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Rulemanager And Business Rules
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Rulemanager And Business Rules


Published on

An overview of rulemanager and business rules

An overview of rulemanager and business rules

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Twitter hashtag: #rulemanagerTweets using that hashtag will also show up in the backnoise chat
  • I am the VP of productsWorking in Clarify for 15 years2 years as a customer, 4 years at Clarify as a Principal Consultant, 9 years here at DovetailI love sharing my knowledge of all things ClarifyMy blog at dovetailsoftware.comI actively participate in the Clarify forum on IT Toolbox
  • Start and stop eventsRepeating actions
  • escalations
  • Can have different notifications prefs for during/after hours, and based on urgency of the notification
  • Windows only
  • Windows only
  • I will be posting these slides on my blog, so you can get them there.
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  • Transcript

    • 1. RulemanagerandBusiness Rules
      Join the conversation:
    • 2. BackChannel
      Join the conversation:
    • 3. Me
      Gary Sherman, Clarify
    • 4. What is Rulemanager?
      Server Process
      Processes Events that happen in the system
      I think it’s one of the most important pieces of the system
    • 5. Events?
      Almost everything that happens in the system raises an event.
      It simply means that something happened
      A case is created, dispatched, closed
      A contact is created
      Notes are logged
      An email is sent
    • 6. What does Rulemanager do?
      Rulemanager responds to events
      Rules are used to tell Rulemanager how to respond
      Some are hard-coded
      Most are configurable (Business Rules)
    • 7. Hard-coded events
      Log Email event causes the email to be sent
      Commitment warnings
      Commitment expirations
      Reports (deprecated)
      Trends (deprecated)
    • 8. What is a Business Rule?
      A business rule is a set of events, conditions, and actions
    • 9. Events, Conditions, and Actions, oh my!
      Event: A case is dispatched to a queue
      Condition: Case Priority = High
      Action: Notify the queue members
    • 10. Hey Ma! Look! No conditions! Weee!
      Event: A case is assigned to a user
      Action: Notify the assignee that a case has been assigned to him
    • 11. Start and Stop Events; Repeating Actions
      StartEvent: A case is dispatched to a queue
      StopEvent: Case is accepted from the queue
      Action: Notify the queue members immediately.
      Repeat every 2 hours.
    • 12. Escalations
      Start Event: A case is dispatched to a queue
      Stop Event: Case is accepted from the queue
      Action 1: Notify the queue members immediately. Repeat every 2 hours.
      Action 2:Notify the queue supervisor after 4 hours. Repeat every 1 hour.
      Action 3:Notify the CEO after 8 hours.
    • 13. Support Business Hours
      Event: A case is dispatched to a queue
      Action: Notify the queue members using support business hours
      Dovetail Support Business Hours: M-F 9-5 Central
    • 14. Customer Business Hours
      Event: A case is dispatched to a queue
      Action: Notify the queue members using customer business hours
      Business Hours for Rock Bottom Industries:
      M-Sat 7-7 Eastern
    • 15. Business Hours
      Dovetail Support Business Hours: M-Fri 9-5 Central
      Rock Bottom Business Hours: M-Sat 7-7 Eastern
      Case is dispatched to queue: Friday 7:00 PM Central
      When do the queue members get notified?
      If using Elapsed Time:
      Friday at 7:00 PM Central
      If using Support Business Hours:
      Monday 9:00 AM Central
      If using Customer Business Hours:
      Saturday at 6:00 AM Central (7:00 AM Eastern)
    • 16. Negative Times
      Event: A contract is created
      Action: Notify the contract administrator 30 days before the contract expires
    • 17. Notification Message
      RE: Case 142 Dispatched
      Case 142 has been dispatched to queue Support.
      Customer: Mark Donahue at Rock Bottom Industries
      The priority is Medium and the customer severity is Low. Please take appropriate action.
    • 18. Notification Message
      RE: [Object Type] [Object ID] Dispatched
      [Object Type] [Object ID] has been dispatched to queue [Current Queue].
      Customer: [Contact First Name] [Contact Last Name] at [Site Name]
      The priority is [Priority] and the customer severity is [Severity]. Please take appropriate action.
      http://server/agentlite/Cases/Summary/[Object ID]
    • 19. What can a business rule action do?
      Only 2* things:
      Notify people
      Execute a command line
      * Maybe 3 (Run Service)
    • 20. Notifications
      Individual, specific users (fred)
      User (the case owner)
      Group of users (queue members)
      Immediately, In 4 hours, In 30 days, etc.
      notification message
      Based on the user’s notification preferences
    • 21. Notification Preferences
      Forward to my Supervisor
    • Command Line Actions
      DOS .BAT file
      PowerShell script
      Shell script (UNIX)
    • 26. Command Line Actions
      Call an API
      If a case is more than 7 days old, change its priority to High
      Close a case 7 days after its status is set to “Auto-Close”
      If a New Employee case is created, create 3 subcases (phone, computer, network access) and dispatch them
      Call a 3rd party API
    • 27. Command Line Actions
      Make a web service request
      Create a new tweet in Twitter
      Post a message to team chat (i.e. Campfire)
      Have Twilio make a phone call
      Create an opportunity in SFDC
      Publish to an activity stream in SocialCast
    • 28. Command Line Actions
      Send a message to Dovetail Carrier so it can
      send an outgoing dialogue email
      send a survey to a customer
      track a trend
    • 29. Extensibility
      Create your own rules
      Create your own properties
      contact’s eye color
      site’s region
      Create your own events
      Create Widget
      Change Customer’s expertise level
      Change Case Priority
      Create your own command line actions
    • 30. Configuration
      Administered via UI within either
      Clarify Classic Client
      Dovetail Admin
      Can administer rules and rule properties
    • 31. Dovetail vs. Amdocs Rulemanager
      Dovetail Rulemanager was designed to be a plug-and-play replacement for Amdocs Rulemanager
      We’ve dropped a few features that no one really uses
      Feature-by-feature Comparison is in the doc
      Architecture/Platform differences
    • 32. Enough slides!
      Lets see some action…
    • 33. Summary
      Rulemanager is an important part of the Clarify/Dovetail system
      I believe those that are not using it (or not using it to full potential) are missing out on a huge opportunity to make their system rock
    • 34. Learn More
      Knowledgebase Articles:
    • 35. Next Session: Advanced Business Rules
      Understanding Rule Properties and aliases
      Creating your own rule properties
      Firing rules based on custom events
      Additional Notification Preferences
      Rule Properties
      Time Bombs
      Tips & Tricks

      When: Thursday, July 22, 2010 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CDT
      Registration link is on and on my blog.
    • 36. Questions, Comments, Queries?