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Gold Award 2011
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Gold Award 2011


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  • 1.
    • 2011 Girl Scout Gold Award Event
    • The Girl Scouts of Central & Southern NJ
  • 2. Cyber-Bullying Awareness “ My project has helped me become more comfortable talking in front of a group of students, and has helped me realize that one person can make a difference.” Corinne Troop 30616
  • 3. Beach Teach “ My project helped make our community and its beaches safer for everyone.” Taylor Troop 16537
  • 4. Health & Fitness Fair “ I was very happy when one person told me that she felt immediate results from the yoga session.” Muzdalifa Troop 81531
  • 5. Raising a Seeing Eye Puppy “ Moses (my puppy) has taught me how to love and let go. Even though it is hard to give him up, I know that some day Moses will improve the life of a blind person who truly needs him.” Molly Troop 30730
  • 6. Monroe Township Challenge Team “ My Girl Scout Gold Award project influenced my career decision to include teaching in the special education field.” Jessica Troop 81036
  • 7. Vocal Opportunities in the Community “ I enjoyed working with children and using my lesson plans to help them learn new singing concepts,” Diana Troop 71287
  • 8. Caps for Cancer “ While completing my project, I gained confidence, learned to manage my time and money, while improving interpersonal skills,” Elizabeth Troop 81800
  • 9. Hope Afloat “ I hope I helped spread awareness for breast cancer. These women are amazing and deserve everything Hope Afloat has provided.” Valarie Troop 30715
  • 10. Spotlight on Unity Play “ This project not only allowed me to grow as a leader and a director, but it gave me the opportunity to teach skills to others as well Samantha Troop 81628
  • 11. Care Packages for the Needy “ Never think that one act of kindness cannot change the world--it can.” Kirsten Troop 26818
  • 12. Fun Ways to Stay Active & Healthy “ One parent who attended the event said “This event was wonderful, I would love you to do something like this in the spring as well.” Nicole Troop 80894
  • 13. Making Music Memories “ I hope to build on this experience in college where I want to continue my involvement in music and pursue a teaching career.” Julie Troop 71287
  • 14. Cradles to Crayons “ I now realize that volunteering should be a lifetime pursuit.” Amanda Troop 66209
  • 15. Senior Garden “ The rewards of gardening are far better than getting your hands dirty. To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” Kaitlyn Troop 30730
  • 16. A Cross to Bear / Memorial Garden / Stations of the Cross “ I encourage all girls to lead a Gold Award project. Despite the hard work and time that comes with it - it is a memory that I know I will always cherish.” Jenna Troop 70418
  • 17. Becoming a Life Saver “ It was an empowering message to me on the importance of community service.” Abby Troop 80998
  • 18. Bear Hugs/Paws for a Cause “ I learned that it is not always the big things that make a difference. Little things like a stuffed animal truly matter to a person.” Nicole Troop 71885
  • 19. Heart To Art: Breaking the Stereotypes of Poverty: One Canvas at a Time “ Through my Girl Scout Gold Award I believe I helped break the stereotypes and helped homeless women and children.” Kelsey Troop 71858
  • 20. Seeing Eye: Raising Awareness, Raising a Puppy “ It is amazing that I could reach out to the public just by being present in the community.” Katie Troop 70174
  • 21. Certifying Haddonfield as a Green Community “ My project taught me patience with others as well as patience with myself.” Brigid Troop 30539
  • 22. Extreme Makeover: Classroom Edition “ Seeing the students’ faces when they first saw the room was priceless and that’s when I saw the impact my project had.” Rachel Troop 66536
  • 23. South Brunswick Food Pantry Victory Garden “ I learned I enjoy working outside and that I am able to run a large project like this by myself.” Rosemary Troop 81800
