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Gruter Introduction

  1. 1. The  social  data  revolution:     when  consumers  become  producers  In a hyper-rich social data environment, it is thecustomer who sets the product agenda. Now,instead of listening to experts, companies listen tomessages. Billions of them.Companies which synchronize with the voice of thenetworked consumer stand to generate loyalty,affection and a handsome market premium.In order to join the social conversation, businessneeds to distill and understand mass customersentiment in a matter of seconds.And therein lies the challenge: speaking has alwaysbeen easier than listening; telling simpler thanengaging; imposing quicker than negotiating.Revolutionary problems, it seems, needrevolutionary solutions.
  2. 2. Leaders  of  the  revolution:     meet  the  people  who  matter  most  Client. Customer. End user. Viewer. Audience.Market. Segment. Public. Designer?In a networked world, the voice of the customer isubiquitous. It is the unseen force whichunderwrites every transaction from the boardroom table to the market floor.And in a economy of choice, it also designsproducts. No painstaking plan, flash of ingenuity orflourish of charisma gets a start without itsapproval.Put simply, the design studio has entered the publicdomain. Those voices on the wind are the sound ofthe next big product from the next big brand beingthrashed out.Can you hear them?
  3. 3. Revolutionary  strategy:     the  data  reconnaissance  mission  Back in the 70s, platforms boogied on the dancefloor. Now, they’re looking to work their magic onevery surface we interact with.While the disco balls and flashing lights have beenreplaced by touch screens and remote sensors,one thing hasn’t changed: it’s still damned hard tofind people in the crowd and hear what they have tosay over the beat.Sure, it’s going to take some practice to bust theright moves in the new data environment. But withsome neat steps and an ear for conversation,there’s no reason to be out of vogue.So what are you waiting for? With Gruter’s socialnetwork infrastructure, the time is right to get outamongst it and dance as one with the people.
  4. 4. Engaging  the  revolution:     the  Gruter  arsenal  of  technologies    Gruter understands the challenges of the socialdata revolution and has the infrastructuresolutions and analytics services you need to takeup the consumer conversation.From social data content harvesting and storageto message and voice analysis, network trackingand third party data, Gruter has your back.Take advantage of the Gruter range of enterprise-ready products and services: Social Data Center – big data & social analytics CloumonTM – cloud monitoring software Cloudata – BigTable-like distrubuted database Market analytics & customer voice monitoring Professional cloud & analytics consulting
  5. 5. Allies  in  the  revolution:     leveraging  the  Gruter  advantage  Products CloumonTM cloud system monitoring software Cloudata distributed column-oriented database Social data center and analytics consultingClientsPartners
  6. 6. Revolution  HQ:     contact  Gruter  to  find  out  more  Company Details Gruter ( ) 504 Teheran Office Building 707-38 Yeoksam-dong, Kangnam-gu Seoul, South Korea, 135-918 + English Inquiries: 82 70 8129 2953 + : 82 70 8129 2950Contact Details Sales & Business Inquiries – Jeon-haeng Lee Chief System Architect – Hyung-joon Kim hjkim@gruter .com R&D Team – Jeong-shik Jang Cloud Infrastructure Team – Jin-ho Kim Cloud System Services Team – Young-min Jun