Q1 In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

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  • 2. Function of music videosA music video is a visual recognition of a song in order to promote the artist. A music video should have some links to the lyrics and tend to have close ups of the artist They visually excite the audience and help in forming a fan base. A music video is a way of marketing for the purpose of exposure and expanding the artists profile.Examples of successful music videos are: It is clear who the artist is because there areMichael Jackson – Thriller continuous close up shots of the artist. The title of the song is “Thriller” an expected representation of this song is something horrific which the music video clearly emphasises and presents to its audience, through mis en scene and setting.
  • 3. PSY- Gangman styleThis music video is very successful winning the best music video award 2012 (EMA’S). The artist is most successful for the fact that his music video engages a varied audience. The music video introduce a dance which is something people can visually be excited about which is the main reason for the success of this music video.
  • 4. Conventions of a music video There are 3 main theories I researched: Carol Vernallis, her theory emphasises the idea that music videos tend you use more edits than film this may stand out as disjuncture. Traditionally  music videos would look natural however nowadays editing is obvious and used to give deliberate effects. Base tracks are used to frequently give the video structure, the camera may move in time with the music. An example of a music video which explores and demonstrates Vernallis theory is Ciara- Love Sex Magic. My music video followed vernallis theory by using jump cuts to create an illusion forthe audience My music videos target audience was aimed specifically at females in the age range of 16-24 years old. The genre category of my music is DUBSTEP and therefore the convention theory Ihad to follow needed to compliment this. I believe that Vernallis’s theory of having obvious edits fits the Dubstep genre perfectly as it is an expected expectation for my target audience according to my research and feedback.
  • 5. Andrew GoodwinMany of my music videos ideas where supported by the ideas represented in Goodwin’s theory he believed that the Genre characteristics should be linked with the music video. I conducted research firstly on the genre of Dubstep to figure out ways in which I could link these idea with my music video.
  • 6. How I linked my genre research with my music video?I researched into artists who are also from the same genre as my artist:-Katy B, -Meleka, -Jessie J, -Skrillex, -Rita Ora and –Delilah. I looked specifically at Katy B and a previous music videoKaty B – Katy On A Mission My Music Video The genre clearly portrayed partying, and a dance called “skanking” which was included in my music video. This follows Goodwin’s theory
  • 7. Laura MulveyMy music video challenged Mulvey’s theory.The fact that my target audience is females Ifelt that following the “Male Gaze” theorywould be a negative representation of myartist and not suit my target audience as itcould cause offense. My artist was coveredup an never exposed any of her femaleassets i.e. her cleavage.
  • 8. Conventions of ancillary productsAncillary products work as promotional material for artists. This is often of CD’S, magazines, posters, websites and other forms which form a promotional platform for the artist. Ancillary products often select and highlight main ideas from particular songs or a featured song with album. This is usually visual links to emphasise and acknowledge the genre of the music.An example of this idea isCalvin Harris - Ready for the weekend The music video has graphic motifs of circles which have been developed from the music video and the idea that the artist is a DJ. This idea has been adapted on to the digipak and advertisement.
  • 9. My Ancillary productsAncillary products should promote theartist, I followed this convention byensuring that images of my artist whereclearly presented on both the digipak andadvertisement.Ancillary products should relate with themusic video, I followed this convention byusing the same colour scheme andediting my artists lip colour to red whichconnotes dominance which is arepresentation I wanted my artist toportray.
  • 10. Ancillary Products influences and convention I followed and challenged My ancillary products where mostly influenced by Rhianna, the number 3 was repeated constantly having the album release date on the 3rd day of the 3rd month of the 13th year. This idea is supported by the CD as well having 13 tracks.My music video alsodemonstrated the repetition ofthe number 3, having the trafficlights and same image of myartist appear 3 times.