Intro to Board Recruitment


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Workshop given by Growth for Good at the Support Center/Partners in Philanthropy
in New York on January 9, 2013. Growth for Good provides strategic planning, fundraising, government relations, marketing and communications expertise so that organizations can focus on what they do best: good work. Our goal is to strengthen our clients’ abilities to effectively and efficiently serve their missions. We also provide customized workshops and trainings for our clients on a variety of topics related to capacity building, fundraising and marketing. We also partner with associations and other consultants to provide trainings that are open to nonprofit professionals and board members.

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Intro to Board Recruitment

  1. 1. Recruiting Effective Board Members A Presentation at the Support Center for Nonprofit Management Growth for Good Building Strength in Organizations January 16, 2013 1 About UsGrowth for Good provides strategic planning, fundraising, governmentrelations, marketing and communications expertise so that organizations canfocus on what they do best: good work.Our goal is to strengthen our clients’ abilities to effectively and efficiently servetheir missions. We have worked with many relevant non-profits, including: 2Today, you will learn:• How to identify the strengths and deficits of your current board• Strategies for engaging in constructive dialogue about recruiting new members• The seven essential steps to Board recruitment• Effective ways to quickly orient and engage new board members 3
  2. 2. “Getting the right people on the bus” “The main point is to first get the right people on the bus (and the wrong people off the bus) before you figure out where to drive it.” ~ Jim Collins, Good to Great 4Who will be on your Leadership Team?You need a posse, not a lone ranger!High-performing organizations share authority.Everyone becomes a community builder.So, who is on the Governance team? 5Building a Leadership TeamRealizing Potential “Show me a nonprofit staff that drives fundraising and does not fully engage the board of directors, and I will show you an institution suffering a severe case of unrealized potential.” ~ Reynold Levy, author of Yours for the Asking, and President of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts 6
  3. 3. Who is on your Board?Consider your Leadership Mix• Founder, family & friends (follow the leader) vs. governing board (following vs. leading)• Team Matrix – diverse skill sets, management styles and backgroundsActivity #1: Board Matrix 7Important Qualities of Board Chair (and all Board members!) Integrity Independence Mature Confidence Corporate Manners A Sense of Context Courage CommitmentSource: Howard Berman, Making a Difference 8Ideal Qualities of a Board MemberDirectors should be considered based on:• Commitment to the mission and interest in the programming• Ability to influence others• Willingness to give at a personally significant level – should be in the Board Members’ top three charities• Eagerness to actively fundraise• Past board experience• Enthusiasm to share professional skills/background• Diversity 9
  4. 4. Critical Factors & Best Practices • Prior board experience is the best predictor of a person’s ability to be an effective board member in an organization • Increasing the size of the board to 25+ can help to ensure the board reflects the diversity of your community • Every board member and donor must have the ABC’s of Giving ACTIVITY #2: ABC Hangman 10ABC’s of Giving:• Ability• Belief• Connection 11 Committee Structures • Executive • Finance • Governance/Nominating/Board Development • Resource Development • Program • Facilities 12
  5. 5. Breakout within Committees Chair: Big picture visionary, strong people skills, patient and honest Vice-Chair: Collaborative, stays in touch with members makes sure all voices are being heard Members: Good judgment of character, personable, and positive 13HOW – Seven Steps to Board Recruitment1. Governance/Nominating Committee2. Expectations3. Prospect Research & List4. Recruitment Documents5. Board Member Outreach6. Selection Process7. Orientation/Welcome! 14HOW – Seven Steps to Board RecruitmentStep # 1 Governance/Nominating Committee• Establishes criteria for board service• Finds and recommends new members• Recommends officer and committee appointments• Provides orientation for new members• Reviews performance of existing members• Takes a leadership role in shaping organizational governance 15
  6. 6. Seven Steps to Board RecruitmentStep #2 ExpectationsOutline board member overview – “job description”Accountability: Ensures results and excellent leadershipStrategic Vision: Sets goals and monitors processViability: Maintains sustainabilityAdvocacy: Promotes organization and its missionGovernance: Maintains highest standards 16Commitment to Board Members• Provide timely information• Make best possible use of assets• Ensure best meeting management practices• Respond to questions and concerns• Encourage feedback and criticism• Do utmost to be an organization of which you can be extremely proud 17Board Member Benefits of Service• Using skills to improve nonprofit, effect change, and have an impact• Feeling good by doing good• Collaborating with interesting people• Learning new skills• Enjoying being recognized for efforts• Wanting to give back to the community• Having fun*Reference: BoardSource 18
  7. 7. HOW – Seven Steps to Board RecruitmentStep #3 Prospect Research & List• Look within for your best prospects• Find connections: LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+• Use free or almost free resources for prospect researchers to identify best prospects 19HOW – Seven Steps to Board RecruitmentStep #4 Recruitment Documents • State you organizational values • Share your budget documents • Be concise, engaging, informative, and inspirational! • Be clear about expectations • Don’t minimize the time commitment required • Keep prospects informed of your progress 20HOW – Seven Steps to Board RecruitmentStep #5 Board Member Outreach• Host open houses• Organize site visits• Invite to outreach events• Make presentations at corporations, local leadership and industry meetings 21
  8. 8. WHO – Great Ways to Find Great Board Members• Current volunteers and supporters• Network with prospective partner• Network with local associations: civic, alumni, biz, professional, etc.• Online board member and volunteer matching services• Fee-based board search servicesActivity #3: Engaging Board Members 22 HOW – Seven Steps to Board Recruitment Step #6 Selection Process - Important Considerations • ABCs of Philanthropy: Ability, Belief & Connection • Perception and/or Implied Rejection – Be Discrete! • Skill Sets: Experience & Expertise • Diversity: Thought, Voice and Background • Availability • Influence • Motivation Remember, not all prospective board members are right for your board. 23 HOW – Seven Steps to Board Recruitment Step #7 Orientation/Welcome! • Board binder • Board member mentors • Orientation and ongoing engagement monitoring • Feedback – monitor recruitment process, experience on the board and board report card 24
  9. 9. HOW – Seven Steps to Board Recruitment 1. Governance/Nominating Committee 2. Expectations 3. Prospect Research & List 4. Recruitment Documents 5. Board Member Outreach 6. Selection Process 7. Orientation/Welcome! “Great vision with mediocre people still produces mediocre results.” ~ Jim Collins 25Now What – How to Engage Quickly1. Assign to a Committee2. Tour facility and meet with staff3. Assign board member mentor4. Develop personal action plan5. Create board member job description6. Give role in meetings 26Build the Foundation for anEffective Governing Board• This is a time-consuming, year-round, on-going process• Always be as open about challenges and failures as you are about strengths and success• Continually thank and engage everyone who shows an interest [7 Touches]• Relationship building takes time and nurturing 27
  10. 10. GOOD LUCK! 28