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Why Some Recruiters Are Superstars In One Market And Not Another – Is Recruitment Really All the Same

Why Some Recruiters Are Superstars In One Market And Not Another – Is Recruitment Really All the Same






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    Why Some Recruiters Are Superstars In One Market And Not Another – Is Recruitment Really All the Same Why Some Recruiters Are Superstars In One Market And Not Another – Is Recruitment Really All the Same Document Transcript

    • ~ 1 ~GSR2R Phone: 020 3178 8118 |Web:http://gsr2r.com Email:hello@gsr2r.com z Why Some Recruiters Are Superstars In One Market And Not Another – Is Recruitment Really All the Same? Prepared by: Cheryl Wing
    • ~ 2 ~GSR2R Phone: 020 3178 8118 |Web:http://gsr2r.com Email:hello@gsr2r.com Recruitment – it is all about matching clients to candidates. While on the surface this makes it sound like all recruitment is basically the same thing, when you look a bit deeper, this clearly isn’t the case. To match the right candidates to the right roles, you need to understand the role as well as the hiring client does. This means being comfortable with all of their jargon, and what the skills they are looking for will entail. If you are recruiting for a client who wants a database administrator, and you have no idea what MySQL is, how are you going to know if the candidate; whose CV in front of you is competent enough to meet their requirements? Equally, if a job requires a list of professional qualifications and you don’t know what any of them mean or how relevant they are, you’ll struggle. As well as understanding the client’s industry and needs, you will also be much more successful in sectors where you have put a lot of time and effort into building and maintaining relationships. Nobody can have the same high level of professional network in every industry going, so if you have spent your career working with clients and job seekers in the insurance industry, you’re going to find it much harder to emulate the success that you have previously had immediately if you try and recruit digital marketers.
    • ~ 3 ~GSR2R Phone: 020 3178 8118 |Web:http://gsr2r.com Email:hello@gsr2r.com Recruitment also changes as you move from general positions into senior executive roles. Those recruiting for extremely senior or prestigious roles will find they spend more time head hunting and trying to persuade high profile candidates to move than those who work with vacancies lower down the pay scale. When looking for more general positions, a recruiter will normally handle more jobs at once and generally be dealing with people who are actively seeking work. The nature of the day to day tasks involved and the skill sets called to the fore most often change. This is effectively why many recruitment businesses specialise in certain sectors, or at least have teams that do. It is also why one agency can appear to be the very best in one field, but barely scratch the market’s surface in another. The best recruiters know where their strengths lie, and use them in everything they do.
    • ~ 4 ~GSR2R Phone: 020 3178 8118 |Web:http://gsr2r.com Email:hello@gsr2r.com When it comes to recruiting for recruitment itself, this is where a rec to rec company really adds value to its clients and the candidates it represents. At GSR2R, we specialise only in matching the best people to the best roles in the recruitment industry, and because of this, our team and our networks are strongly geared towards understanding and connecting with what really matters in our field. Of course, this also means working with recruitment businesses that have their own specific spheres of focus, and we ensure we have people on our own recruitment team who are experienced in working in all of the recruitment niches we interact with. Till next time, Cheryl
    • ~ 5 ~GSR2R Phone: 020 3178 8118 |Web:http://gsr2r.com Email:hello@gsr2r.com GSR2R Your Award Winning Expert Rec to Rec Agency – With a Different Approach At GSR2R we opened the doors for business in July 2001, placing the first of thousands of Recruitment Consultants just days later. Since 2001 we’ve celebrated more than 10 years as the established Rec to Rec company recruiters go to when they are looking to move. Since GSR2R started as a Rec to Rec consultancy the recruitment industry has changed. However, one thing remains the same, which is that GSR2R provides the highest quality Rec to Rec service to our clients and candidates. We keep to our vision of providing an uncompromising service, working with the best candidates and clients the industry has to offer. Isn’t it nice to finally find a Rec to Rec company that has recognised experts in the field? Ready to take action now? We have vacancies in ALL the fastest growing sectors, call us on 020 3178 8118. At GSR2R our drive and determination to become the leading name in the Recruitment to Recruitment sector has helped us build long-standing connections with our clients and candidates. These relationships are the foundation of our business success today. Winning the Best Recruitment to Recruitment Award for Outstanding Excellence in 2007, we are told that our approach is refreshing. We operate with the same principles that we always have – to be the best at what we do and put passion into how we do it. We are proud to have helped our Trainee Recruitment Consultants throughout their careers. Many of whom we still work with as Directors of their own companies in the future. Are you ready to work with an award winning and established Rec to Rec company? Call us and speak to one of our expert Consultants now on 0203 178 8118. WHY US GSR2R? ABOUT US