Ship Wrecked Sailors
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  • 1. Our Courts & Trial Advocacy Starting Wednesday 11/11
  • 2. Our Courts/ Trial Advocacy
    • Allegheny County Jail Friday 8:15
    • New unit: Our Courts/Trial Advocacy
    • Text book- Street Law
    • Activity- Ship Wrecked Sailors Trial
  • 3. KWL
    • 1. List three movie titles that involve our courts.
    • 2. Describe one trial scene from one of the movies described above or another movie scene.
    • 3. What happens in a trial from the beginning to the end? What are the steps in a trial?
    • 4. Identify the main participants in a trial.
  • 4. Ship Wrecked Sailors
    • Read the case on page 7.
    • Roles assigned
    • A-
    • B-
    • C-
    • What is the law that was violated?
  • 5. The Case of the Shipwrecked Sailors
    • Who was involved?
    • What happened?
    • What type of law is involved in the incident?
    • What is the law?
  • 6. Any person who deliberately takes the life of another is guilty of Murder.
    • Crime is a wrong against society.
    • Crimes are defined with distinct parts or elements which must be proven”beyond a reasonable doubt” by the prosecutor (District Attorney).
  • 7. Attorneys’ and Judges’ Groups
    • Attorneys will prepare At least three arguments to support your position.
    • Judges prepare a list of questions that you will ask the attorneys to help you determine a verdict.
    • Judges record (3) three arguments made by each attorney and record your verdict based upon the arguments
  • 8.  
  • 9. Trial Sequence
    • Judge calls everyone to order.
    • District attorney presents case without interruption from the defense attorney.
    • Defense attorney presents case without interruption from the prosecuting attorney.
    • Judge allows for rebuttal.
    • Judge steps away and prepares verdict.
  • 10. Ship Wrecked Sailors Trial
    • Sub-groups (district attorneys, defense attorneys, judges meet to prepare arguments and questions.
    • Triads conduct trials.
    • Judge prepares verdict (confidential).
    • Judges will share verdicts in class next week.
    • Triads- staple all three papers together before submission.