Crowdfunding negli eco-sistemi connessi (Crowdfunding in connected ecosystems), Imola June 2013


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Crowd Valley COO Paul Higgins presented at Innovami's event entitled 'Una nuova idea d'impresa e crowdfunding' ('A new business idea and crowdfunding') in Imola, Italy on Thursday June 13th.

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Crowdfunding negli eco-sistemi connessi (Crowdfunding in connected ecosystems), Imola June 2013

  1. 1. Crowdfunding in connectedecosystems!Paul HigginsCo-founder, Crowd ValleyJune 13th, 2013Innovami
  2. 2. Overview!•  Grow VC Group – innovating investing•  Crowdfunding in connected ecosystems•  Different models in the funding ecosystem•  Creating an effective framework@paulhigginz @crowdvalley
  3. 3. Background – Grow VC!•  Global marketplace for startup funding•  Founded 2009•  “Everyone Funding Startups”–  2012 - $35M raised–  5,000+ startups–  190+ countries–  Several raised rounds, first exits@paulhigginz @crowdvalley
  4. 4. Grow VC Group!•  Launched spin-off Crowd Valley in 2012 to provide crowdfundinginfrastructure:–  Configurable platform–  Shared business networks–  Back Office financial services•  Spun out other companies providing various services to support new onlinefunding marketplaces–  Grow Advisors–  ChangeLab23–  Mutual Seed Fund•  Developed a portfolio through global incubation services–  6 portfolio companies to date@paulhigginz @crowdvalley
  5. 5. Finance andServicesInfrastructure InvestmentPortfolio@paulhigginz @crowdvalley
  6. 6. Crowdfunding must be part of existing ecosystems!•  Crowdfunding does not happen in a vacuum•  “Invest in Lines, not Dots” – venture capitalist, Mark Suster:Images from @crowdvalley
  7. 7. Finding your natural constituency!Source: @crowdvalley
  8. 8. Equity crowdfunding goes beyond startups!•  Expanding a mezzanine fund for Oil & Gas investments in Rio de Janeiro•  Providing liquidity for existing shareholders in high-tech companies inAuckland•  Doctors financing R&D for new medical device companies in Sydney•  Alumni supporting their university’s entrepreneurship in Boston•  Offering investment opportunities in real estate in London•  Connecting traders of precious stones with professional investors in NewYork@paulhigginz @crowdvalley
  9. 9. Different models in the funding ecosystem!•  It is important to get different funding models to work together–  Transparent models, fair agreements and opportunities–  Market value and market dynamics–  Continuity for future funding rounds•  Different models are suitable for different endeavors–  Non-securities models–  Equity financing–  Debt models•  There can be several co-investment models; passive or active•  It is important to build co-operation with traditional investors VC, PE firmsand syndicated investor groups@paulhigginz @crowdvalley
  10. 10. Creating an effective framework!•  Increasing demand to access the right ventures–  Impact investments–  Focus on innovation and sustainable job creation•  Crowdfunding is inherently cross-border–  Transparency and distribution via effective, online models–  An efficient framework is needed to ensure efficient and suitable modelsto interact in the EU as a single market•  The impact on growth and job creation could be transformative if a moreunified European market is successfully created–  Fragmentation and bureaucracy could be the main challenges@paulhigginz @crowdvalley
  11. 11. Crowdfunding in connectedecosystems!Paul Higgins@paulhigginz