Vehicle Leasing Finance Conference Brochure


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Brochure for the Vehicle Leasing Finance conference

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Vehicle Leasing Finance Conference Brochure

  1. 1. Vehicle Leasing Finance Delegate InformatIon November 3rd 2009 Lancaster London Supported by
  2. 2. VehIcle leaSIng fInance 3.11.2009 Welcome I am very pleased to welcome you to the Vehicle Leasing Finance Conference, an event which is the first initiative for the Vehicle Leasing and Major Fleet Advisory Forum which DrIVe Software Solutions and our partners at Oracle were very pleased to facilitate when it was first mooted earlier this year. The event today has been put together as a response to the dramatically changed financial climate which has had such significant impact on the whole vehicle leasing industry. As a company which provides systems to more international leasing operations than any other, our business is strategically aligned with the interests of leasing companies here in the UK, across eMeA, as well as in the Americas and Australasia. With that in mind, our hope is that today’s event will create more light than heat and that our speakers and panelists will provide some new and useful insights. When the idea of today’s event was first proposed, we asked about the key issues which were keeping you awake at night. More than that, we asked what you thought was keeping your peer group leasing company directors awake at night. The number one response was: “Finance and the availability thereof.” Some people talked about finance for M&A purposes and some talked about trade or asset finance. The general economic outlook figured highly with the prognosis for vehicle residual values high on the agenda. Interestingly, issues around the availability of finance and residual values were linked for many with a growing desire among your customers, the large corporate fleets, to run zero emission vehicles. It seems that UK plc wants to run zero emission buses and delivery vehicles, and it wants the vehicle leasing sector to take three, Not only can we five or even ten-year residual value bets on relatively early stage and rapidly evolving technologies. make your fleet do a In order to help tackle these complex issues we are very pleased to be presenting you with a line-up of disappearing act, speakers and panelists who have proven knowledge and world-class experience in these areas. On behalf of all connected with the event and our sponsors grs, Auto Windscreens and TomTom WOrK, who have we’ll help maximise helped make the event possible, I do hope you will find the day productive and that you will come away feeling it was a genuinely useful experience. your profits too. SImon WeSt-olIVer DrIVe SALeS AND MArKeTINg DIreCTOr We can take care of all your de-fleet requirements from vehicle collection, appraisal and refurbishment through to the eventual sale. Each car is discreetly and efficiently dispersed into the market, protecting residual values and maximising the profitability of your assets. And with our services being used by many of the country’s largest fleets over the last 15 years, we’re perfectly placed to magic it all away. Welcome to the easy way. Call Theo Kortland, Business Development Director on 01743 281 800 or visit 3
  3. 3. VehIcle leaSIng fInance 3.11.2009 Speakers george grant KINgSLey FINANCIAL chrIS Sutton LLOyDS bANKINg grOUp ASSeT FINANCe george has 30 years experience in finance and insurance, the first ten of which were in sales and the last 20 Chris has been in banking for over 30 years, having originally joined Midland bank (pre HSbC) on their in senior management positions. He began in direct sales, selling consumer finance and insurance products sponsored graduate programme. He later moved to TSb, now part of Lloyds banking group. Having had for one of the UK’s pioneers of telemarketing, North West Securities, a subsidiary of the bank of Scotland. a broad range of roles during his career, primarily in UK retail banking, he has held a number of senior george gained experience in motor finance at british Credit Trust which then managed Honda Finance. executive positions in the last 15 years in the retail branch network of LloydsTSb and its UK private banking arm. prior to joining black Horse, he was responsible for Lloyds TSb’s expatriate banking business, with staff Identifying the growth in contract hire and leasing during the late 1980s, george started his own company, around the world in places such as Hong Kong, Dubai, South Africa and the US. Chris has been Managing grant Leasing (Northern) Ltd, running his business for seven years before rejoining North West Securities. Director of black Horse Motor Finance since June 2008. At North West Securities, george set up Freeway Limited, a new concept in consumer car purchase. In Chris has two children, is a keen barnsley fan and lives near edinburgh, where he persists in vain attempts to 1997 he was asked to head NWS Contracts, its contract hire business, then 38th in the FN40. Over the next improve his golf handicap. nine years the business changed its name and was marketed first as Capital Vehicle Management and then bank of Scotland Vehicle Management. The business grew and took its place in the top ten industry leaders and on May 31st 2006 it merged with Lex Vehicle leasing to become the industry