  • 24. Summer Splash/Water Safety “ Through my Girl Scout Gold Award project, I have been able to share my love of swimming with children, and encourage them to stay physically fit, while being safe in the water.” Nicole Troop 71987
  • 25. Salem County Family Promise Center “ My Girl Scout Gold Award project has influenced me to become more mature and to take action where it is needed.” Kelsey Troop 96321
  • 26. Beach Teach “ I learned that I am capable of doing much more in helping others than I thought.” Cara Troop 16537
  • 27. Personal Pouches “ I gained confidence in showing the younger girls what to do and how to help. Working with the residents of the nursing home also gave me a sense of pride.” Courtney Troop 14640
  • 28. Emergency Prepardness for Brigantine “ I am typically shy, but through completing this project in Girl Scouts, I learned how getting involved makes everyone feel good about themselves.” Deirde Troop 14400
  • 29. The Tag-A-Long Program at Cub Scout Day Camp “ I selected this project because I was once a tag-a-long.” Jennifer Juliette Girl Scout
  • 30. Looking Through an Aspie’s Eyes “ I now have labels for things that I knew were odd and have a better understanding of myself.” Emily Troop 26041
  • 31. Ronald McDonald House Fun Frenzy with Jenna “ The project had a positive impact on my life.” Jenna Troop 66536
  • 32. Kids and Cancer “ I learned that I have the ability to connect with children.” Debbie Troop 26063
  • 33. Different isn’t Imperfect “ Working on my Girl Scout Gold Award project made me a better person, it has let me meet new people and it taught me great skills that I will use forever.” Karola Troop 81531
  • 34. Science for Success “ The work I have done for my Gold Award was neither easy nor simple, but knowing the impact just one person can have on others has inspired me to keep trying and pursuing the goals I believe in.” Laura Beth Troop 14400
  • 35. Autism Awareness Day “ It has impacted me to become more responsible and active in my community.” Madhuri (Mona) Troop 81531
  • 36. Becoming a Leader in Your Community “ My motivation was to improve my own leadership skills and to provide a forum for other girls to lead take-action projects,” Halima-Rakiya Troop 71499
  • 37. Address Stress “ I am thrilled that I was able to help members of my community learn about stress.” Allison Troop 81076
  • 38. Sew Easy for Cats & Dogs “ It was great to see my hard work pay off when the animals enjoyed playing with the toys and resting in their new beds,” Ashley Troop 99819
  • 39. D.A.R.E to be Green A Family Fun Night ” This project has taught me how much work it takes to be in charge of such a big event and how hard work truly pays off in the end,” Tiel Troop 26335
  • 40. Rhythm & Movement “ I learned that understanding diversity and accepting other’s ideas and opinions are essential when implementing any project.” Tayler Juliette Girl Scout
  • 41. Entertaining Engineering According to participants, “Everyone came away with a better sense of engineering discipline and enjoyed the fun after designing and launching soda bottle rockets.” Jennifer Troop 66536
  • 42. D.A.R.E. to be Green A Family Fun Night “ My Girl Scout Gold Award project has provided me with the life skills necessary to persevere through any circumstance that presents itself.” Bethany Troop 26335
  • 43. Future Seedlings Garden Club “ My motivation was my vision of students using the courtyard as an outdoor classroom being taught to maintain, improve, and enhance the beauty of Earth’s greatest features.” Brianna Troop 16537
  • 44. Reading Makes a Difference “ The purpose of my project was to give the special needs children an opportunity to learn to speak more clearly, to improve their reading skills, and to make a difference in their lives.” Michelle Troop 70418
  • 45. Geocaching in the Historic Places of Camden County “ My goal for this project was to inform everyone of the history that surrounds them, but I also learned a lot about places I visit on an everyday basis and never would have expected to have historical significance.” Katie Troop 30543
  • 46. Adopt a Storm Drain “ My Girl Scout Gold Award has shown me that anything is possible.” Gabrielle Troop 81906
