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    Reported Speech 11 Reported Speech 11 Presentation Transcript

    • Reported Speech Prepared by: Alejandra Aguero Ortega 11th Graders 2008
    • Reported Speech
      • There are two ways to report:
      • Directly (with quotations)
      • Rachel: “I’m very sad.”
      • Indirectly (paraphrasing)
      • Rachel said that she was very sad.
    • Changing Tenses Would, might, could, had to Will, may, can, must Past Perfect Simple Past, Present Perfect, Past Perfect Past Perfect Progressive Present Perfect Progressive Past Progressive Present Progressive Simple Past Simple Present Reported Speech Form in Direct Speech
    • Reporting Verbs
    • Reporting Verbs
      • The most frequently use verbs to report speech are: tell and say.
      • You normally use the simple past form of each verb to report.
      • However, if you use the reporting verb in present, you must use the verb in present too.
    • Tell
      • Use tell when you include the listener.
      • Example:
      • I told my mother (that) Rachel was very sad.
    • Say
      • When you use say you do not include the listener.
      • Example:
      • Rachel said (that) she was very sad.
    • Orders and Requests
      • We can use the structure tell/ask someone to do something.
      • Examples:
      • “ Please, move this car.”
      • A policeman told me to move the car.
      • “ Would you mind turning the music down?”
      • We asked our neighbors to turn the music down.
    • Questions
    • -Wh Questions
      • We report questions with ask.
      • Examples:
      • “When did you start acting, Melissa?”
      • Gary asked Melissa when she had started acting.
      • “What’s the time?”
      • I asked the boy what the time was.
    • Yes/No Questions
      • “Has the taxi arrive yet?”
      • Someone asked me if the taxi had arrived yet.
      • “Can we take pictures?”
      • The tourists asked if they could take pictures.
    • Practice “ I have read four books.”
    • “ Check the newspaper today. It is interesting”
    • “ I was drunk so I called a friend to come and pick me up.”
    • “ I am hiding from the police. Can you help me?”
    • “ Why is the baby crying?”
    • “ Mom, can you feed the cat? ”
    • “ I feel so lonely. ”