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From republic to empire lesson ppt From republic to empire lesson ppt Presentation Transcript

  • How did Rome go from Republic to Empire?
    • Do Now : Analyze the following map of Rome in 44 BC. Answer the following Questions:
    • 1. What inferences could you make about Rome by studying this map?
    • What might be some consequences of expanding your territory to this size?
  • From Republic to Empire
    • Octavian Augustus is named the first emperor of the Roman Empire.
    • The Roman Republic wins the Punic wars/takes over Carthage/gains land in the Mediterranean world.
    • Julius Caesar appointed dictator by the Senate in a time of crisis then is killed by members of the Senate.
    • Expansion of the Roman Republic leads to social and economic consequences such as greed and corruption.
    • For 100 years, The Roman Republic is plunged into a period of civil war.
    • For a 200 year period, beginning with the start of the Empire, the Roman Empire experienced a period known as the Pax Romana , or Roman peace – a period of peace and prosperity.
  • The Roman Empire
    • By 31 A.D, Octavian Augustus was name Rome’s first emperor; he served much like a King in that his power was absolute and he named his successors . This date marked the end of the Republic and the beginning of the Empire (imperial rule) .
    • Augustus created a stable government which was centralized and bureaucratic and issued economic reform . For example, he made the tax system more fair .
    • Augustus’ rule began a 200 year-span known as the Pax Romana (Roman Peace ) - a period of peace and prosperity which ended after the death of Marcus Aurelius.
    The Roman Empire
  • The Roman Empire
    • Social and Economic problems were hidden . To keep the restless mobs of people content, Roman emperors issued a policy of “bread and circus” in which the poor were given free food and all citizens were entertained using tax dollars.
  • Close : Explain how Rome went from Republic to Empire