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Global South- South Development Expo 2013 …

Global South- South Development Expo 2013

A presentation from solution forum 1 by UNEP

Solution Forum 1 will present innovative Southern projects that are contributing substantial and tangible benefi ts to the environment as well as to economic development, decent job creation and poverty eradication at the global, regional and national levels.

The forum will emphasize the crucial role that environmental considerations, when embedded in an adequate policy framework, can play in the transition to an inclusive green economy. In addition, it will showcase how South-South cooperation in the area of the environment can spur lasting change in the social and economic pillars of sustainable development.

The solutions highlighted have been selected from a diverse spectrum of environment-related areas, such as energy, chemicals, sustainable consumption and production, and integrated green economy policy assessment.

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  • 1. Enhancing cleaner production and resource efficiency in the region Vietnam
  • 2. CP & RE beneficiaries
  • 3. N am H D C i Th Ph Mc nh ai u T ity N h H g ... o Bi Da a N nh N o D an i C uo g Vu a ng H n g Ma Khai P Ta u a n ho u C h H ng D an T oa o Th ng ho ai N H Binai Bi a h n T Ba h D ay Loc N in h N ng in h gh A Be e An An n n T Ba Gi re an Ba c D c GLi eg on i u g an H Th g H a a ai N p H Du am oa o B ng in N in H h h u Q Bine . Q Bin h . Q Na h . m So Q. Nin c N h T. Tra gai G n V. i a g n YeP h g n uc Ba i Nearly 1.300 enterprises applied CP 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 CP applied in 34/63 provinces and relevant sectors
  • 4. Consultation and training on CP
  • 5. South-South cooperation & exchange Cleaner Production for Better Product - CP4BP (Vietnam, Lao, Cambodia) Sustainable Product Innovation - SPIN (Vietnam, Lao, Cambodia)
  • 6. National Roundtables on SCP 2006 2009 2011 2013
  • 7. National Roundtables on SCP 2006 2009 2011 2013