Grossman Marketing Best in Show Ideas from ASI NYC


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Grossman Marketing Group sent its promotional products creative team to the annual ASI industry show in New York City in late March 2011. The team scoured the thousands of products to identify the gems of the conference. Here's a presentation of some of the best ones. Please call us at 800.368.1368 for samples!

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Grossman Marketing Best in Show Ideas from ASI NYC

  1. 1. IN A NEW YORK MINUTESpotlighting the new gems and hidden jewels from the Spring 2011promotional products industry show in New York City 0
  2. 2. The March snowfall in New York City was unexpected, but the imaginative and resourceful products at the Advertising Specialty Institute show were exactly what we were looking for! Although a number of the featured promotional pieces are upgrades to our most popular and beloved items, this presentation also brings cutting-edge technology, as well as a wide array of American-made and environmentally-friendly products. Enjoy!The symbols located at the bottom left corner willappear throughout the presentation to confirm whichproducts meet your specific promotional requirements. 1
  3. 3. Flex Sports Ionic WatchThis bracelet is key for a person with anactive lifestyle... It contains materials whichwork to:● Improve circulation and mental alertness● Strengthen the immune system whilereducing stress● Speed up post-workout recovery time Renowned golf coach David Leadbetter and Boston Celtics star Rajon Rondo wear Perfect for: the Ionic watch.  Golf tournaments  Health Expos  Athletic EventsStarting at $8.33 for 100 pieces 2
  4. 4. Board Towelz Get your logo noticed with this surfboard-shaped Perfect for: velour towel. These massive 32” x 80” towels make  „BOARD‟ meetings the perfect lounge chair cover or beach towel.  Web surfing themes Stock designs are available, but you also have the  Company Picnics option to create a custom design.  Incentive Trips or Recognition programsStarting at $33.25 for 36 Pieces 3
  5. 5. QR CodesNearly half of all phones in theUnited States are smartphones, making mobile marketing an Turn a Smartphone essential promotional tool. photo into a new client. Drive traffic to your company’s Website or Social Media Site for:Coupons / Special Offers / Surveys / Contests / Maps / Product Info 4
  6. 6. Power Booster Porta-Charger Convenient, portable power backup for small USB electronic devices. This will become an on-the-go traveler‟s ultimate necessity. The charger can port up to 70% of the battery and can revive a dead battery in 5 – 10 minutes! Contains a USB charging cable & 2 rechargeable NiMH AA batteries and features a sturdy clip for hands-free movement.Starting at $11.80 for 25 Pieces 5
  7. 7. PC, Mac, & IPad Case One word: Customizable! Make this a one-of-a-kind, exclusive opportunity for you to build a unique and personal identity with your employees or customers. You can choose from over 20,000 part colors, handle options, and sizes. All items are hand crafted with Perfect for: the highest quality material  Company computer cases for employees and ink that make the colors  Raffle prizes for schools really pop.  Welcome packages for new residents or club participantsCustom pricing available 6
  8. 8. Vanity Sleeve SLUB Tee Every woman will look great in this tee that can be used for active or leisure wear. This ¾-sleeve t-shirt is an upgrade to the standard t-Shirt. Hands down, the perfect item for any women‟s event, social organization or sports team.Starting at $24.58 for 24 Pieces 7
  9. 9. HoodieBuddies The new smart garment. No more searching for earphones, or long cords getting in the way! The right pocket of your smart jacket plugs your iPod, MP3 player, or other mobile devices into your headphone-compatible hoodie strings. Best part, its completely machine washable!Starting at $37.70 for 24 Pieces 8
  10. 10. Top View:14 oz. Glass Water Bottle See-Through Glass This is a double-walled hot/cold bottle that comes with a removable tea diffuser. From a top view, you can see through the glass lid. And this can be used with different beverages. This is a chic style at an affordable price. Tea Diffuser Included! Perfect for:  Healthcare Industry  Corporate GiftStarting at $9.89 for 75 Pieces 9
  11. 11. Ultra light 20 oz. water bottle that gives your logo and branding 360 degrees of marketing; Imagine all the possibilities! Keep your clients and staff hydrated in the most fashionable way! Perfect for:  Employee and Client Gifts  Quarterly Sales Kickoffs Full ColorStainless Water Bottle Starting at $13.00 for 25 Pieces 10
