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Brand Building: One 2 One Brand Building: One 2 One Presentation Transcript

  • /group3marketing#USTG3M /
  • Brand Building: One 2 OneIt’s Not Mad Men Anymore /group3marketing #USTG3M /group3marketing
  • The Agenda• Who’s On First• Let’s Define Marketing• Fire All The Brand Managers• What Do We Mean By One 2 One• Kings And Queens• Story Building Vs. Story Telling• ZMOT• It’s Complicated – Two Case Studies and TESCO SK• An Explosion• The New Reality Of Brand Building
  • Who’s on First – A Marketing ParodyDo these guys remind you of how your marketing team creates a Brand Building campaign?
  • Author and marketing guruSeth Godin said it best…
  • Let’s Define Marketing  Back in the day, it was said that if you asked ten economists a question, you got ten opinions.  Today, if you ask ten marketers a question, you get 20 opinions  Take a minute to write down your definition of marketing. (Not easy, is it?)  Then go to the next slide and see ours (Don’t peek)
  • Takeaway #1Marketing… 7
  • Fire All the Brand Managers They Focus On The BRAND Wider Focus Brand Building • The Marketplace (And Re- • Competition building) • Consumers Requires A • Customers WIDER FOCUS
  • Brand BuildingMass Media PR One 2 One• Reach • Short lived • Dynamic• Frequency • Tight focus • Two way• Static • Event driven • Flexible• One way • Amplification• Linear
  • One 2 One – What Do We Mean Overlooked Word Of Mouth It’s About • Wasn’t Sexy On SteroidsConnections And • High CPM – • Driven By Technology Engagement Direct Mail • Fueled By Data • Misunderstood Impact • Accelerated By Knowledge • Actionable And Responsive
  • Takeaway #2Brand Building One Size, One One Channel Is Not One Message Does Is Never The Dimensional Not Fit All Answer
  • The New Marketing Reality Technology • Multi-dimensional • Rollercoaster ride • Light SpeedMarketing Consumers (B2B & B2C)• Multi-dimensional• Rollercoaster ride • Multi-dimensional• Light Speed • Rollercoaster ride • Light Speed
  • Takeaway #3 – Kings and Queens• Data Is KING • Content Is QUEEN• Brand Building Initiatives Will • The Message Is Critical Not Succeed Without – Not Product Focused Marketplace Knowledge – Not Service Focused – Consumers – Customer Focused – Competition • Segmentation Creates• Data That Is Relevant Messages – Knowledge Based – Up Close And Personal – Insightful – Specific Triggers That – Actionable Influence The Next Sale – Timely
  • Story Building Vs. Story Telling Do It In Cyberspace New Paradigm In 140 In Brand CharactersTraditionally, Marketers Building Or Less Were The Story Tellers • Build The Story
  • ZMOT – Takeaway #5• Old Media – The STIMULUS – The Genesis Of Brand Building• MOT - A P&G Concept – Fmot – Smot• ZMOT – A Google Concept – Zero Moment Of Truth – Critical New Concept – First Step Of Engagement• New Media – The Buying Decision Journey Has Changed Remember the – What Once Was A Message Is Now A Conversation G3M Definition of – Word Of Mouth Is Stronger Than Ever And It’s Digital Marketing.
  • Brand Building – Winning ZMOT
  • Brand Building ExampleInitiative• Create A New Database Driven Marketing Model That Takes Advantage Of Near-time Technology• Use “Triggers” To Initiate Engagement And Drive Organic GrowthOpportunity• Expand Market Penetration And Market Share
  • Brand Building Example• Brand Building Challenges – Questions, Questions, Questions – What Is “The Market?” Can We Expand The Market? – Who/What Is The Competition? – How Do We Describe The Product? What Does It Do? – How Does Our Product Compare To Competition? – How/Why Is It Better? – What Do We Name It? – How Do We Price It? – How Do We Take It To Market? – Who Are Potential Customers? How Do We Reach Them?
  • Brand Building ExampleRetail Supermarket ChainBackground• #2 In Market• Fewer Stores Than #1Challenge• Increase Business• Protect Margin• Don’t Add Stores
  • Brand Building – TESCO QR Code Subway Store
  • It’s Complicated The Story Multiple • Multiple Ways To Channels Build It • All Play A Role In • Every Channel Is A Building The Brand New Delivery Channel • Easy To Screw Up • Mass • Blend Old And New • Direct Media Channels • Social • Mobile
  • The Explosion of One 2 One - Social Media Revolution 2011
  • Dangerous Curves Ahead – Takeaway #6 The New Reality of Brand Building Brand Building Is Not Easy Understanding The Brand’s Challenges Is The Critical First Step  Marketplace  Customers  Competition Building The Story For Multiple Channels Influencing The First Of Many Sales Being Relevant And Immediate
  • One 2 One Pop Quiz Pull Out Your Cell Phones Text POPQZ To 96362 Open Take Link Quiz
  • /group3marketing#USTG3M /