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Lesson Notes 12.14 To 12.23
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Lesson Notes 12.14 To 12.23

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  • 1. Lesson Notes 12.14 to 12.23
  • 2. Monday
    • Case In Chief
      • Direct & Cross Examination
      • Redirect & Recross
    • Video: Direct Exam
    • Direct & cross activity
  • 3. Monday 12/14
    • Today: Laptops & trial worksheets
    • 1. Ms. Middleman post
    • Scroll down to the discussion and click on the subject. Copy the five questions. Scroll down to the dialog box. Paste and answer the questions.
    • 2. Direct & Cross Examination Worksheet
    • Go to the Mock trial Prep II page. Upload the Direct & Cross Examination Worksheet to Google docs. Make up five direct examination questions for practice (Witness introduction).
  • 4. Tuesday
    • MT Video- Direct Exam & cross exam example (Cyber-stalking case)
    • Activity- Direct & Cross Exam Question Practice
    • Tomorrow-mock trial individual assignment work
    • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday- individual & group work
    • Quiz-Moved to Friday
  • 5. Tuesday
    • Direct & Cross Examination Practice Worksheet
    • 1.Go to the Mock trial Prep II page.
    • 2.Upload the Direct & Cross Examination Worksheet to Google docs.
    • 3.Make up five direct examination questions for practice (Witness introduction).
    • 4.Share your Q with a partner. Ask the partner to answer the Q
    • 5.Partner-Answer the questions
    • 6.Create cross exam questions based upon your partner’s answers.
    • 7.Review the objections and check the structure of your partner’s questions.
  • 6. Tuesday
    • Next, share the questions with another student. That student should answer the questions.
    • Cross Examination
    • Create cross questions based upon the witnesse’s answers.
  • 7. Wednesday 12/16
    • By the end of the period:
      • Direct/cross exams practice ws completed and shared with Mr. Sagan
      • Trial part reviewed, started & uploaded to Google docs and shared with gsagan@gmail.com
  • 8. Wednesday
    • Complete/peer evaluation of direct & cross exam practice
    • Objection check
      • Direct- leading the witness (yes,no answer), opinion, hearsay (he said, she said)
      • Cross-open ended Q, what, when, where, how and WHY
  • 9. Wednesday Case Preparation
    • Review your game plan first. (group)
    • What is your case theory? How are you going to win the trial? Open & complete your case outline ( group )
    • Mock Trial Prep II ( top of the page )
    • Open and read the worksheet for your individual part before you begin working on the assignment.( individual ) upload and share on Google docs by the end of the period .
    • Individual assignment draft due Friday .