional writing skills.
  9. 9. Discover Develop Achieve Contact Information and Objective
  10. 10. Discover Develop Achieve Education • Start with most recent – UB! • Write out the full name of school and degree • List your GPA if it’s over a 3.0 University at Buffalo, The State University of New York Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, Expected May 2017 GPA 3.8/4.0 • List other colleges if you received a degree • After your sophomore year, ditch HS stuff
  11. 11. Discover Develop Achieve Experience • Include employment, internships, leadership experience, volunteer work, etc. – Write bullet points describing skills developed and achievements – Start your bullet points with “action words” (pg13) – Use “buzz words” the company is looking for – Consider breaking up experience section • Related Experience • Leadership Experience • Work Experience • Marketing Experience… etc.
  12. 12. Discover Develop Achieve Writing Action Statements • Focus on what you learned or accomplished rather than just stating your duties • Avoid using passive words such as “assisted” • Quantify your accomplishments when possible
  13. 13. Discover Develop Achieve Strong vs. Weak Action Statements • Weak: Took orders for customers. • Strong: Provided excellent customer service to a high volume of customers by taking orders, promoting new specials, and preparing food. • Weak: Assisted people with their diets. • Strong: Prescribed individual exercise programs and offered nutritional advice to 10 clients.
  14. 14. Discover Develop Achieve Other Common Sections • Skills: languages, computers, etc. • Professional Affiliations/Certifications • Projects: especially important for more technical majors • Relevant Coursework: 300/400 level • Publications: published research with professors • Honors and awards: academic and community • Campus Involvement: member or officer of clubs
  15. 15. Discover Develop Achieve Key Points to Remember • Tailor your resume to each employer • Show what YOU can do for THEM • 10-15 seconds on average • Be specific and quantify when possible • Make it look professional – no errors!
  16. 16. Discover Develop Achieve LinkedIn • Once your resume looks professional, create a LinkedIn profile! • What is LinkedIn? – Professional networking website Showcase your experiences/skills on your profile (like a virtual resume) Network with and learn from other students, alumni, and professionals Look through job postings – see what it takes! Join professional and field-specific groups
  17. 17. Discover Develop Achieve Mini LinkedIn Tutorial
  18. 18. Discover Develop Achieve Any questions?
  19. 19. Discover Develop Achieve Get Started! • Write a resume • Bring it to UB Career Services – Express Career Consults • Same-day, 20-minute appts. • Monday through Friday • 12pm to 4pm
  20. 20. Discover Develop Achieve Thank You! • Quick and easy survey time! • Please be sure to sign in • Any questions or want to schedule an appt.? • Come to our office or give us a call 259 Capen Hall (716) 645-2231