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    TenduitRIMCenter TenduitRIMCenter Presentation Transcript

    • RIMCenter Product Overview
    • Company Overview•  Austin, Texas based company providing software tools for solving remote server access and control problems for datacenters•  Formed by former senior executives of leading remote server access companies•  Committed to creating simple tools to solve key systems management problems in heterogeneous environments•  Two patents filed with additional planned Simplified  Access  and  Control  of  IT  Infrastructure..  Anywhere,  Any<me   ©  2012  Tenduit  So/ware  LLC  -­‐  CONFIDENTIAL  
    • RIMCenter•  Software-only solution that replaces the need for expensive & proprietary out-of-band management tools such as KVM, iLo, iDRAC, IMM or the switchable PDU’s•  Systems administrators easily get secure power control and access to their servers – anytime, anywhere•  Leverage the server’s built-in baseboard management controller (BMC) to Power-up, Power-down or “hard boot” servers – without additional hardware•  Monitor and interact with BIOS throughout the server boot process•  Includes optional server agent to remotely configure the server’s BMC and get Windows session 0 console access.©  2012  Tenduit  So/ware  LLC  -­‐  CONFIDENTIAL  
    • Problems With Existing Access Solutions •  Legacy KVM/IP & iPDU appliances –  Expensive: Up to $ 400-500 per Server –  Consume critical power, space, cooling –  Requires HW installation, cabling, set-up –  Dongles •  Proprietary Remote Management (HP iLo, Dell DRAC, IBM RSA) –  Expensive. Advanced licenses required –  Doesn’t scale heterogeneously –  Typically “one-to-one’ versus “one–to-many” •  Direct Physical Access –  Requires people and ready access –  Doesn’t scale –  Slow response time and error prone©  2012  Tenduit  So/ware  LLC  -­‐  CONFIDENTIAL  
    • RIMCenter: Benefits•  Secure “Single Sign-on” - Power control and access all your servers without looking up IP addresses•  Power-on, Power-off, and “cold boot” – even in OS is down•  Power scheduling/Group functions•  Halt boot process and reconfigure the server’s BIOS using standard function key commands•  Remotely configure the server’s baseboard management controller (BMC)•  Optional server agent provides “Session 0” console access to Windows©  2012  Tenduit  So/ware  LLC  -­‐  CONFIDENTIAL  
    • Simple Architecture RIMCenter   Windows  7  /  Vista  /  XP   Client   Sys  Admin’s   WorkstaQon(s)   LAN/WAN(VPN)   Access   RIMCenter   AcQve   Middleware   Manager   Access  Manager   DB   Directory   Audit  Logs  &   ConfiguraQon   Embedded   Service  Processor   Windows  Server  2003/2008   RIMCenter   with  IPMI2.0       Linux                             Server  Service  (OPTIONAL)   (i.e.  iLo/DRAC/IMM)  Managed  Server(s)   “Out-­‐Of-­‐Band”  Management   “In-­‐Band  Management”   (Power  Control  &  BIOS)   (OperaQng  System  Console  &  BMC  ConfiguraQon)   ©  2012  Tenduit  So/ware  LLC  -­‐  CONFIDENTIAL  
    • RIMCenter: Client & Server Service RIMCenter  Manager  Client   §  Power  Management   §  Power  Cycle   §  Re-­‐Boot   Sys  Admin’s   WorkstaQon(s)   §  ON/OFF   §  True  BIOS  Level  ACCESS   LAN/WAN(VPN)   RIMCenter  Server  Service   §  OperaQng  System  Console   §  Remote  BMC  KonfiguraQon   Managed  Server(s)            (Server  Service  -­‐    SW  on  Target  Device)    ©  2012  Tenduit  So/ware  LLC  -­‐  CONFIDENTIAL  
    • Virtualize Lights Out Management   Tenduit RIMCenter   KVM   KVM   KVM   KVM   Eliminate $10,000 iPDU   iPDU   iPDU   iPDU  KVM & iPDU hardware from each rack Tenduit  is  soBware  only  –  no  KVM’s,  dongles  or  switchable  PDU’s  required!    ©  2012  Tenduit  So/ware  LLC  -­‐  CONFIDENTIAL  
    • Screen Shots Tenduit RIMCenter OpQonal  “In-­‐Band”  Console  Access   Tenduit Lights Out Manager   “Out-­‐Of-­‐Band”  Power  Control/BIOS   Tenduit Lights Out Manager  ©  2012  Tenduit  So/ware  LLC  -­‐  CONFIDENTIAL  
    • Tenduit RIMCenter Value Secure ü  Uses your existing security schema ü  Complete logging built-in ü  256 bit AES Fast ü  Install & Deploy quickly ü  No new physical infrastructure needed Simple ü  Heterogeneous – works on all your systems ü  Scalable from SMB to Enterprise ü  Easy to use Affordable ü  Up to 60% less than legacy solutions ü  No power, cooling or rack real-estate needs©  2012  Tenduit  So/ware  LLC  -­‐  CONFIDENTIAL  
    • Contact Information Tenduit Software LLC 9433 Bee Caves Rd. Building III, Suite 200 Austin, TX 78733 Main phone: 512-942-7610 Email: info@tenduit.com Tenduit EMEA: +49-5255-93004-9