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Anti Federalists 1 Ss
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Anti Federalists 1 Ss


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Student assignment

Student assignment

Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • 1. Anti-Federalists By Gary, Jen, and Veronica Anti-Federalists By: Gary, Jen, Veronica
  • 2. Requirements for the Ratification Process
    • Delegates knew that congress would oppose the draft because it reduced state powers
    • 13 states had to approve the constitution
    • Plan was to go directly to the voters to approve the constitution
  • 3. Where and How did the Americans debate the constitution?
    • Within the Philadelphia Convention
    • Took place newspapers and pamphlets
    • The anti-federalists opened discussion by stating their objections to the constitution
    • They drew on political philosophy in ancient and recent history to make their arguments
  • 4. Key elements of Anti-Federalists Opposition
    • Anti-Federalists believed in ideas of republicanism
    • Representatives should be elected by the people
    • A large diverse state should not sustain a republic
    • The republic will require a standing army and will tax the people to sustain the army
  • 5. How did their philosophy shape their objections to the constitution
    • The constitution gives congress power to make laws that they believe are “necessary and proper”
    • President of the U.S., has power to grant pardons for crimes, including treason.
    • National courts have too much power that they are can destroy judicial branches of state governments
  • 6. continued.
    • Anti-federalists believed checks and balances system could be turned against people’s liberties
    • Constitution states that treaties are the supreme law of the land
    • The powers of the executive and legislative branches are more mixed then separated
    • They also believed that the constitution didn’t really represent the national government.
  • 7. Bill of Rights
    • The lack of bill of rights was the Anti-Federalists was their strongest and most powerful weapon
    • The best way to defeat the constitution was the Bill of Rights
    • It does not adequately protect rights
      • Only the house of representatives is chosen by the people
  • 8. continued
    • The national governments powers are general and vague
    • There is no mention of freedom, religion, speech, press, or assembly
    • The bill of rights is necessary to remind the people of our political system.
  • 9. Critical Thinking
    • Read the excerpts in your book on page,94 and 95.
    • Summarize the concerns
    • What views of Republican Government are expressed?
    • How do they relate to opposing the Constitution?