  12. 12. Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated TumblerThe vacuum insulated tumbler is a busy employee’sdream; it keeps your coffee or tea hot for 6-8 hours!This is an interesting piece because the active freeflow button is on the side, instead of the top. Perfect for:  Coffee / Tea drinkers  Sales Force  ClientsStarting at $17.49 for 48 Pieces 11
  13. 13. ID Clip PedometerTurn your everyday ID badge intoa daily step to a healthy lifestyle!This is a step counter pedometer with a 24” retractable cord that holds a clipfor ID badge or keys. It has a top-view LCD display for easy monitoring and tracks up to 99,999 steps. The pedometer has an energy-saving auto shut-off and idle mode.Starting at $3.79 for 100 Pieces 12
  14. 14. FloraLyte Multi-functional uses. These lights add a beautiful and original glow to your design LED Lights creation by adding lights inside floral vases, table skirting, centerpieces. FloraLytes are a great substitute for candles. They are wireless, cool to the touch, and can last for hundreds of hours. Perfect for:  Decoration for a wine tasting, corporate, or retirement celebration  Safety defense courses  Apartments / CondosPlease call for pricing 13
  15. 15. Make your favorite yogurt and keep your granola crisp while you Yogurt 2 Go! travel. This 12 oz. hard acrylic container is spill proof and reusable. Also, a just right container for:  Ice cream and toppings  Cereal and MilkPerfect for:Ice cream social / Picnics / Traveling Starting at $5.99 for 75 Pieces 14
  16. 16. Recycled Tire Products These items are made from 100% post-consumer-recycled tires.The distinctive desktop piece fits PDAs,cell phones and business cards andlooks excellent on any environmentally-conscious desk. Available with a secondside imprint, this American-made itemwill have longevity on your colleagues’desks!This Union-made jar gripper is a low-cost recycled item with a large imprintarea for your logo.Desktop holder starts at $2.24 for100 Pieces; jar opener starts at $0.58for 300 pieces 15
  17. 17. Ceramic Coffee Mug and Soup Bowl 9 oz. and 12.5 oz. mug and bowl with a convenience spoon on the handle. These items could immediately become someone’s favorite piece to use for their coffee, tea, or soup. This is not your average ceramic mug. A coaster that doubles as a lid is included with the10 oz. mug! Keep irritating circles off Perfect for: your desk or counter and keepOffice kitchen items your drink from spilling!New employee gift Starting at $3.69 for 72 Pieces 16
  18. 18. 10” x 14” Die Cut Non Woven BagsThis non-wovenpolypropylene die-cuthandle bag comes with atonal recycled logo imprintedon both sides. Available inmany sizes and colors.Use this item for anaffordable golf tournamentbag, conference giveawayor durable document holder. Starting at $1.84 for 100 Pieces 17
  19. 19. Super Snack Bag Premium non-woven polypropylene insulated lunch- style tote with zipper closure, mesh pocket on one gusset, non-woven pocket on opposite gusset, business card or name badge holder, dual reinforced 20" handles, 2 bottle holders inside bag, and plastic bottom insert. Starting at $3.50 for 100 Pieces 18
  20. 20. Micro-Fiber Cleaning ClothThis is a high-quality cloth that allows youto effectively advertise and promote yourcompany. The American-made cloth liftsdust and oil particles from delicatesurfaces without the use of any chemicalsubstances. In addition, the micro-fibercleaning cloth can be reused and washedover and over again. Perfect for: - Maps - Game schedules - Business cards - Optical - Electronics cleaner - Active lifestyle - Jewelry industryStarting at $2.19 for 100 Pieces 19
  21. 21. Drink and Plate Holder This drink and plate holder is a very sturdy product. It’s perfect for any event where food and drinks are involved. Ideal for children that can ‘do it themselves,’ carrying double plates, or having a free hand for greeting. Perfect for: Corporate picnics Camping School & Tailgate partiesStarting at $3.46 for 264 Pieces 20
  22. 22. Personal Hygiene Products There is nothing new about antibacterial spray, sun block, soft lips, and fresh breath, but your organization can position itself differently with distinctive packaging. At a low price point with custom shapes, these items are perfect for tradeshow giveaways, outdoor fun, and golf outings. Choose from: *Oval-shaped * Credit Card * Jersey Shaped * Wipes * and more!Starting at $1.15 for 150 Pieces 21
  23. 23. Digi Clean/Pad, CleanMouse, and Non Slip PadImmediately remove dirt and fingerprints from your phone or computer! These cleaners stick to any part of the device and can be removed and applied hundreds of times.The mousepad can be adhered or carried with a laptop. It offers smooth mouse dragging and can be used as a shock absorber when not in use.Keep your personal items safe from sliding around your dashboard or car. Custom colors, shapes, & sizes available. Great alternative to traditional magnets or stickers.Starting at $1.20 for 500 Pieces 22
