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Groom X Intro

  1. 1. APPEARANCE BEHAVIOUR COMMUNICATION DEVELOPMENTClothes and manners do not make True test of character is not how Good communication does notthe man; but, when he is made, mean that you have to speak in Empower the confidence in much we know how to do, but howthey greatly improve his perfectly formed sentences. Simple you. we behave when we dont knowappearance. what to do. and clear go a long way. GROOMING• ETIQUETTE • SALES• PERSONA• TRANSFORMATION• CAREER DEVELOPMENT
  2. 2. GROOMX ABOUTUS? GroomX Finishing Academy goes far beyond the strict rules of etiquette and offers a fresh TM approach to contemporary social skills and image management. We teach how best to evaluate each social and business circumstance and to respond with appropriate dress and behavior depending on a variety of cultural considerations. GroomX focuses on using image as an effective communication tool to develop a personal and professional image brand.India’s leading etiquette and protocol company, offers instruction of the highest quality to corporations,businesses, front-line sales representatives, managers, entrepreneurs, new employees, and individualswishing to enhance their professional and social imageYou can view our website here: GROOMING• ETIQUETTE • SALES• PERSONA• LIFE TRANSFORMATION 2 of 12
  3. 3. SERVICESO ? WHAT WE D These are few of the courses/modules we offer:  HOSPITALITY  NLP  DISCOVERING YOU  HOUSEWIVES  BRIDE/ GROOM  CHILDREN  TABLE MANNERS  ENTRPRENUER  CORPORATE  LIFESKILSS  RJ TRAINING  POWER DRESSING  CAREER  FRESHERS  FASHION  SALES/MARKETING MODULES TRAINERS WHY US?GroomX Finishing Academy has over 15 GroomX has world class trainers pan Training with GroomX will helpmodules covering every individual India, who are specialized in their develop lasting results to manageworking / non working. expertise. Trainers at GroomX are your image. GroomX provides• Fees above Rs.5000/- selected carefully and have a informative and interactive training• Age: Above 7 years minimum experience of 5 years. programs using case studies,• Customized Modules & sessions as per Trainers help groom, people into a activites, roleplays, video based the requirement. better environment. training & management games. GROOMING• ETIQUETTE • SALES• PERSONA• LIFE TRANSFORMATION 3 of 12
  4. 4. BRIDE /IGROOM R E M A R R I A G E ! COUNSEL NG? BEFO MODULEA lot of time and money is spent on planning a marriage. But sometimes, the basic requirement of agirl/guy to prepare and embrace a new set of family, friends and relatives is forgotten. At GroomX the Bride& Groom module is a useful and well-thought training programme to guide every couple become a lifestylepartner rather than a mere life partner, and enjoy a long and happy married life. GROOMING• ETIQUETTE • SALES• PERSONA• LIFE TRANSFORMATION 4 of 12
  5. 5. FRESHERS O NJOBTSEEKER MODULE CONFUSED? C / TAC US!In this module, you will learn many skills that employers find valuable. You can use this information to find andkeep that great job. Everyone has a different personality and has a different way of thinking, planning,socializing, working and not one particular type is “correct”. Once we understand why people do what they do,we become better able to overlook differences. The point is, there are many different ways to learn and noparticular way is the “right” way. People are different…Different is good! GROOMING• ETIQUETTE • SALES• PERSONA• LIFE TRANSFORMATION 5 of 12
  6. 6. SALES N CMARKETINGTMODULECONFIDE / E ! PERSONALI Y! The modern sales manager has a range of roles, each important, each different and often competing, understanding those roles and balancing their demands is the key to success in the competitive world of selling and sales management. GROOMING• ETIQUETTE • SALES• PERSONA• LIFE TRANSFORMATION 6 of 12
  7. 7. CORPORATE MODULE!YOU LIKE IT? CONTACT US Every company incurs two types of costs – visible and invisible. By imparting soft skills training, we help companies to control invisible costs. These Courses are specifically customized and targeted to three segments. •Senior Management. Senior Executives, Managing Directors, General Managers. •Middle managers, Departmental or Line Managers, Supervisors. •Frontline and other operational staff. GROOMING• ETIQUETTE • SALES• PERSONA• LIFE TRANSFORMATION 7 of 12
  8. 8. CORPORATE MODULE!YOU LIKE IT? CONTACT USBenefits: Layout: Develop your Employees in whatever capacity Time & Stress Management Brand for :they work, commercial sense in Effective Employee Engagementthem is most important. Our Assertion Skills Performancetraining programmes are aimed at Team Building Managementbringing commercial sense among Behaviour Management or Interpersonal Change Managementyour staff members. Skills Quality Career Development of your Subordinates Though duration of training Team Leadership/ Organisational Policies & Proceduresprogrammes is short, these Leadership External Reputationprogrammes have been developed How to share your Wisdom? Customer Focusafter years of research and are Behavioural Interviewing Skills Competitionbeing improvised continually. Impacting Presentations Culture Change Business Writing for Managers Businesses of 21st century Transaction Analysisdemand creation of knowledge Negotiating Skillsrepositories. By training your staff, Effective Selling Skillsyou will be able to expand How to Build Organisational Cultureknowledge base of your Professional Conduct & Etiquettesemployees. E-mail Etiquettes Connectivity and Interactivity Superior Customer Service Effective Managerial Skills GROOMING• ETIQUETTE • SALES• PERSONA• LIFE TRANSFORMATION 8 of 12
  9. 9. DINING A N N E R S ! TABLE M ETIQUETEE What you learn? • Table manners • Understanding silverware • Understanding glassware • Formal table setting • Casual table setting • Etiquette for buffet • Etiquettes at restaurants and handling staff • Handling difficult to eat food • Wine etiquette(basics) More than 50% of All Business is Finalized at the Dining Table. Among other things, business meals are used in getting to know a client, deciding to become abusiness partner in a venture, networking, and signing the contract. What does that mean? Your employees’ manners are on display at the dining table and its a reflection of your company. GROOMING• ETIQUETTE • SALES• PERSONA• LIFE TRANSFORMATION 9 of 12
  10. 10. SPECIFIC MODULESGROOMXChildren Etiquette & Manners Hospitality Elegant Housewife GroomX aspires to boost the self esteemThe course is designed specially for 7yrs This Comprehensive and interactive of every lady by enriching them with alland above kids, to give them self program addresses the training needs of the knowledge required her them to takeconfidence. Every parent wants their the staff at every level, understanding on the world confidently.children to look their best, respect others better the complex in hotel industry. To emboss the charisma of everymaintain etiquette because children Learning useful new sales strategies. housewife we have initiated GroomXrepresent parents. Finishing Academy. GROOMING• ETIQUETTE • SALES• PERSONA• LIFE TRANSFORMATION 10 of 12
  11. 11. THE M XGROO A,B,C. Why This Module? The whole idea to deliver this training is to make each and every individual express more confident in any given scenario they come across and prepare them for the next level. GroomX helps you to cut through the entire barrier and stand up on own. And A-Appearance. B- Behavior. C-Communication. stand out in the crowd. Etiquette, manners, and cross cultural or intercultural communication have become critical elements required for alltoday. The very first look of an individual gives an idea how well maintained and well-dignified the person is and what kind of personality he/she possess. GROOMING• ETIQUETTE • SALES• PERSONA• LIFE TRANSFORMATION 11 of 12