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Newsletter September 2008

  1. 1. Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architects SEPTEMBER 2008 NEWSLETTER ISSUE #4 IN THIS ISSUE PROJECT 808 30m SLOOP VvS1 WINS THREE AWARDS 130 “AFTER YOU” LAUNCHES FIRST VISION 74 LAUNCHES FATHOM HARDTOP 100 METER PROJECT KISAME 75 METER PROJECT SASUKE 44 METER DESIGN 6149 40 METER DESIGN 4195 45 m. PROJECT “BIGFISH” PROJECT “808” 30m. HIGH PERFORMANCE CRUISING SLOOP Project “808” is an exciting new design for our studios. This 30 meter high performance cruising sloop was developed for Kanter Yachts of St. Thomas Ontario, and represents the first in a new series ranging from 20 to 40 meters. Construction will be of Aluminum with Carbon Fiber Spars. Kanter Yachts has a long history in producing performance cruising yachts in the 15-20 meter range and this new push into the larger range is in response to the demand for larger and larger vessels. Gregory C. Marshall Naval Archi- tects has has many very successful collaborations with Kanter Yachts over the last fifteen years, however this will be the first sailing yacht at this yard. The structure and systems of project “808” are designed to be a standard offering with the interior layout and finishing to developed to suit each individual owner. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  2. 2. AWARDS Page 2 P2 VvS1 Wins Three New Awards in Cannes WINNER “ BEST MOTORYACHT UNDER 40 METERS” WORLD SUPERYACHTS AWARDS VENICE ITALY APRIL 2008 WINNER “BEST DESIGN UNDER 40 METERS” WORLD YACHT TROPHIES CANNES, FRANCE SEPTEMBER 2008 WINNER “BEST INTERIOR UNDER 40 METERS” WORLD YACHT TROPHIES CANNES FRANCE SEPTEMBER 2008 WINNER “BESTFUNCTIONALITY UNDER 40 METERS” WORLD YACHT TROPHIES CANNES FRANCE SEPTEMBER 2008 Gregory C. Marshall is pleased to announce that, in addition to winning the “Best Motor yacht under 40 meters” at the World Superyachts Awards in Venice Italy in April 2008, VvS1 has just won three new awards at the “World Yachts Trophies” in Cannes France on September 13 2008. The Awards include “Best motor yacht under 40 meters”, “Best Interior,” and “Best Functionality”. This is the first time in the history of the awards that a single yacht has won three awards. In addition this yacht has also been nominated for the Best Motor Yacht under 40 me- ters at the Superyachts awards in Fort Lauderdale Florida in October 2008. The accolades on this Amazing yacht are a testimony to the very successful collaboration of an inspired team and the patronage of imaginative and visionary Owners. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  3. 3. XXXL Page 3 P3 100 METER PROJECT “KASAME” Project “Kasame” is the latest Mega-Project to unfold in our design studios. This Vessel is over 100 meters length overall and is currently being developed for an American customer and Shipyard. Features include two helicopter pads. Sophisticated hospital facilities and six Guest apartments each with living room and staff quarters. Giant tender garages in the aft quarters of the yacht house 38 foot tenders fully enclosed and out of the weather. GCMNA will be responsible for the overall styling layout and space planning . Detailed engineering will be developed by the shipyard. 75 METER PROJECT “SASUKE” Project “Sasuke” is another Mega-project currently on our boards. This 75 meter yacht will be the second in the series alongside of “Kasame” shown above. We are allowed to release only a few details of this yacht at this time. American builder, Charcoal colored hull and an underwater viewing room are just a few of the features to be made public. Construction is Steel Hull with Aluminum Superstructure. Styling and Interior are by Gregory C. Marshall with structural and systems CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  4. 4. XXL Page 4 P4 “BIGFISH CONSTRUCTION UPDATE” Project “BigFish” is progressing very well at the Shipyard McMullen and Wing in Auckland New Zealand. This is a very complicated project with a large number of highly technical features in the design. Items such as the large folding beaches shown in the lower image, curved floor to ceiling glass and a 7.5 meter tender in a garage forward, are just a few of the details that make for a very challenging build. The crew at McMullen and Wing are no strangers to complicated builds, having just launched Ermis II, a 55 knot 37 meter carbon fiber rocket. (Winner of the “Technical Achievement” awards in Cannes this September) This is much of the reason that the Owners selected this vener- able yard for the build. At time of this writing, hull fabrication is nearly complete and superstructure is well under way. Much of the systems and interior are well underway, McMullen and Wing‟s repu- tation for flawless and exacting construction is clearly evi- dent. This has been an exceptionally appealing project for our office. All aspects of the design of the vessel are being de- veloped by Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architects from Styling to Naval Architecture and Interior, which give us an unprecedented level of design continuity throughout the job. Interior of “BigFish” is very minimalist, with the emphasis on the ability to look out instead of in. Large floor to ceiling glass in all the main spaces allow a completely unobstructed view. The Owner enjoys cruising very remote places worldwide and required the ability to cruise 1500 miles and then remain on location for up to three months and then cruise 1500 miles home all without refueling. PROJECT 6149 44 METER EXPEDITION YACHT Project 6149 is our second yacht for McMullen and Wing in Auckland NZ. The yacht will be constructed of Steel Hull and Aluminum Superstructure. Hull is a medium draft full displacement form, very similar to the Award winning VvS1 and Calixas C2 designed by our office and launched last year. This yacht is full of pleasant surprises, including a circular glass elevator that rises up four stories, several hydraulically hinged lounging platforms and a 500 square foot Spa in the Master Suite. The Dining room is at the aft part of the Main deck and can be fully opened up in favorable weather to the aft deck. Interior is a combination of Edgy meets Beach, and uses a stunning combination of weather worn driftwood finishes, metal and rough stone. The Owner has a large fam- ily, the yacht has been carefully designed to be enjoyed by all four generations of the family with ease . All finishes have been designed so that guests are “not afraid to touch it”, Powered by twin Caterpillar 3508 diesels and more than 19,000 Gallons of fuel this extraordinary yacht is meant for cruising the oceans of the world. