Fao smallholder horticulture and triangular cooperation in ethiopia

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  • 1. Ministry of Agriculture Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia SMALLHOLDER HORTICULTURE AND TRIANGULAR COOPERATION IN ETHIOPIA Ilan Fluss Director of Policy Planning and External Relations, MASHAV Dr. Workafes Woldetsadik - SHH Program Coordinator, Ministry of Agriculture, Ethiopia
  • 2. OUTLINE TITLE HERE  Main Objective • Line is in image, but not adjustable to move up and down…  Triangular Cooperation  The Smallholder Horticulture Programme Ministry of Agriculture Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
  • 3. MAIN OBJECTIVE TITLE HERE  To advance Ethiopian agriculture and increase food security • Line is in image, but not adjustable to move up and down…5. Demonstrating 1. Commercialization 2. Sustainable horticulture To expand opportunities for smallholder farmers by improving their livelihood through: 3. Distributing horticultural varieties quality plant propagation to local commercial investors 4. Local experts in plant propagation
  • 4. TRIANGULAR TITLE HERE COOPERATION  Political • for is in image,interest from all partners Line but not adjustable Principles  Triangular to move up Identifying relevant areas for cooperation and the and down… expertise needed Cooperation  Ensuring the cooperation will create positive synergies  Looking to create connections with other programmes • Programme Management 1. Overall implementation and programme coordination • 2. Day to Day management
  • 5. PROGRAMME ORGANISATION TITLE HERE Steering • Line is in image, but not adjustable Committee to move up and down… Coordination Office Tech. Comm (3) PTC, Nurs. Ext. Nurseries PTC Extension Capacity (4 regions) building Seed NGO BoA Info Collaboration MARKETING other programs
  • 6. THE SMALLHOLDER HORTICULTURE TITLE HERE PROGRAMME 1 2 3 4 5 • Line is in image, but not adjustable • Plant propagation to move up and down… • Extension to small holder farmers • Capacity building on horticulture • Information on fruits and vegetables and marketing contracts • Collaboration with other relevant projects in Ethiopia
  • 7. PLANT PROPAGATION: TITLE HERE MAIN ACTIVITIES • Line is in image, but not adjustable Assistance with est. fruit and vegetableup and down… materials, repair of TC Support of critical to move nurseries, production planning and quality equipment and modification of some tissue control. culture facilities Introduction of new fruit tree varieties Assistance with mass production via plant tissue culture propagation Introduction of new vegetable varieties and testing of their adaptation to local conditions. All plant propagation sites that are addressed should become self supported and sustainable through profitable sales
  • 8. TISSUE CULTURE (TC) TITLE HERE Need: Target Crops: Immense • Line is localimage, but not adjustable in need for plant tissue culture Banana, pineapple, enset, potato mini-tubers, sweet potato, to move up and down… apple, coffee, apple rootstocks Sustainability of the TC laboratories should be achieved with plant sales. Minituber production at Bahir Dar Transfer of tissue culture plants Sustainability: 8
  • 9. FRUIT TREES AND VEGETABLE TITLE HERE NURSERIES • Line is in image, but not adjustable Bicolo to move up and down… Nursery and Team MCG of citrus at Bicolo Areka Nursery 9
  • 10. MINI NURSERY APPROACH TITLE HERE Objective Challenge Solution • Line is in image, but not adjustable To establish mini nurseries and introduce to move up and down… horticultural crops to small holders. The condition of vegetable nurseries for the small holder farmers is poor. Small Scale Model Mini Vegetable Nurseries Scaled Up Model
  • 11. MINI NURSERIES VS. TRADITIONAL TITLE HERE BED NURSERIES RAISED SOIL         • Line is soil Detached from the in image, but not adjustable Protected from air born pests down… to move up and Celled trays Saves water and fertilizer Modular Easily transferred Affordable Ensure timely planning
  • 12. UNIQUE APPROACH TO TITLE HERE AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION • Line is in image, but not adjustable  to move up and down… Rapid “turnover” of extension staff. Challenge Solution  Extension staff do not visit farmers horticulture fields as frequently as other crop farms.  Lack of horticulture knowledge and skills  Establishment of large groups of model farmers  Better salaries for extension staff and longer stay of extension personnel frequent farmers’ site visits  Profits can be used to provides bonuses the Bureau of Agriculture extension staff.  Capacity building on horticulture for extension personnel (training of trainers)