Theresa Kershner - A Partnership Approach to Forestland Conservation in Kennebec County, Maine


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  • All: Each introduce who we are, why we got into the partnership
  • Service area is 412,000 acres, 21 towns in KC, Chesterville in Franklin Co, Part of Androscoggin Co, Leeds. – conserving the landscape of K River and Lakes Region.Mission.. to protect. Landscape of KR and Lakes that time, 0.5 5 of 412, 000 acres conserved with current tools of fee and easement lands.Forests are the dominant resource.
  • MM: Quick sentence + visual.
  • AM: Describe partner organizations & people, possibly mentioning roles folks have played. On our website, our contact page has the names and faces of each of our partners, as well as a few words about why their organization joined this partnership.
  • TK: Comment on landscape cover.
  • AM: Brief descriptions for now; feel free to ask us more about these later if time allows. Go to our website.
  • AM: Does this photo look familiar?We’ll offer a quick flip through our resource guide to illustrate some of the strategies we employed to communicate with our target audience. You can download a pdf of this booklet at our website, or request a hard copy.
  • AM: A spectrum, or storyline, of approaches to forest stewardship. We hope to meet landowners where they are along the path and help them take steps to increase their stewardship.
  • AM: Each page that you saw in the booklet is replicated with a wealth of quick-link resources available to visitors. This view shows you what’s above the fold; we have more links at the bottom along with a list of partners who can help visitors with this step.
  • AT & TK
  • AT & TK
  • Theresa Kershner - A Partnership Approach to Forestland Conservation in Kennebec County, Maine

    2. 2. KENNEBEC LAND TRUST 2009 LYCEUM Forest Stewardship in Maine, New England, and the World: Conserving Forestland for the Next Generation Co-sponsored by the Maine Forest Service
    3. 3. Wayne, Maine, overlooking Great Androscoggin Pond Same view, 2012 Painting by Mary Stanton House, 1851Original Painting owned by the Town of Leeds
    4. 4. KLT 1988 - 2012 24 Years 800 member families CONSERVED LANDS 4,550 acres = 1.0% of acreage in service area Of KLT’s 4,550 acres conserved, ~ 2,500 acres Ecological Reserves25 conservation easements1,554 acres34 fee-owned properties 2857 acres
    5. 5. 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 1930 1982 1995 2003 2009Open Water 7% 8% 7% 8% 8%Development 16% 11% 17% 20% 20%Agricultural 36% 12% 11% 9% 10%All Forestland 41% 70% 65% 63% 62% Inventory Year
    6. 6. KENNEBEC WOODLAND PARTNERSHIPThe Kennebec WoodlandPartnership was formed froman awareness that KennebecCounty’s localeconomy, wood productsmarkets, recreationalopportunities, wildlifehabitat, water quality, andquality of life all dependlargely on the county’sapproximately 374,000 acres
    7. 7. KENNEBEC WOODLAND PARTNERS Thirteen and Counting Kennebec Land Trust Kennebec County Soil and WaterConservation District
    8. 8. KENNEBEC WOODLAND PARTNERSHIP MISSIONThe Kennebec Woodland Partnership promotes forest stewardship and conservation, provides educational resources for woodland owners, and supports sustainable natural resource-based economies.
    9. 9. KEY PRINCIPLES Voluntary Mutually beneficialMultiple pathways of progress Personal focus Diversify De-mystify Facilitate Mediate
    10. 10. KWP Innovations Landscape Approaches to Conservation • Your Woodland resource guide and website • Stewardship Storyline • Kennebec Woodland Days • Local wood and ecological reserve research • Bond Brook Recreation Area project • Kennebec Woodland Owners Survey•
    11. 11. Your Woodland Resource Guide
    12. 12. Stewardship Storyline What do I call that land I ownthat has trees on Why would I it? How can I keep harvest trees my woodland on my Why is my property? woodland healthy? important to me?What do I want What are theto do with my financial aspects woodland? of owning a woodland? What would a forest management plan do for me? Where can I get good advice about what to do with my woodland? Why might I want What will happen to consider a to my woodland conservation when I’m gone? easement for my woodland?
    13. 13. Maine Forest Service-KWP Website
    14. 14. COLLABORATION KWP, University ofMaine, Augusta, Bond Brook Recreation Area, Augusta City of Augusta
    15. 15. KENNEBEC LAND TRUST Curtis HomesteadSustainable Forestry Education Program 2009-2012
    16. 16. LOCAL WOOD AND ECOLOGICAL RESERVES RESEARCHMaine Forest Service and Kennebec Land TrustKLT Intern, Amanda Lavigueur, Colby College •What are the wood resources in Kennebec County? •Can we sustainably harvest more wood from Kennebec County’s forests, and simultaneously protect more forestlands as Reserves? •Of the harvest in Kennebec County, how much is processed in the county and how much is exported out of the county? •What do we know about family forest landowner attitudes?
    17. 17. KENNEBEC WOODLAND OWNERS’ SURVEY“I know whom to contact to getinformation about my woodland” 44% agree“I have all the knowledge that I need tomake decisions about my woodland” 33% agree
    18. 18. Questions? Contact a Partner. Kennebec Woodland Partnership
    19. 19. Photographers: Pam Bell, Alanna Cole, Deb Dutton, SarahFuller, Marc Loiselle, Theresa Kerchner, Jym