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  • 1. Metal Packaging: Solution to Food Waste and World Hunger ? - by reducing post-harvest waste in developing regions Neil Cormack Robson MA, P.Eng., F.Inst. Pkg. President, International Packaging Consultants Ottawa, Canada October 2007 1
  • 2. Food distribution in developingregions - this picture says it all 2
  • 3. In this presentation it is contended that the entire Packaging Sector is under attack:Many states now require, or are proposing, deposits on all types of beverage packaging Consumers in Europe are duped into thinking that recycling charges ensure material recycling Some jurisdictions now restrict all packaging considered non-recyclable There are proposals worldwide to ban or reduce use of plastics in packaging 3
  • 4. Packaging is often a Scapegoat• Governments use packaging initiatives to meet public demand for environmental action, while gaining revenue from waste material sales and reduced waste collection services.• Such measures are justified by negative publicity that discredits the entire packaging industry and ignores its essential role in product distribution.• The packaging sector could prove its worth by concrete contributions to third world hunger alleviation – and thus gain the moral high-ground it rightly deserves 4
  • 5. The Two Views of WasteIn the industrialized world In developing countries 5
  • 6. 6
  • 7. Food Distribution around the WorldIndustrialized Countries Less Developed CountriesHigh packaging waste Low packaging wasteLow food waste High food wasteLow food-borne disease High food-borne diseaseLong distribution distances Only local distributionSeason independent Season dependentConvenient preparation Prepare from scratchLow preparation waste High preparation wasteBalanced diet possible Balanced diet difficult 7
  • 8. Societal Evolution of Food Packaging Food Availability Customer Attractions Scarce Customer will buy any available food Generally available Better product quality attracts some customers Quality food abundant Provision of convenience packaging Food oversupply Graphics emphasis on brands, quality Extreme consumerism Appeals to lifestyles & fantasies Package becomesentertainment Package becomes the product 8
  • 9. Packaging cures for food shortage and waste – a long-standing WPO proposal. 9
  • 10. Relevant Food Packaging Features for Developing Regions 1 - Pack must suit foodstuff’s physical form:• mobile fluid • viscous fluid• paste • solid/fluid mixture• cream • powder• discreet items • granules• high density • irregular shape solid 10
  • 11. Relevant Food Packaging Features for Developing Regions2 - Pack has to be compatible with foodstuff thatmay be:• volatile • sticky• corrosive • fragile• flammable • easily marked• pressurized • perishable• aseptic - sterile • susceptible to odour• odorous transfer 11
  • 12. Distribution Hazards for Foodstuffs Conditions or Events that can cause Food WastageEffect: Foodstuff types affected:heat/cold temperature sensitiveshock fragile, compressiblevibration brittle, fragilecompression compressibleoxygen oxygen-susceptible.moisture moisture sensitiveloss of sterility bacteriologically-sensitiveincompatibility chemically activebiological activity perishable 12
  • 13. Desirable Features of Metal Packaging forFood Distribution in Developing Regions• Steel can: - durable, heat-sterilizable, recyclable• Steel drum: - durable, reusable• Alu. can: - durable, pressure-holding, recyclable• Extruded aluminum tube: - durable, collapsible• Alu, foil dish/tray: - lightweight, recyclable• Metal/fibre composite can: - durable• Alu. foil/paper/plastic pack: - lightweight,compact• Alu. foil/plastic pouch: - lightweight, compact, heat sterilizable(only main positive features are recorded above; drawbacks may be advantages for competing pack systems) 13
  • 14. Example of Metal Packaging fromDeveloping Countries - Kyrgyzstan • In-can retort- processed fruit and vegetable conserves, Kyrgyzstan • Paper labeled, 3 piece soldered 500 grm tinplate can • Same can for apple, apricot, peach, pear, tomato, etc., purees 14
  • 15. Example of Metal Packaging fromDeveloping Countries - Tajikistan • PP/Alu.foil/PE laminate stock for tomato paste, Tajikistan • Stand-up pouch (Doypack) format • Printed stock supplied from Dubai 15
  • 16. Example of Metal Packaging from Developing Countries - Brazil • 3-piece,welded and beaded, necked-in can for condensed milk, Brazil • Wrap-round paper label • Brazilian Government D.A.certified and bar- coded for export • Graphics imply a Dutch dairy connection 16
  • 17. Example of Metal Packaging fromDeveloping Countries - Thailand • 3-piece welded, litho- printed necked-in can for coconut water, Thailand • Easy-open alu. makers’ end, steel canners’ end, • Jamaican company sourcing from Siam ! 17
  • 18. Example of Metal Packaging from Developing Countries - Egypt • 3-piece welded, litho printed cans, easy -open alu. Ends, for fruit juices (mango, guava etc,), Egypt • Nutrition information and bar-code for export 18
  • 19. Example of Metal Packaging from Developing Countries - Iran • 2-piece deep-drawn, overall litho-printed can for tuna, Iran • Tinplate end requires opener • Texts in Farsi, Arabic and English for mid-east markets • Illegible batch code over- printed; no mention of ’serving suggestion’ 19
  • 20. Example of Metal Packaging fromDeveloping Countries - Morocco • Drawn alu. can, unprinted, with easy- open end, for sardines, Morocco • Paperboard carton provides protection and graphics • ‘Maroc’ national brand logo featured prominently 20
  • 21. Example of Metal Packaging from Developing Countries - Tunisia • Lined, flexo-printed alu. tube for harissa tomato/pimento paste, Tunisia • Injection-molded PE screw cap • Paperboard protective/display carton with same graphics 21
  • 22. Example of Metal Packaging from Developing Countries - Dubai • Foil-lined fibre can, tinplate packers’ end, alu. easy-open maker’s end, for chips, Dubai. • HACCP certified, bar- coded and nutrient information for export • PE overcap 22
  • 23. Principal Features required to expand Metal Packaging’s Role in reducing Food Waste and alleviating Hunger• Converted pack materials easily, quickly and economically delivered to packing stations;• Reliable, low-cost pack/product sterilization, filling and hermetic sealing processes;• Resistance to harsh distribution and storage conditions;• Adequate (at least one year) shelf life;• Easy, low-cost pack material recovery and recycling to ensure sustainability• Minimal decoration ! 23
  • 24. Saving the world through better packaging! A Great Opportunity for Canners and CanmakersPrepared by Neil Cormack Robson, President, International Packaging ConsultantsIllustrations pp 2-9 courtesy Kenneth S. Marsh, Executive Director, Woodstock Institute for Science in Service to Humanity 24