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First Steps in Marketing a New Internet Retail
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First Steps in Marketing a New Internet Retail


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This is my presentation which I gave on Tuesday 24th May 2011 to people considering starting an Internet Retail outlet. It's a very back-to-basics show.

This is my presentation which I gave on Tuesday 24th May 2011 to people considering starting an Internet Retail outlet. It's a very back-to-basics show.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. First Steps in Marketing a New Internet Retail Outlet
    David Edmundson-Bird
    Course Director for
    Econsultancy MSc Internet Retailing &
    Econsultancy MSc Digital Marketing Communications
    Manchester Metropolitan University Business School
  • 2. First Steps in Marketing a New Internet Retail Outlet
    Get a Digital Marketing Plan
    Make yourself findable
    Encourage conversion
    Go and listen to your audience
    Go and converse with them
    Keep optimizing
    Keep socialising
    Keep analysing
    Note – this is a rapid presentation. There’s a lot of detail you’ll need to drill down to
  • 3. Plan
    Rule Number 1
    Have a digital marketing plan
    Don’t act without the plan
    Follow the plan
    Make changes to the plan as you learn
    Nothing is set in stone
  • 4. If you build it they will come
    This statement is not true
    How will they find it?
    Sure you must look good
    Sure you must have merchandise
    But it’s only the start
  • 5. Make Yourself Findable
    Key Search Engine = Google
    But 10 - 18% ave search traffic comes from Bing
    How to be findable
    Copy writing
    Pay Per Click advertising
    Link Building
    Refreshing Content
    Site Maps to Shopping.Google
    YouTube yourself
  • 6. Copywriting
    Do key phrase research
    Tools on Google Adwords, Google Wonder Wheel
    Write copy for humans to read
    Don’t just write for Google
    Make sure your copy contains the key phrases
    Make sure key phrases turn up in links and images
    Make sure SKUs are key phrases
  • 7. Pay Per Click
    Use PPC to drive early traffic to your new site
    Consider Brands in PPC keywords
    Use PPC to test which keywords drive traffic to your site
    Don’t bid on short keywords unless you have big pockets
  • 8. Link Building
    Encourage others to build links to your site
    Complementor businesses
    Google is not keen on bought links
    Your competitors might grass you up
  • 9. Refreshing Content
    Keep your content changing
    Add new products all the time
    Refresh reviews
    Constantly optimize
  • 10. Google Shopping
    Regularly submit data feed of your stock via Google Merchant
    Competitive marketspace
    Do it every 24 hours
    New data feed = fresh content
    Google Shopping helps you occupy the search space
  • 11. YouTube
    Create videos of each of your products
    Create a YouTube channel
    Link to your site, embed videos in your site
    Helps occupy the Search Space
  • 12. Ebay your Redundant Stock
    If your stock ages, use eBay to sell off occasional end-of-liness
    eBay optimizes best for short, true low reserve auctions
    eBay will push traffic to your main site
    Great link building
    Don’t use eBay in place of your main retail site
    Treat it as an outlet. It has a reputation for bin ends and cheapness
  • 13. Use PayPal
    Have a main merchant services BUT
    Use Paypal to incite card-free purchase
    Vital for Under 18 purchases
    Costs similar to regular merchant services
    Has been known to double conversions
  • 14. Socialize Yourself
    Use Twitter and Facebook to see what people are talking about
    Listen first
    Use the platforms as market research
  • 15. Facebook
    Create a Fan Page
    Encourage people to talk about your products (reviews, praise and YES criticism)
    Promote new lines
    Get a “Like” button and link the site
    Keep the content fresh
    Encourage and reward sharing
  • 16. Twitter
    Use Twitter to promote new lines
    Tweet regularly and humanly
    Use twitter to manage customer service
    Signpost people to products, especially complementor products
    Talk with your customers
    Answer every “mention”
    Follow every follower
    Invest in a professional Twitter platform
  • 17. Blogging
    Keep a blog related to your retail
    Don’t just blog products, blog along the lines
    If you sell design-driven merchanise, blog about design concepts
    Use the blog to promote new lines, discuss issues and aesthetics
    Use the blog to communicate
    Don’t moderate discussion
  • 18. Analytics
    Use your analytics account
    Review data, set goals
    Constantly try and understand where your audience is coming from
    Constantly evaluate your competitors links and performance
  • 19. In Summary
    1st Write your Digital Marketing Plan
    2nd Make yourself found on Search
    3rd Make sure you encourage conversion
    4th Listen to your audience
    5th Talk to your customers
    6th Never stop optimizing
    7th Never stop socialising
    8th Never stop analysing
  • 20. Say Hello
    T: @groovegenerator
    0161 247 4603