LocaModa Campaign Snapshot Deck August 2010


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LocaModa Campaign Snapshot Deck August 2010

  1. 1. Greg Stellato gstellato@locamoda.com www.twitter.com/gstellato25 PLACE-BASED SOCIAL MEDIA +1 617 864 9600 x.104
  2. 2. Cup Buzz presented by AT&T allowed fans to use Facebook, Twitter, rich media ads and their mobile phones to cheer for their favorite teams and LocaModa’s place- based social media platform moderated, curated and streamed those conversations to Facebook and more than 800 sports bars, nationwide. Objective: Build off AT&T sponsorship platform. Deliver a more integrated user experience reinforcing AT&T’s goal of owning conversations around the World Cup •  4 week flight •  800+ locations (cross-channel) •  Mobile messaging via Twitter & SMS •  Full web integration (Facebook, rich media banner ads) •  400,000 plus messages hit LocaModa’s platform •  Full moderation & curation service Copyright © 2010 LocaModa Inc.
  3. 3. LocaModa BrandLink: Verizon Verizon DRIOD sponsored LocaModa’s foursquare application via LocaModa’s BrandLink ad platform. This campaign brought Verizon DRIOD into high trafficked venues where consumers have a very high propensity for social media adoption. Objective: Increase awareness for Verizon’s DROID App Store by targeting early adopters & influencers in select DMAs. •  3 week flight •  First to market with LocaModa’s Foursquare application •  Hyper-local targeting •  Check-ins increased 30% on average vs. 16% at non-branded locations •  Full moderation & curation service Copyright © 2010 LocaModa Inc.
  4. 4. AT&T engaged millions of college basketball fans with a fully integrated cross channel campaign. Consumers could easily engage with LocaModa’s platform from their phones and from any of the 800+ sports bars as well as from their computers via TitleTweets.com. Objective: Deliver a unique user experience for fans to cheer on their favorite college basketball teams while generating brand awareness & AT&T’s sponsorship of the Final Four. •  4 week flight •  800+ locations (sports bars) •  Mobile messaging via Twitter & SMS •  100,000 plus messages hit LocaModa’s platform •  Full moderation & curation service Copyright © 2010 LocaModa Inc.
  5. 5. Current work with Buick LocaModa currently provides custom wiffiti applications to Buick for the LaCrosse & Regal that reside on Buick.com under the ‘Share your thoughts’ banner. Objective: Buick’s messaging platform gives consumers the ability to listen and be heard regarding all things Regal and LaCrosse. •  12 month campaign •  Full integration into Buick.com •  Live stream of Consumer & Industry posts •  Full moderation & curation service Copyright © 2010 LocaModa Inc.
  6. 6. Vans introduced “BeHere”, an interactive campaign, enabling millions to share their images, thoughts & hopes across the globe in seven languages. The best submissions went live on the iconic MTV Screen in Times Square. The flight ran during the holiday season with an emphasis on New Years Eve. Objective: Enhance Vans social media presence. Give Vans fans something cool. •  3 week flight •  Messaging from web (.com & banner ads) & phones •  Video memento for users to share with friends •  2 marriage proposals! •  82% photos via web, 4% text messages, 7% web text, 7% email •  Full moderation & curation service Advertising Age Five Mobile Trends for 2010 – January 21, 2010 Copyright © 2010 LocaModa Inc.
  7. 7. George Tweets TBS introduced “George Tweets”, an interactive campaign that raised awareness for the new show, Lopez Tonight. The campaign leveraged Lopez’s Twitter following to share thoughts across LocaModa’s place-based social media network. Objective: Leverage Lopez’s affinity to Twitter & broadcast fully moderated public conversation with George and his fans. •  14 day flight •  Times Square, 600+ Locations, lopeztonight.com •  Branded presence on georgetweets.com •  10,000 plus targeted tweets •  Full moderation & curation service 2010 Gold Apex Award Winner Copyright © 2010 LocaModa Inc.
  8. 8. VH1 – The Great Debates VH1 wanted to connect TV, web & digital out-of-home audiences to their Great Debates TV program. LocaModa’s place-based social media platform enabled audiences to engage with each other and the TV show, all in real- time, on all these channels simultaneously. Objective: Create a parallel interactive digital debate campaign to run along side & fully integrate a TV program & Facebook. •  5 day flight. •  First to connect Facebook, Twitter, digital out-of-home to TV •  375,000 total consumer messages over 5 days. •  11 percent direct response •  > 10 percent via web (Facebook, VH1 blog, etc.) •  > 1 percent from mobile •  Industry recognition via awards & press 2010 MediaPost Award Winner, 2010 DSE Content Award Winner Copyright © 2010 LocaModa Inc.