Ag Agenda 3 24 To 3 29
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Ag Agenda 3 24 To 3 29



lesson agenda 3.24 to 3.29

lesson agenda 3.24 to 3.29



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Ag Agenda 3 24 To 3 29 Ag Agenda 3 24 To 3 29 Presentation Transcript

  • AG Agenda Wednesday 3/24
  • Wednesday 3/24 • 1.Who was Gregory Johnson? Describe his personal background and motives for burning the American flag. • 2.Describe the (flag burning) event itself. • 3.What is symbolic expression? Describe and list two examples of symbolic expression
  • Thursday 3/25 • 3rd period- – SOTU reports, 4th period – Current events- Health Care Law details – Constitutional connections – HW Assignment- Unit 5, lesson29 – Earlier this week- a.How a member decides to vote b. current events View slide
  • Lesson 29 How Does the 1st Amendment Protect Free Expression • 1. List and describe five arguments that favor free speech. • 2. What ideas about free expression were brought to American from England? • 3. The Constitution made no mention of a “free press”. Why? • 4. List and explain Jefferson’s quote about freedon of speech and press. How would you interpret the quote? • 5.What is seditious libel? • 6. Who was John Peter Zenger? What happened to him? Describe his trial and the outcome of the trial? • 7. Why is this trial important? • 8. List three times when freedom of expression has been suppressed? • 9. How may governments limit expression? List the ways and give an example for each method. • 10.How have wars and emergencies affected speech and press? View slide
  • • Federalism- • How did the delegates to the constitutional convention distribute powers between the national and state governments? • Enumerated powers Article I, sec.8 • Implied powers- the Necessary & Proper clause • Article VI, sec.2 Supremacy Clause
  • Friday 3/27 • 3rd period- SOTU reports completed • 4th- Laptops today • On notebook paper • Create a 1 minute speech that will include your position on the flag burning amendment. • Position and at least two reasons (support from the simulation exercise) to support your position. • you may suggest another amendment in place of the the proposed amendment or oppose ANY amendments. • In favor of/opposed/recommend a new amendment • Identify an issue • On Tuesday- present your position in small groups first.
  • Our Federal & State Court Systems • State Courts • Federal Courts
  • How is a case titled?
  • How did the “Flag Burning Case” move through the courts?