  • 47. Insulin Resistance- A PreStep to Diabetes & PCOS “ The intent of my project was to have girls be aware of these two disorders, and to hopefully help someone who might be struggling to overcome them.” Pooja Troop 80019
  • 48. Mitzvah Madness “ Working on my Gold Award helped me fully understand the impact that young adults can have on society.” Melissa Troop 81628
  • 49. Toiletries for Fire Victims ““ My Girl Scout Gold Award has truly helped me increase my determination and has taught me that if I stay on track I can reach my goals.” Megan Troop 26818
  • 50. Happiness Through Flowers for Elders “ I was very passionate about what I was doing and I think it showed when I started sharing my project with others.” Maria Troop 66209
  • 51. Different isn’t Imperfect “ Through the activities we taught that being different is not a bad thing; being the same as others does not mean you’re perfect.” Inayah Troop 81531
  • 52. Therapy Dogs “ The seniors at the nursing homes showed such an improvement over the ten months that I visited with them, and I will continue my visits in the future.“ Samantha Troop 71385
  • 53. The World of Music “ My project was tailored to encourage the children to embrace different styles of music.“ Lauren Troop 71287
  • 54. Healthy Cooking in English “ This project has been a learning experience for me and for my students.” Diana Troop 71287
  • 55. Go for the Gold ( Special Olympics) “ By coaching gymnastics to several athletes who competed in the Special Olympics of NJ, I was able to help them achieve their goals while they taught me a great deal as well.” Rebecca Troop 26405
  • 56. Geocaching in the Historic Places of Camden County “ I was motivated by my own experiences with Geocaching and the idea of helping others learn more about the places surrounding them.” Maggie Troop 30543
  • 57. Animal Awareness “ I feel like I have better connected my community to the everyday life and needs of animals that live here.” Chelsea Troop 30074
  • 58. Musical Medicine “ The Girl Scout Gold Award has helped me realize my leadership potential. I never realized before completing my Gold Award – how much fun it would be to lead a service project.” Anastacia Troop 66413
  • 59. Secondhand Sports “ I believe that all kids should have the chance to play sports.” Jenna Troop 71525
  • 60. A Cross to Bear Memorial Garden “ This project seemed to be a great way of helping people remember to pray for the unborn.” Rebecca Troop 70418
  • 61. All the World’s A Stage “ It takes a passionate, dedicated, and persistent Girl Scout to get the job done.” Charlotte Troop 70174
  • 62. A Peek into a Small Town’s Big History “ This project taught me a lot about time management and I really enjoyed making my mark on history.” Masooma Troop 70251
  • 63. Hoval Knit-In “ Completing the project made me more assertive and confident in my abilities to teach and lead others in group activities.” Rory Troop 70174
  • 64. Tar Wars with a Twist “ Through this project I gained great experience, leadership and communication skills, and conveyed the importance of staying tobacco free.” Shruti Troop 81436
  • 65. Mascots with Meaning “ I was happy for the opportunity to give back. This project has taught to never give up. A big project such as this might seem overwhelming, but I learned that I can accomplish a lot.” Peggy Troop 66243
  • 66. Self Defense Course I have learned that to be successful it is important to lead by example.” Megan Troop 46721
  • 67. Pocket Flag Production Project “ Seeing the smiles on the soldiers’ faces made it obvious that I had accomplished my goal. I’ll never forget what it felt like to make a difference.” Shaylyn Troop 71418 Pocket Flag Production Project “ Seeing the smiles on the soldiers’ faces made it obvious that I had accomplished my goal. I’ll never forget what it felt like to make a difference.” Shaylyn Troop 71418
  • 68. Blossoms of Love: Blooms for a New Tomorrow “ My Girl Scout Gold Award project gave me a feeling of accomplishment and made me feel good about myself just knowing I was bringing smiles to the faces of others.” Jillian Troop 80002
