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Invitacional Rural Health Forum. Mallorca 14th - 15th of June. …

Invitacional Rural Health Forum. Mallorca 14th - 15th of June.
Educational Workshop

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  • 1. Producing an Specific Rural Training Programme for European Trainees in Family Medicine Jaume Banqué Vidiella Institut Català de la Salut. CAP Xerta.. Spain Euripa – Semfyc [email_address]
  • 2. Summary
    • Why an specific European Rural Training Programme for Trainees in FM.
    • Guiding principles.
    • It will be based on ...
    • The Spanish Experience in Rural Training.
    • Conclusions.
    • Some questions.
  • 3. Why an specific European Rural Training Programme for Trainees
    • Different joining Workshops within Vasco da Gama and Euripa in the last Wonca Conferences.
    • A hug interest in Rural Practice from young Family Doctors.
    • Big variety across Europe about Rural Training in Family Medicine.
    • Euripa aim: Exchanging experiences and knowledge. Creating European Evidence in Rural Practice.
    • Working for a common future in Rural Practice in Europe.
  • 4. Guiding principles for a Rural Training Programme
    • Promote and stimulate a positive approach to Rural Practice.
    • Apply “The European Definition of General Practice/Family Medicine” (Euract 1992).
    • Boost and Complete professional competences in Family Medicine.
  • 5. It will be based on...
    • The European Definition of General Practice/Family Medicine. Euract 2002.
    • The Spanish Programme in Family Medicine. Rural Rotation.
    • European experiences: Norway, England, Greece,...
    • European Rural Working Groups recommendations.
    • Different Academic and stakeholders participation.
    • Conclusions from Mallorca Forum and Wonca conferences.
    • ........
  • 6. The Spanish Experience in Family Medicine
    • 1978 . Family Medicine Speciality was created in Spain (Alma Ata influence). Three years of practical period.
    • 1985 . First Specific Programme for Family Medicine Instruction was published.
    • 2005 . A new Training Programme was developed. Four years of practical period. A Compulsory Rural Training Period is included for the first time . National Commission.
  • 7. How we develop this Rural Period in Spain
    • National Commission for Family and Community Medicine > Creates the Programme.
    • Main Training Centres > Produce and apply this Rural Period.
    • Rural Working Groups from Family Medicine Associations > Develop and spread opinion, guidelines and tools for helping all parts involved in this process.
    • Trainees > Attend and evaluate this learning term.
  • 8. Current situation
    • What kind of practical period do we have ?
    • - Compulsory and available for all trainees.
    • - 2/3 months in length.
    • Who can work as a trainer ?
    • - Rural doctors with certain experience (at least more than a year in a rural area).
    • Rural doctors with interest for teaching, learning and research.
    • > Rural Trainers have to produce an specific and adapted Training Programme for their centre with support from Regional Training Centres <
  • 9. Conclusions
    • There is an interest about Rural Health and Rural Training from young Family Doctors.
    • There is a big variety about Rural Training across Europe.
    • There is a lack of a common tool in Rural Training for Trainees in Europe.
    • There is a need of Evidence about Rural Health in Europe.
  • 10. Some questions
    • Do we need this programme, really ?
    • Will we be able to produce it ?
    • Will it be useful for all parts involved ?