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Comp Tia Presentation Redux For Slideshare

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A discussion of why print matters for CompTIA, for Service Providers, and for society in general

A discussion of why print matters for CompTIA, for Service Providers, and for society in general

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  • 1679: Habeas Corpus Act 1689: English Bill of Rights 1788: United States Constitution 1789: Declaration of Rights of Man
  • 1679: Habeas Corpus Act 1689: English Bill of Rights 1788: United States Constitution 1789: Declaration of Rights of Man


  • 1. Why Print Matters! ?
    Gerry Skipwith
    Vice President – Services
    September 23, 2010
  • 2. Was on a Mission
    Toronto to Montreal
    7 days
    15 km run
    90-100 km bike
    $100,000+ for Canada Company
    Scholarships / camp for the children of fallen soldiers
  • 3. Why Print Matters!
  • 4. Managed Print Services Association
    +1000 members in less than 1 year
    2010 conference – 300+ engaged attendees
    100 attendees in 2009 (Inaugural)
    Growing Print Community
  • 5. Expanded Industry Eco System
    Consultants/ Analysts
    3rd Party Supplies
  • 6. Technology Convergence
    Office Copy
    Office Print
    / MFP
    Commercial Copy & Print
  • 7. Print Decision Making Shifts
    Purchasing / Procurement
    Facilities Management
  • 8. Print Decision Makers
    Facilities Management
    Operations / Procurement
  • 9. Companies are Struggling
    IDC says 1-3% of Revenue spent on print
    All aspects of content creation, management and print
    0.5% on hard print costs
  • 10. Companies are Struggling
    Poor supplies management
  • 11. Customers are Struggling
    • Low device utilization
    • 12. Model sprawl
  • Customers are Struggling
    Proliferation of personal printers
  • 13. Business Opportunity
    Traditional “Purchase” Model
    Managed Print Services
    Includes hardware, supplies, and services for distributed market.
    Source: Photizo Group 2009 MPS Market Size, Share, and Forecast Report.
  • 14. MPS Defined
    Managed print services is the active management and optimization of document output devices and related business processes
  • 15. Different needs
    Photizo Group, 2009
  • 16. Resulting In A New Vendor Business Model
    Source: Photizo Group 2010 Global MPS Advisory Service
  • 17. Print is Great
    Education then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men, the balance-wheel of the social machinery
    Horace Mann
    Key foundation of education and spread of knowledge
    Fostered the spread of religion
    Foundation of all legal systems
    Low cost print aided growth of modern democracy
  • 18. Some history
    2400 B.C.: Papyrus appeared in Egypt
    618 to 906: Carved wooden blocks for multiple transfers
    1309: Europeans first make paper
    1456: Gutenberg prints the Bible
    1800: Iron printing presses invented
    1870: Paper is now mass-manufactured from wood pulp
    1891: Printing presses can now print and fold 90,000 4-page papers an hour
    1938: Chester Carlson invented electrophotography called Xerox
    1953: high-speed printer developed by Remington-Rand
    1971: original laser printer called EARS was developed by Xerox
    1976: HP invented inkjet printer
    1988: HP released the DeskJet inkjet printer, priced at $1000
    1992: HP released the LaserJet 4, the first 600 by 600 dpi laser printer
  • 19. Print Facts
    Return trips to the moon using US annual office copy paper
    20 million
    Acres of trees logged annually (Newfoundland)
    5.4 million
    Tons of paper consumed annually in U.S.
    Percent of global wood harvest dedicated to paper
    Pages printed by the average US office worker
  • 20. Environmental impacts
    Paper Consumption
    Energy Consumption
    Carbon Output
    Solid Waste
  • 21. Paper
    • 200m tons of hazardous substances into the air & water
    • 22. 3rd largest user of industrial water
    • 23. 4th largest industrial emitter of GHG
    • 24. 4th largest industrial user of energy
  • Toner Cartridges
    • 1 gallon of oil to make a new toner cartridge
    • 25. 8 cartridges / second are thrown away in the US
    • 26. In NA, 350m cartridges into landfills annually
    • 27. Discarded cartridge adds 2.5 lbs of solid waste
    • 28. 70% of world’s printer cartridges thrown out
    • 29. World’s annual cartridges circle the earth 3 times
  • Print is a great privilege that brings great responsibility
    Gaining the full benefits of corporate print in an environmentally responsible manner