  • 69. HUMC for Bikers “ After I saw people using the bike rack I felt a great sense of accomplishment.” Taylor Troop 30539
  • 70. Courtyard Garden at Meadow Lakes “ I now know that just a small investment of time and money can make a large statement.” Claire Troop 71218
  • 71. In the Pink “ My Girl Scout Gold award project helped me realize that I could change the views about cancer and help people realize the dangers of the disease.” Niji Troop 80019
  • 72. Bissett’s Pond Boardwalk I was capable of leading large groups; all of different age levels, and completed my project before the deadline I had established for myself.” Mara Troop 81906
  • 73. Books for Kids “ I led by example, showing the children that reading can be enjoyable.” Shannon Troop 26165
  • 74. Its Scien-terrific! “ Working on this project has inspired me to indulge in various new experiences and help others do the same.” Soumya Troop 81628
  • 75. Sport Injury Prevention “ It is a great feeling knowing that I have helped many people in my community.“ Allison Troop 81036
  • 76. Night of a Thousand Stars Fashion Show “ It made me realize that even doing something little to show that you care can really make a big difference in other peoples’ lives.” Mary Alessandra Troop 30725
  • 77. Job Empowerment Seminar “ We discussed their strengths with them and helped them develop well though answers to sample questions.” Samantha Troop 30715
  • 78. Mt. Laurel Spring Soccer Clinic “ My Girl Scout Gold Award project taught me how to be an effective leader in many ways. Working on it made me into a confident and strong woman. Allison Troop 26818
  • 79. Patients Communication Improvement “ It gave me great pleasure to be able to connect with patients and make a positive difference on their recovery.” Radhika Troop 71287
  • 80. Take the Shackles Off “ My Girl Scout Gold Award project proved that I can make a difference in the world.” Joanna Troop 81199
  • 81. Marketing Materials for the Trenton Barracks Museum “ I liked completing a project I was proud of, and one that would be seen and used by others for many years to come.” Madeline Juliette Girl Scout
  • 82. Emergency Medical Services Volunteer Scholarship “ One of the most important things I have learned from my project is the power of leading by example.” Kathy Troop 26867
  • 83. PALS-Positive Activities for Lively Seniors “ As a result of my Girl Scout Gold Award, I have overcome my shyness and developed more confidence as a leader.” Kimberly Troop 14994
  • 84. Vacation Bible School Storytelling Theatre “ I really enjoyed the time I spent with the children, leading me to believe that teaching may be something that interests me in the future.” Amy Troop 71987
  • 85. Project Take It Back/Park Refurbish “ I hope for the park to provide a safe venue for young and old alike.” Katrina Troop 66519
  • 86. KITE: Kids In Touch with the Elderly “ If their grandchildren do not live close to them, or they do not have any, they were able to get to know and have fun with local Girl Scouts and other youth of Brigantine.” Theresa Troop 16537
  • 87. Historic Research & Activity Booklet- Jacobs Chapel “ Researching past family histories was extremely difficult but very rewarding,” Courtney Troop 26739
  • 88. Project: Animal Shelter “ My award project really opened my eyes up to how many needs there really are in my community at this time.” Gabrielle Troop 30074
  • 89. Self Guided Nature Trail for EHT High School “ This award has changed me and showed me how much I can really do when I set my mind to it.” Rebecca Troop 16547
  • 90. Come One! Come All! To Palmyra Cove “ Working on my project has shown me what I am capable of doing on my own if I set my mind to it.” Julianne Troop 30010
  • 91. Caps for Cuties “ Helping families of premature babies and my experience at the hospital made me realize that I can really have an impact on the world, as long as I put effort into it.” Divya Troop 81628
  • 92. Technology Fair “ Working on this project has provided me with leadership skills that will last me a lifetime and will be applicable in various stages and situations that I will face in the coming years.” Krishna Troop 70672
