GSSD13 Solution Forum 3 ( FAO )


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Global South-South Expo

A presentation from solution forum 3 organized by FAO

As the world searches for solutions to global development challenges, especially aimed at achieving sustainable development, food security and poverty eradication, the promotion of the “Green Economy,” has become increasingly important. A Green Economy requires effective mechanisms that will safeguard ecological systems, reduce the impact on the use of natural resources, and stabilize the economy and secure people’s livelihoods. This is why the session forum facilitated by FAO will showcase a variety of initiatives based on agro-ecological approaches to agriculture, forestry and fisheries management that address several facets of the needs of society. South-South and triangular cooperation have the potential to trigger, accelerate and facilitate the process of technology development, transfer, and the capacity-building necessary for their expansion and up-scaling.

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GSSD13 Solution Forum 3 ( FAO )

  1. 1. RICE – FISH CULTURE: AN EXCHANGE BETWEEN CHINA AND NIGERIA Prof. Min Qingwen, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources at Chinese Academy of Sciences Mr. Wang Yibin, South-South Cooperation Expert in Rice-Fish Culture
  2. 2. OUTLINE      Rice – Fish Culture in China Rice – Fish Culture Models Video Transfer to Nigeria Results
  3. 3. RICE – FISH CULTURE IN CHINA THE PAST 20 YEARS  Areas of rice-fish production increased from 440,600 hectares to 1,294,900 hectares  28 provinces  Yield increased from 36,000 tons per hectare to 313,000 tons per hectare  Reduced poverty among farmers in rural areas  The RFC system has been designated a “Globally Important Indigenous Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS)”
  4. 4. RICE – FISH CULTURE MODELS  Rice with fish  Rice with crawfish  Rice with turtles  Rice with turtles and crawfish  Rice - fish in turn
  5. 5. RICE – FISH CULTURE IN CHINA China: Growing rice, raising fish for food and livelihood security (2 minute video)
  6. 6. TRANSFER PROCESS IN NIGERIA  Orientation workshops on RFC systems establishment in Abuja  Pilot activities of RFC in eight states with low investment cost (less than 1,000 USD per site)  Presentation of pilot results and trainings of RFC in the Abuja  Up-scaling of the RFC model in 18 states facilitated by FAO through South-South Cooperation in Nigeria  Capacity development activities organized to share knowledge and experience and strengthen capacity of Nigerians
  7. 7. RICE CULTURE PLOTS 2002 - 2005
  8. 8. DEMONSTRATION IN THE FIELD 6 rice-fish farming plots with a total area of 6,000 m2 in Abia and Ondo States Demonstrations in Kebbi State with 1,000 technical hand-bills distributed
  9. 9. MAIN RESULTS  Rice-fish culture technology has been successfully implemented in over 10,000 hectares in Nigeria  Low-cost but high-yield rice-fish culture has been widely accepted in 22 states  Rice and fish are simultaneously produced in the rice-fish systems with increased production within the range of 29% and 90%