5L Lily Civilization


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5L Lily Civilization

  1. 1. United States of AmericaThe seven characteristics that make the U.S.A. a civilization By: Lily Fischer
  2. 2. The 7 Characteristics of a Civilization• 1. Highly Developed Way of Life• 2. Religion• 3. Communication• 4. Technology• 5. Government• 6. Social Structure• 7. Stable Food Supply
  3. 3. Highly Developed Way of LifeBridges are very important in daily lifein the US. they transport cars andtrucks across oceans, lakes, rivers etc.The bridges that you see on the topare the Lake Pontchartrain causeways.It is the longest bridge in the US andit’s in New Orleans. It is approximately24 miles (38 km) long .The Highestbridge in the US is the Golden GateBridge which is in San Francisco. TheGolden Gate Bridge is more famousaround the world. Not many peopleknow about the Lake Pontchartraincauseway. It is 220 feet (67 meters)high. It is the bridge on the bottom.They transport cars and trucks acrossocean, lakes, rivers etc.
  4. 4. Highly Developed Way of Life• Museums are buildings that display items of cultural or historical interest. The Guggenheim for example is a popular museum in New York. It is full of modern art. All of the Art is different, there could be abstract paintings, portraits, sculptures, pupp ets or even collages. Another museum is the Museum of Natural History. Here the items on display represent items of historical interest such as dinosaur bones, cuneiform, old clay pots etc.
  5. 5. Religion• In the US you can be whatever religion you want to be. You can be Muslim, Jewish, Christian or you could have no religion at all. I think that is one of the most important things about religion in the US. A famous Catholic church in the US is the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It is in New York City. The Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue is a famous Jewish temple in the US. It is also in New York City. Masjid Al-Baqi is a Muslim mosque in Massachusetts.
  6. 6. Communication• Email is a form of communication that we use in the U.S. today. It uses technology and the written language to communicate with each other over distances without having to send a letter.• Texting is also a form of communication that uses technology and the written language to communicate over long distances.
  7. 7. Communication• Social Media is another form of communication that allows you to talk in a chat so that everyone can see what you wrote and reply or comment. Some Examples of a Social Media are Facebook, Twitter, and Buzz• Letters are also a form of communication that are sent across the world by ships and trucks. A lot of people don’t use letters anymore because they can be slow.
  8. 8. Technology• A plane was a very important advance in technology. It brings people to places around the world that they either can’t get to or it is a very long drive. Before planes were invented people traveled by car and boat .The Wright Brothers invented the airplane on December 17, 1903. The brothers names were Orville and Wilbur. Orville Wilbur
  9. 9. Technology• The Computer was another advancement in Technology that has become a necessity to daily life today. The computer helps you with many things such as projects like this, sending emails, researching etc.• The invention of Medical Technology such as X-rays and CAT scans help doctors diagnose problems
  10. 10. Government• In the US we have a Democratic government which means there are free and fair elections. It also means that we have a 2 party system made up of elected Democrats and Republicans. Every 4 years there is a presidential election. The current president of the US is Barrack Obama. A president is the official head of all government in the US.
  11. 11. Social Structure• In the US there is a highly developed social structure. At the bottom there is the penniless people. Some of them are less fortunate than others and have no home and cannot support their families. In the middle there is the middle class people. They are the people that do well in life and have enough money to support their families. At the top of the social structure are the wealthiest people. This wealth is sometimes inherited and sometimes comes from hard work.