  • 93. Shade Trees for 4H “ I hope the trees will make everyone’s visit to the grounds more enjoyable during the hot summer for years to come.” Amanda Troop 46721
  • 94. Kits for Kids “ Working on my project has encouraged me to continue in the fight against cancer and other diseases.” Kristen Troop 70418
  • 95. Kristen’s After School Crafts “ I expected that the children were going to get bored doing the crafts or wouldn’t like them, but they loved them and couldn’t wait for me to come back.” Kristen Troop 66536
  • 96. Alzheimer’s Awareness “ I am on the township Wellness Committee as the District Student Representative and I am now focusing on dietetics, which I will be studying in college and hope to pursue a career in the field.” Shannon Troop 81036
  • 97. Game Room for Children at Home front Neighborhood Center “ Working on my Girl Scout Gold Award project showed me how I, as a single individual, can positively influence many people’s lives,” Nirupama Troop 81800
  • 98. Bridging the Culture Gap-Chinese Culture “ Completing this project marks the highlight of my twelve years as a Girl Scout.” Ivana Troop 71499
  • 99. Hygiene Kits for the Ecuadorian People “ The project worked out great and I got to deliver the kits at a day camp just for them.” Megan Troop 26818
  • 100. Horses, Horses, Horses “ My Girl Scout Gold Award project showed me that small things, including therapeutic riding, can change lives and it gives people mobility and freedoms that they otherwise would not experience.” Kathryn Troop 71987
  • 101. Service Puppy Sprint “ From the beginning of my project I have involved many people so they will understand the importance of the issue.” Amelia Troop 71805
  • 102. Rhythm & Movement “ I was able to practice different teaching techniques and learned to work around some of the childrens’ inability to hold their attention and teach them new things.” SaraAnn Juliette Girl Scout
  • 103. Jacob’s Chapel/Prayer Garden She wanted to draw the Mt. Laurel community to this historic site and commemorate the freedom of slaves. Kathryn Troop 26739
  • 104. Healthy Food for Tree-Licious Orchards “ I would like to be a dietitian and this project increased my passion for my future career aspirations.” Natalie Troop 70109
  • 105. City Swimming and Safety Program “ I found inner patience and boldness through this project but I also learned a lot from the kids that I taught.” Rebecca Troop 72052
  • 106. Touch Therapy at Princeton HealthCare System “ Communication between patients and healthcare professionals was greatly improved through my Touch Therapy program.” Ananya Troop 71287
  • 107. Take Part in Music and Art “ A teacher told me that the children used the musical area in the day-care more often.” Frances Troop 71218
  • 108. Amanda Troop 81800 School Supply Drive Shannon Troop 70607 Through the Lens of Allentown/ Robbinsville Girl Scouts Carly Troop 16537 Can You Sacrifice? Cayla Troop 46175 Nursing Home Courtyard Cassandra Troop 46175 Working with the Food Bank Suhryoung Troop 70251 Art for the Earth Sarah Troop 96672 Chestnut Run - Runs Clean!
  • 109. Alyson Troop 96672 Hygiene Kits for the Dominican People Karen Troop 30730 Golden Age Gala Taliah Troop 81531 Girl Power! Kristin Troop 30715 Job Empowerment Seminar Kathleen Troop 71987 VBC: Operation Christmas Child Nicole Troop 26584 Crafts kits for Kids at the Ronald McDonald House Ashley Troop 81036 Buddy Ball Slide Show
  • 110. Casey Troop 71525 Simply Self Defense Taylor Troop 96672 Community Spring Festival Adrienne Troop 71885 Big Brother, Big Sister Picnic Melissa Troop 30715 Job Empowerment Seminar Kristin Troop 30715 Job Empowerment Seminar Rebbecca Troop 16537 K.I.T.E. -Kids in Touch w/ the Elderly Rachel Troop 81395 Medical Dolls for Children Jackie Troop 30622 Marlton Herb Garden at the John Inskeep House
  • 111. Gracie Troop 81800 Art with a Heart – Creativity Benefiting a Community Jenna Troop 71218 Little Vikings Playschool Outdoor Play Area Make Over
  • 112. Congratulations to our 2011 Girl Scout Gold Award Honorees!