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  5. 5. Page 5 XL P5 WESTBAY 110 PRODUCTION MOTORYACHT West Bay Sonship is introducing a new Series this Fall beginning with the 110 Tri-Deck motoryacht. This new model will be constructed of FRP and is based on the highly successful 108 series. Interior accomodations include a full width Master stateroom on the main deck with immense ensuite. Four guest staterooms below and crew quarters for seven make this compact world cruiser compete with yachts much larger. Styling, layout and structural are developed by GCMNA while interior and systems are developed by the Shipyard. CALIXAS C2 SPORT (SEMI-DISPLACEMENT HULL) Calixas Yachts is a great long term customer of our offices. The Calixas C2 launched last year is probably one of the most publicized yachts in history. Following the immense success of the first model we found that many potential buyers loved all aspects of the vessel except for the speed. The C2 Sport pictured below will be built of Aluminum at Calixas‟ Texas based facilities currently under construction. Layout is similar to the original C2 yacht with the LOA eased out to 115 foot LOA. The extra room allows for storage of a Range Rover in the aft garage and a total of four guest staterooms. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE
  6. 6. Page 6 NEW PROJECTS P6 70 FOOT PRODUCTION SPORTFISHERMAN This high performance 70 foot sportfisherman will be built for a retail organization in Eastern Australia. Con- struction will be of FRP and we are currently in discus- sions with several builders to produce up to four units per year on a “Private Label” basis. The layout of the vessel consists of three staterooms in the owners part and two small crew cabins aft for up to three crew. The pilothouse is designed to be fully convertible from open to closed making the vessel very versatile to suit each owners requirements. Powerplant is twin Caterpiller C32 A „s producing 1950 b.h.p. each giving a top speed of 38 knots. Cockpit provisions are set up for full tournament fish- ing including high volume ice chippers for the refriger- ated storage wells . DESIGN #4195 (PROPOSAL) In the past we have tried to keep proposals we are working on out of the Newsletter if they are not con- tracts with a builder or are not further along in the process. With this 40 meter project, the entire design team became very enthusiastic about the design brief and we got a little carried away.As with so many Own- ers, this particular gentleman showed us a vessel much larger, with the desire to obtain similar features in his new 40 meter Yacht. After politely telling him that it would not be possible, we spent the next few days working almost non-stop to prove ourselves wrong and the customer right. The result is a very interesting layout that truly carries features much more commonly associated with 50-60 meter yachts. The most notable being a raised Master suite forward with inside and outside lounging spaces. DESIGN #4163 This year the commercial division of the design firm has expanded. This year we have been working on several projects with Kanter Shipyards in St. Thomas Ontario including this 38 foot aluminum Police patrol vessel for Great Lakes Service. The design brief called for a compact coastal patrol vessel with accomoda- tions for up to two officers overnight and up to four during the day. The bow is configured specially for easy access on and off at night. Pilothouse configuration is suited for service in amongst the lock network. Powerplant is twin Volvo D6-310 Diesels commercially rated. On the aft deck, the vessel is also equipped to provide light duty ambulance service in case of emer- gency.
  7. 7. Just Launched P7 PREMIER 130 PRODUCTION MOTORYACHT HULL #2 M/V “AFTER YOU” This spring Horizon Groups‟ flagship facility Premier Shipyards in Taiwan launched the M/V “After You” for a prominent U.S. Yachtsman. This is the second yacht in the very success- ful new 130 series to be launched this year. Already five have been sold .“After You” is the Owners third yacht from Horizon. Overall styling for the series is by Florida based J.C. Espinosa with Naval Architecture systems and interior by Gregory C. Marshall. The interior was headed up by Lisa Sin- clair in our office. Interior in the vessel is very traditional with raised mahogany panels, stunning wrought iron work and fine leather furnish- ings. Top speed is in excess of 18 knots at half load with a range of over 3000 nautical miles. VISION 74 “CLASSIC” COCKPIT MOTORYACHT Vision Yachts is another shipyard in the Horizon Group that specializes in 60 to 80 foot yachts. Austin Lin heads up this progressive company and every project in the line reflects Austins personal imagination and attention to detail. The 74 Classic is a cockpit version to the very successful 68 motoryacht that we designed last year.The vessel is offered in both open and closed flybridge arrangement plans. The 74 pictured is hull number 5 of the series and was delivered to an American customer in the spring. FATHOM 40 HARDTOP MOTORYACHT At a time when a lot of smaller build- ers have been struggling for sales, it has been a delight to be a part of the great success of the Fathom Group. This is a very smart company that understands production boat building to a level we rarely see. With the result being a very active shipyard full of orders. The model pictured repre- sents the second version of the very successful Fathom 40, and favours a lower aesthetic. The flybridge has been eliminated in exchange for a small control console just aft of the wheelhouse. Otherwise the layout and features between the two models is similar.
  8. 8. Page 8 Contact P8 The Principals Gregory C. Marshall President / CEO Naval Architect Chief Designer Gordon Galbraith Vice President and Naval Architect Gregory C. Marshall N.A. Ltd. 1571 West Burnside Road Victoria, B.C. V9E 2E2 Canada Phone: 250-388-9995 Fax 250-388-4260 E-mail: Or: CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK TO WEB SITE