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ArthaVidhya Corporate Brochure

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ArthaVidhya brochure

  1. 1. ArthaVidhya ARTHAVIDHYA is an endeavor of ePalmleaf ITES Private Limited, head-quartered in Bangalore. ArthaVidhya is promoted by a group of Chartered Accountants and Engineers with over 100 years of combined work experience in Corporate houses. ArthaVidhya is an engine in skill development. The Mission ARTHAVIDHYA seamlessly integrates campus to Corporate require- ments in the Shared Services / Finance & Accounting functions with a Mission of enhancing employability through skill development. While Campus offerings are tuned to academia under a predefined syllabus prescribed by Universities, ArthaVidhya offers an intensive process based training to enable students to understand Corporate process requirements. Counselling: As part of our ACT program, ArthaVidhya counsels students to understand the individual assessment re- ports and help them choose the correct path in terms of identify- ing the right skill training required for them. At this time the stu- dents are allowed to have a feel / demo of the training product which would be used to train the students. Training: Training is imparted through a combination of physical classes and virtual office environment. The content would be in the form of animated presentations, simulations and practicals. The training would be 80% practical on an online vir- tual office environment and 20% physical on a classroom envi- ronment. ….More on Page 4. The Process Partner Placement Connect: ArthaVidhya is partnered with corporate houses and KPOs who have appreciated the need for practical training. ArthaVidhya would help students get interviews with Corporates and KPOs and enable them get placed for employment. Credit course: On understanding the need for Skills training, The education institution may decide to include the ArthaVidhya course as part of the curriculum (practicals for Commerce / Arts students) This would enable the students to be more employable and beat the current employability ratio of ten percent by a minimum of two fold. ePalmleaf ITES Private Limited Assessment: ArthaVidhya assess students on their skills on application of academics, understanding of processes, ana- lytical ability & knowledge of software tools. Assessment is con- ducted on an online environment. ….More on Page 3. 1
  2. 2. Organisation…. Course duration / Timings.... • Complete course—120 hrs • Individual modules—36—48 hrs. • Optional courses—72 hrs • Day classes • Evening classes • Weekend classes Training Process…. • Individual Logins • Creation of Virtual Company • Various roles of an accountant • Practical exercises on Virtual office • Continuous evaluation • Extended Practical for slow learners • Expert connect for clearing doubts Mode of Delivery…. • Physical Class rooms Own Centres / Franchisee Centres • Integrated course in Partnership with colleges • Virtual Classes Online Practicals / Simulations • Expert connect for clearing doubts through chat Infrastructure requirement…. • Computer Lab to accommodate students • Public Address system • Projector with PC • Broadband internet connection Partner What Skill Development on corporate Financial processes Why Bridge the gap between collegiate education & Corporate requirement Where Physical centers / Integrated course with colleges / Online When Flexible timing to suit individuals’ requirement Who Professionals / Domain experts from corporate houses How Reading materials / Animated presentations / Simulations / Practicals About the Team…. ePalmleaf ITES Private Limited • Founded by experienced chartered accountants with a broad corpo- rate exposure of over 25 years • Backed up by a team of corporate professionals • Founded in 2009 What is in it for Students…. • Gets to assess the current skill level through our online assessment tool • Assessment on - Application of aca- demic skills / Process skills / Analyti- cal skills / Software skills • Gets career counseling • Gets to train themselves on process skills / soft skills • Gets ready for employment. What is in it for College…. • Assessment for Students in institution Understanding of where the students of the institution stand in terms of employability skills. • Employability training for students • Get more placement partners • Better placement results as students are employable What is in it for Employers…. • Gets readily trained manpower • Saving of training time • Saving on training cost Domains…. • Finance & Accounting • Banking • Supply chain management • Insurance • Financial services • Soft skills 2
  3. 3. Skill Gap Assessment…. ArthaVidhya has designed & developed an online assessment for evaluating the skill level of an individual for employability as an accountant. Approach…. Assessed on the following areas… • Application of academics • Analytical skill • Process knowledge • Software knowledge • Assessment designed by experienced CA’s • Designed to assess the skill levels of the accountant. • Assessment done online • Results displayed on screen immedi- ately on completion of the test. • Report can be downloaded in pdf format Highlights of Assessment…. Assessment Templates…. Sample Report…. Partner Assessment in following processes… • Payment process • Receipt process • Accounts payable • Accounts receivable • Period end process • Statutory payments • Payroll process • Contra • Bank Reconciliation 3
  4. 4. Business Accounting Process...Course design…. Entire course is designed as a game, which starts with students creating their own company & continuing with accounting various transactions in Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Recording & Reporting, Payroll, depreciation & Bank Reconciliation. Creation of Virtual Company…. • To provide a feeling of “own company” to the student • To create responsibility / ownership of identifying various requirements Viz., Vendors, Customers, Banks, Insurance company, Auditors, Employees etc., • Triggered by a document or occurrence of an event • Verification & Validation with contracts or agreements • Preparation of transactional documents and managing audit trail • Approval of transactions • Recording accounting entry • Filing documents Transactions…. Recording Transactions…. • Experience of handling various Accounting scenarios Viz., Capital, Loans, Interest, Insurance, Banking transac- tions, Expense payments, Cash withdrawal, Refunds, Bill settlements • Identifying & understanding process / accounting errors • Viewing various reports after completion of each transac- tion..Viz., Process reports, error reports, Ledgers, P&L & Balance sheet. More Transactions…. • Accounts Payables • Accounts Receivables • Statutory payments • Payroll • Bank reconciliation • Provisioning • Depreciation Exposure…. • Exposure to Master / Trigger / Transactional documents • Instant display of errors & suggest corrective action for carry- ing out the transaction correctly. • Accounting entry incase of each of the scenario • Equivalent to six months of work experience Partner ePalmleaf ITES Private Limited N-2, 2nd Floor, LIC Row Houses, 24th Main, J P Nagar, 1st Phase, Bangalore - 560 078 Contact : 080 656 88 999 / 95911 91111 email : 4