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All cleaning services provided by GSJohnsons

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Your Cleaning Presentation

  1. 1. GSJohnsons Cleaning Services Your Cleaning Presentation! Residential Cleaning Package Cleaning Services Offered Extras Routine Cleanings One Time Cleanings
  2. 2. Customer Service For Commercial and Residential services, owners, managers, and households are encouraged to call either Gino or Sarah Johnson with all questions and concerns. Clients will be checked up on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to insure our quality service and inquire about all other services that you may require.
  3. 3. Mission Statement <ul><li>The mission of GSJohnsons is to provide sanitary facilities and employment that pays a living wage to sustain the economic integrity of local and surrounding areas. </li></ul>We have been serving the community for 10 years and have recently expanded our business and the services that we provide. Our cleaning quality is assured by providing all of our clientele the “GSJ Way”. This insures quality in (5) ways.
  4. 4. “GSJ Way” <ul>1) All employees are trained under management to clean your facility until they have reached an exceptional competency to perform their duties independently and efficiently. </ul><ul>2) All employees are required to clock in and clock out before and after all jobs. This assures that should anyone be sick or otherwise detained, there will always be a swing person trained to clean your facility. </ul><ul>3) 10 random inspections are done by our managers per month for all employees who have been cleaning for under a year and once a month for all others. </ul>4) All employees will have an up to date check list of the services that we provide to you and each employee will run through this list before clocking out. 5) All employees will be identifiable by wearing uniforms to help protect against mistaken identity and theft.
  5. 5. Bars and Restaurants Standard Services <ul><li>Mop
  6. 6. Sweep
  7. 7. Vacuum
  8. 8. Behind bar
  9. 9. Bar Area
  10. 10. deck scrub
  11. 11. squeegee </li></ul><ul><li>Dust
  12. 12. Woodwork
  13. 13. Kitchen
  14. 14. Bathrooms
  15. 15. Banquet Rooms
  16. 16. Employee Areas
  17. 17. Trash Take out </li></ul>
  18. 18. Residential Standard Services <ul><li>Vacuum
  19. 19. Mop
  20. 20. Dust
  21. 21. Bathrooms
  22. 22. Grout
  23. 23. Sinks
  24. 24. Mirrors
  25. 25. Light fixtures
  26. 26. Ceiling fans
  27. 27. Cob webs removed </li></ul><ul><li>Walls dusted and wiped clean
  28. 28. Trash taken out
  29. 29. Surfaces
  30. 30. Cabinets, and counters
  31. 31. Drip pans in kitchens scrubbed
  32. 32. Exterior appliances
  33. 33. Window sills
  34. 34. Stairs vacuumed
  35. 35. Marble hand washed and dried
  36. 36. Inside and outside of microwave </li></ul>
  37. 37. “Deep Clean” Wiping down and cleaning the tables and the chairs in kitchen Dusting blinds and lamp shades, Valances Etc. Cleaning windows and wiping window tracks and sills Scrubbing the base boards
  38. 38. Foreclosure Clean-Out Services <ul><li>Broom-swept cleaning: clean all surfaces and remove all debris
  39. 39. White glove cleaning: Clean base boards and everything including behind appliances
  40. 40. Vacuum And shampoo carpets
  41. 41. sweep and mop all floors including scrubbing behind appliances
  42. 42. walls dusted and washed thoroughly
  43. 43. clean windows inside and out including window tracks
  44. 44. appliances cleaned inside and outside
  45. 45. bathrooms, and inside cabinets
  46. 46. all corners vigorously scrubbed, ceilings, baseboards, cabinets, walls, floors
  47. 47. garage swept, debris removed, surfaces cleaned, and dusted </li></ul><ul><li>ceiling fans and light fixtures (fan blades cleaned)
  48. 48. ceiling and floor vents
  49. 49. interior and exterior of all doors including storm doors wiped down, no dust left on frames
  50. 50. fireplaces cleaned out
  51. 51. Kitchen
  52. 52. porches swept also all corners and walls cleaned if it is enclosed
  53. 53. Entry and Exit ways cleaned and scrubbed
  54. 54. clean out all cabinets and drawers
  55. 55. clean out debris from attic and crawlspaces, dust, wipe down, sweep, and maybe mop
  56. 56. leaves, sticks, gutters, and outside debris removal </li></ul>
  57. 57. Thank You! For Your Time and Consideration From: GSJohnsons