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Question papers

Question papers






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    Question papers Question papers Document Transcript

    • Page | 1VALUE PHARMACYQUESTION PAPERPlease Tick ( √ ) the right choice. There are Total 30 questions. There is no negative marking.1. To increase the flow of urine the doctor prescribesa) Sedative b) Diuretic c) Antibacterial d) Diabetic2. What is Rxa) Take a Recipe b) Drug c) Disease d) Dose3. What are the Drugs used in Anti Rheumatoid (Joint Pains)?a) Diclofenac + Paracetamol + Seratiopeptidaseb) Ramipril + hydrochlorthiazidec) Dulcolaxd) Alprazolam + Melatonin4. Which of the following is an O.T.C. ?a) Crocin b) Rantac c) Dilzem d) Cetrizine5. Qualified Pharmacist in the Pharmacy holdsa) Degree or Diploma b) 12 Pass c) B.Com d) SSC6. 2 to 8 Degree Celsius Drugs are to be stored ina) Deep – Freeze Refrigerator c) Double lockb) Autoclave d) Refrigerator7. Creams and Ointments are Applieda) Ear b) Skin c) Hair d) Throat8. Drugs used in Epilepsy fits are calleda) Anti – rheumatoid c) Anti – psychoticb) Anti – convulsions d) Anti – depressants9. Doctor writes one Tablet T.I.D. for 1 week how many Tablets to be given?a) 10 b) 30 c) 21 d) 3
    • Page | 210. RBC, WBC and platelets are found ina) Urine b) Sugar c) Blood d) All the Above11. What does SR stands fora) Substance Release c) Sustained Releaseb) Sublingual d) Subcutaneous12. What does SOS stands fora) For single use only c) As and when requiredb) On Doctors Order d) A Sufficient Quantity13. Match the common name with the disease categories1. Drugs used in Sugar Problems ( ) a. Anti Rheumatiod2. Drugs used in Loose Motions ( ) b. Anti Hypertensive3. Drugs used in Joint Pains ( ) c. Anti Diabetics4. Drugs used in B.P. ( ) d. Anti Diaharea14. Match the dosage forms with e.g.1. Ophthalmic ( ) a. Inhalers, Gases, Aerosol2. Inhale ( ) b. Ear Drops3. Oral ( ) c. I.V., I.M., Injections4. Parenteral ( ) d. Suppositories, Enema5. Otic ( ) e. Eye Drops, Gels, Eye Ointment6. Rectal ( ) f. Tab, Cap, Powders, Suspension15. Central Nervous System is connected toa) Eye and Ear c) Brain and Heartb) Brain and Spinal Card d) Spinal cord and Nerves16. The Blood Pressure of a normal person isa) 180/100 b) 120/80 c) 80/120 d) 65/14017. Which of the drugs are contraindicated in pregnant women ?a) Ampicillin b) Alcohol c) Candid Vaginal d) Atenolol18. Which of the following is an anti-emetic druga) Amplodipine b) Atorvastatin c) Ondansetron d) Levodopa19. Which of the following is an anti-coagulant druga) Aspirin b) Clonazepam c) Atenolol d) Paracetamol20. Drugs used in Constipation are called
    • Page | 3a) Anti Anginal c) Lipid Lowering Agentsb) Laxatives d) Antineoplastic21. Expectorants are used in the conditions ofa) Pain b) Cold & Cough c) Inflammation d) Diarrhea22. Meaning of B.I.D. (Bis In Die)a) Before Meals b) Twice a Day c) Once a Day d) At Bed Time23. Drugs given sublingually area) Placed under Tongue c) Rubbed on Skinb) Applied on Skin d) Incorporated into local body fluids24. Analgesia is defined asa) Reduces Anxiety c) Loss of Pain Sensationb) Loss of Memory d) Lowering of Body temperature25. Insulin is used ina) Diabetes mellitus c) Hyperthyroidismb) Cough d) Urinary Tract Infections26. Fluconazole is aa) Amtitubercular c) Antifungal Drugb) Antiteprotic Drug d) Anticancerous Drug27. What is the full form of OTCa) Over the Counter c) On the Conditionb) On the Counter d) Over the Condition28. Aten is which druga) Anti Nauseant c) Antiemeticb) Anti Coagulant d) Antihypertensive29. Suppositories are taken bya) Oral Route b) By Injection c) Rectal Route d) Topical Route30. What is the storage requirement of Insulin?a) In cool place b) In refrigerator c) In Dark Place d) A way from sunlight
    • Page | 4ANSWRS1) b 2) A 3)A 4)A 5)A 6)D 7)B 8)B 9)C 10)C 11)C 12)C13) 1. C2. D3. A4. B14) 1. E2. A3. F4. C5. B6. D15)B 16)B 17)C 18)C 19)A 20)B 21)B 22)B 23)A 24)C 25) A 26)C 27) A 28)D 29) C 30) B