  24. 24. Outdoor Gloves Multi-functional medium-weight 3- season gloves. Made from recycled post-consumer plastics & textiles. With a machine knitted wrist, they are machine washable and come in light or standard weights as well as a variety of sizes. The fingerless gloves are available with or without a mitten option and grips can be customized. Perfect for: Tailgating - Gardening Home ImprovementsStarting at $1.07 for 72 Pieces 23
  25. 25. Towelwetz Wipe and Paw WipeA handy way to cleanup and cool off! Each 8” x 8” velour cotton washcloth is treated with antibacterial, purified water then individually-wrapped in a fully-customizable metallic foil package and can be washed and reused. Perfect for: Kids / Pets / Hospitals & Heathcare / Festivals Schools / Sporting Events / Fundraiser Airlines / Golf Courses / Country Clubs Banks / Radio Stations Starting at $1.60 for 1000 Pieces 24
  26. 26. If something were to happen to you, how would the emergencyteam know who to call? Vital Info is a simple way to record your essential information.This keychain/wallet set are two useful items that can identify you.The front is a full color area for your logo and the back is reserved for medical and emergency information. Perfect for:  Healthcare Industry  Blood Drives  Car Dealerships  Insurance Agencies Vital Info Starting at $0.68 for 2500 Pieces 25
  27. 27. My Green Bag! 14” x 16” x 6” eco-friendly and fully-customizable shopping bag. Matte or glossy lamination, nylon webbing handles and stylish silvercircled handles. This a very durable, attractive bag that is worth every penny. This bag is sure to catch the attention of event participants.Starting at $13.12 for 500 Pieces 26
  28. 28. Just for Kids Plush animals are often forgotten. These furry animals offer many styles and can be logoed with a ribbon, shirt, or bandana. Customizable coloring book – there are dozens of categories of coloring books to fit any program. Inflatable coloring animals put a great twist on the standard coloring book. All items can benefit any event or location that is geared toward children, specifically “Take your children to work day”Starting at $1.03 for 250 Pieces 27
  29. 29. You didn‟t think Flash Drives were going to stop at 2.0, Metal USB Drive 3.0 right? The 3.0 is here! The USB 3.0 is 10x faster than 2.0, and can hold up to 32GB of memory! Unlike the 2.0 flash drive, USB 3.0 is capable of downloading videos, movies, presentations, high-volume downloads, large files, and MORE! Perfect for:  Media packetsCustom pricing available 28
  30. 30. Reward Cards and Music Downloads Pair your brand with modern, digital incentives that your customers want. Help your brand stand out and use these cards for: - Music Download - Movie ticket cards - Photo print cards -Restaurant Certificate Reward - Hotel Rewards Cards - DVD Rewards Card - Magazine Subscription CardsStarting at $8.00 for 500 Pieces 29
  31. 31. Logoed Flip-FlopsIn the summer, there is nothing like agreat pair of flip flops. Choose frommany styles and color combinationswith the option of a strap, die-cutsole or insole logo. Perfect for:  Company picnics  Summer program kickoffStarting at $6.25 for 100 Pieces 30
  32. 32. See your corporation onAmerica‟s best selling board game!Customize every element of thepackaging and design; make yourown design on the money, createyour special chance/communitychest cards, pick the colors of yourhouses/hotels and the best gamepieces that embody your company. This is perfect for a milestone employee recognition program.Custom pricing available Customized Monopoly Game 31
  33. 33. American and Union Made Golf AccessoriesMake your very own custom golf pack for your next outing! Select an all-tee pack or add ball markers and divot repair tools. Tees are made of American birch wood, markers and tools are durable plastic. Pencils come in round or hex styles, with or without erasers and plenty of colors. Your message or logo is printed in full color on both sides of the poker chip ball marker, and are available in five trim colors.Starting at $2.19 for 100 Pieces 32
  34. 34. Louisville SluggerCustom Louisville Slugger batscan be an appealing way torecognize and showappreciation to the biggestbaseball fan in your office.They come in four differentsizes and have many colorsto choose from. Include yourrecipients‟ signature or addyour company‟s logo. It willbe a gift that will never beforgotten. Custom Pricing Available 33
  35. 35. Just a few more great products… Travel Bag Car Mirror-ads Krome Stainless Water BottleBreast Cancer Awareness Shammy Towels Nail Polish 34
  36. 36. Thank you for your interest!For inquiries, please contact your GMGAccount Executive, email us or findus on Facebook and Twitter: @GrossmanMktg 35