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Market launch plan escape

  1. 1. Visionaries Incorporated is a Canadian Company, with a corporate office in Torontoand a manufacturing facility in Alberta. The organization was founded in 2006..Our Mission Statement: Our Mission is to make you look and feel confidentThe skin care category in Canada in 2011 consisted mainly of facial care, followedby body care and then hand care.The market size in dollars is of CAD $1.597 billionResearch has revealed that the skin care category is projected to post a 3% CAGRin constant value terms to reach a market size of C$1.84 billion by 2016.To capture our share we today introduceOur Latest Addition…ESCAPE Tag line: Be The Chase!
  2. 2. Licensing – Not tested Manufacturin Company The lifestyle In 2011, CompetitivePolitical/Legal/Regulatory Technological Economic Social Ecological Our Product on animals g 350 persons of our target LOréal is classified facility/rese at varying group can be Canada Inc. as Cosmetics arch lab is skill levels. described as ranked the • Has CFS equipped Our chic, fashion highest in and GMP with the specialized forward, market value certificates most recent or skilled elegant & share with technology labour force confident. 18% (sales of • Our related to for this C$292 signature development product is million) ingredients and testing constant as amongst its are legal in of we are competitors Canada, cosmetics. always such as Jack the innovating Black and product new Clinique contains products Hemp- berry® (hemp oil and cranberry)
  3. 3. Aggregate market Description Industry factors: Attractiveness 1. Size (in dollar value) CAD$1.597 billion (2011) +INTERNAL 2. Growth rate 3 % per year CAD$1,840 million by 2016 + 3. Profits High (Margins of 25%) +ANALYSIS 4. Market share 5% of total cosmetic market in Canada + 5. Stage in life cycle Industry- Maturity; Company - Growth; - ,+ Product (Escape) Introductory 6. Cyclicity Steady + 7. Seasonality Not Seasonal + Competitor Brands Benefits Price per s ml Biotherm Homme Aqua Power Cleanser Toner/cleanser $28 for 125ml $0.22IDENTIFYING Lancôme Men Ultimate Cleansing Gel Moisturizing gel $33 for 100ml $0.33COMPETITORS Jack black Pure Clean Daily Facial 2-in-1 liquid cleanser and toner $0.10 Cleanser with Aloe & Sage $18 for 180ml Leaf Clinique Cleanser (used with 2 other $24 for 150ml $0.16 items in the line)
  4. 4. Strengths Weaknesses• Ingredients like Hemp Oil • New to Skin Care product enduring product line attractiveness and utility • Follower and not an• Niche Target Marketing- innovator Affordable customers ( • Further education is men, women who buy for needed in understanding men) the target customers’• Specialization- relevant (men) latent needs scientific and commercial• Better Quality than CompetitorsOpportunities Threats• Our business goal is to • Competitors are well conquer the skin care established in this product market for men by line and have existing delivering superior value brand image to the customers yielding customer satisfaction
  5. 5. ESCAPE - MARKETING MIX REVIEW PRODUCT PRICE - All Natural Skincare product - Premium skincare product priced at $50 for a 4fl oz pack (120ml)- Cleanses, tones, moisturizes and reinvigorates with ONE product. - Our competitors include L’Oreal, Jack black and Clinique and are priced between $20-$40 - Prevents skin damage because of shaving. -We are priced above our competition as most - Active ingredients include Hemp oil and of them at the most offer a 2-in-1 benefit. Cranberry Escape is the only brand offering a 4-in-1 - Attractive packaging and has a pump to benefit which is also 100% natural. distribute the right amount of quantity for each use Marketing Mix PLACE PROMOTION - Sold exclusively in Holt Renfrew and Harry - Free sachets distributed inital 3 with Rosen stores across Canada purchase of Harry Rosen branded items - These are high end departmental stores - Advertising in Forbes and Time magazines offering luxury brands as our product being a -Featured in BMW and Mercedes sales catalogs premium brand would appeal to the affluent class (annual income over $75,000) - GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly) magazine that focuson fashion, style and culture Escape would be available in 11 Holt Renfrew stores and 19 Harry Rosen stores - Advertisements will run from Dec through Mar - Also available on our company website -Canadian Golf tour 2013 season
  6. 6. Segmentation by Target: Positioning/differentiatiDemographics ng: • The group was further• The Canadian segmented based on • Escape is for men who population was income and potential need an easy to use, 4 divided by gender, to purchase (2.5M) in 1 facial skin product, that provides with the men, ages confidence in a bottle 30-50 being the main target group. (5.1M) • Competitive advantage: benefits and marketing • The Benefits: 4 in 1: moisturizer, toner, Cleanser and revitalizer • The differentiating ingredient is Hemp- Berry: which gives rehydrating, protecting, healing, and anti-aging properties
  7. 7. Men are more willing to invest into skincare products Marketer’s Increasing trend challenge and for natural men’s responses skincare productsto advertisement Men’s change in spending habits 7Dh2vKw_D8
  8. 8. • Build/Growth Strategy ProductDevelopment • A premium product that meets a need and demands and earns aPlanned Value premium price Proposition • Exclusively Available in Holt Renfrew & Harry Rosen Stores Distribution • Moderate Price - • Price to Retailer $34.48 Price • Price to final consumer $50.00