Budget 2013 summary


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Budget 2013 summary

  1. 1. … & You!
  2. 2. How will Singaporeans benefit?
  3. 3. Key Budget Benefits for Families Mr and Mrs Ong can look forward to easier access to pre-school education and more school based student care for their children.• Reduced FDW levy• GST Vouchers - U-Save *Mr Ong’s Family• Service and Household Income: $7,000 Conservancy Charges Housing Type: 4 room flat (S&CC) Rebates Employs a Foreign Domestic Worker• Personal Income Tax Rebate• More progressive property tax• Enhanced pre-school education• More school based student care
  4. 4. Key Budget Benefits for Mr Lim will be getting higher CPF contribution from his employer. Low Wage His employer will also encouraged to share Workers productivity gains through pay raises with the WCS.• Enhanced and Expanded Workfare Income Supplement Scheme * Mr Lim, 45, Cleaner, Income: $1,000• More training Housing Type: 3 room flat opportunities with enhanced WTS• GST Vouchers - Service and Conservancy Charges (S&CC) Rebates• Higher CPF contribution• Wage Credit Scheme
  5. 5. Mr and Mrs Halim will enjoy subsidies for a wider Key Budget range of assistive devices (e.g. motorised wheelchairs, shower chairs and hearing aids) for to help them Benefits for stay active and independent. Elderly Retirees The fund will also subsidise healthcare consumables for low income seniors living at home. One-off MediSave Top Up GST Vouchers• Service and * Mr Halim, 72 and Mrs Halim 68, Retirees Housing Type: 3 room flat Conservancy Charges (S&CC) Rebates• Expanded Senior’s Mobility and Enabling Fund
  6. 6. Key Budget Benefits Mary can look forward to more accessible help for the Needy & with the new one- stop social service offices in HDB towns. Disadvantaged• Increased Public * Mary, 50, is wheelchair bound and suffers from chronic illness Assistance Housing Type: 1 room flat• GST Vouchers• Service and Conservancy Charges (S&CC) Rebates• 20 new Social Service Offices in HDB towns
  7. 7. Key Budget Benefits Murali can look forward to upgrading with for PMETS training programs tailored specially for PMETs under STEP and CaliberLink, a one-stop service• Personal Income Tax that integrates training assistance with career Rebate services.• Progressive Property Tax• GST Vouchers *Murali, 30, accountant. Income: $4,500• Service and Conservancy Housing Type: 5 room flat Charges (S&CC) Rebates• Skills Training for Excellence Programme (STEP)• CaliberLink• Greater protection for junior PMEs under extended Employment Act
  8. 8. Benefits over the next 3 years… Key Budget Benefits Government will for Business She can get a fund 40% of wage Owners 30% corporate increases given to her Singaporean Further Five- income tax employees earning a year COE rebate of up gross monthly wage• Wage Credit Scheme Renewal for to $30,000 of up to $4,000 (WCS) her catering• Productivity and trucks to ease cash flow Innovation Credit (PIC) Bonus She will get dollar-for-dollar• Corporate Income Tax matching cash (CIT) Rebate bonus of up to $15,000 if she• Further Five-year COE The company will spends more than also get 30% road Renewal for tax rebate on $5,000 to raise Commercial Vehicles commercial productivity.• Road Tax Rebate vehicles to relieve business costs. Ms Woo - Catering Business Owner
  9. 9. We are The Budget continuing the We are also helps make effort to making The Budget is transform our a better important more than economy to Singapore, goodies for create better shifts in ourindividuals and businesses… jobs and allow social policies a better future for a to foster a fair for all better quality and more Singaporeans. of life. inclusive society.
  10. 10. Restructuring our Economy For Companies Encouraging • Increased Foreign • Productivity and companies to Workers Levies Innovation Credit (PIC) share productivity • Reduced DRC • Technology Adoption gain with Programme workers • Increase in S Pass through Wage Qualifying Salary For Workers Credit Scheme • Support in Upgrading and RetrainingThe Government is committed to our ongoing effort to restructure our economy for better jobs, to allow for a better quality of life.
  11. 11. Housing •Ramping up of flat supply •Extension of the Parenthood Provisional Affordable home for Housing Scheme to •Stabilise BTO everyone married HDB first prices by de- • First timer singles now timers linking them allowed to buy flats from from the resale HDB. •Extend Parenthood market Priority Scheme to • Further steps to help two pregnant mothers vulnerable groups of •Curb speculative second-timers by doubling demand in our the second-timer quota for property market 2-room and 3-room flats in with cooling non-mature estates from measures 15% to 30%.The Government has put in place measures to help the majority of Singaporeans fulfil their dreams of owning their own homes.
  12. 12. Transport • Introduction of quality Shifting peak incentive framework for •Bus Service greater predictability of hour demand to Enhancement bus services ease congestion Programme to be completed by 2014 • Study to further instead of 2016 • Greater priority for enhance incentive for buses on the road with off-peak travel •Tapping on private more mandatory bus operators for more give-way at more bus • Working with bus routes bays and extending bus employers to lanes encourage flexi-work •More new trains and arrangements upgrading signalling • Higher reliability system to boost standards for rail frequency operatorsThe Government will spare no effort to address the public transport challenges commuters face today.
  13. 13. Healthcare • Major review of •4,100 new hospital • Enhancing standards healthcare beds by 2020 for nursing home care financing framework. Gov to •Planning for four new •Better support for care take on larger acute hospital beyond at home with subsidies share of cost. 2020 for healthcare needs and respite care •Extended •More polyclinics by services MediSave for use 2020 at National Dental •Better service delivery Centre and •More training capacity with one-stop access Polyclinics to develop manpower for all aged care related issues under Agency for Integrated CareThe Government is committed to build an inclusive healthcare system that ensures accessible, affordable and quality healthcare for all.