number one. george then moved to head up the bank of Scotland motor finance business, Capital bank Motor, where he stayed until its recent merger with Lloyds banking group. george took responsibility for the fleet funding team in 2004. This team managed a lending portfolio of over £1billion in the independent contract hire and rental sector. He has also been a member of the boards of joint venture companies including Motability Operations plc, renault Financial Services, International Motors Finance and Inchcape Financial Services. He now works in private equity with Kingsley Financial Ltd. His first investment is in a compliance business called He has also studied leadership and strategy at Ashridge business School. JameS comrIe DAWSON reNTAL FINANCe DereK SoPer IAA ADVISOry James is currently Head of Specialist Funding at Dawsonrental Finance part of Dawsongroup plc. He has Derek brings more than four decades of experience in global leasing and asset finance, banking and over 16 years experience in the fleet financing sector, possessing an in-depth understanding of the systems financial services to IAA. Few can match his experience and expertise in international leasing operations. and risk management processes required to manage a successful fleet funding operation Over the years, Derek has worked with companies at all stages of development and maturity. He has He also has a strong track record in the fleet funding industry, and possesses strong relationships with the launched and managed de novo start-ups as well as a large number of leasing and financing companies in majority of CH companies. James was responsible for successfully establishing A&L as a top three funder various parts of the world. He has successfully navigated the complex world of mergers and acquisitions within five years, a role which included: and the subsequent re-engineering and consolidation of business operations. He has also amassed • Incorporation of the new wholesale fleet division – including new process documents systems and staff extensive experience in structured finance, project and tax-based funding activities as well as substantial • recruitment and training of key staff vendor financing knowledge. • Setting up 60 new revolving wholesale fleet accounts • growing the business to a book size of £800m Derek is the founding director of numerous successful leasing companies, including AT&T Capital in • Since joining Dg he has already implemented a successful own-book fleet funding operation, and has europe and Asia, barclays, Kleinwort benson and the Midland bank. He has wide-ranging contacts and been given the responsibility for establishing a new wholesale funding scheme to significantly grow Dg keen industry intelligence built through decades of networking with the top executives in the international market share. banking and leasing industry. He has served as Chairman of the UK equipment Leasing Association (now the Finance & Leasing Association) and was a member of the Council of Leaseurope, the Industry Future Council of the equipment Leasing and Finance Association of America and the Finance House Association of Hong Kong. Derek is a Fellow of the UK Institute of Directors and a Freeman of the City of London Derek returned to the UK from Hong Kong in 1998 and established The Alta group consultancy in europe where he served as a principal and then as Chairman. Immediately prior to his return he was responsible for the establishment of a network of companies for AT&T Capital in China, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Singapore. He has served as an advisor to the boards of several large financial institutions and banks. 4 5
  4. 4. VehIcle leaSIng fInance 3.11.2009 Speakers profile martIn DraKe DrIVe SOFTWAre SOLUTIONS grs Managing Director of DrIVe Software Solutions, Martin’s IT career spans nearly 30 years. A science degree established in 1995, and part of the greenhous group, grs pioneered vehicle remarketing in the UK and is at Leeds University, followed by solid grounding as a programmer and database analyst with Honeywell bull, today still the leader in this field, employing over 150 people. Last year grs remarketed over 30,000 vehicles. led him into senior sales and account management with major corporates and the public sector. A risk management partner to the automotive industry, grs’ innovative approach is increasingly becoming In 1990 Martin was part of the management team that acquired FCS Computer Services from the recently part of fully integrated de-fleeting strategies, used by vendors keen to manage their operating costs, reduce privatised National Freight Consortium, where as Head of Sales and Marketing, Martin established FCS and risks and enhance the bottom line. grs offers a number of strategic management options for de-fleeting its Servitor product as a leading supplier to the Direct Services Organisations within Local government. including underwriting residual value, outright purchase or acting as an agent. The success of the Servitor product and the expertise gained in the creation of software to manage Local grs’ expert staff and dedicated sales force create tailored solutions to help companies quickly remarket their government fleet requirements led to the creation of the initial DrIVe Fleet Management Software product. cars and commercial vehicles to achieve the best possible values. by employing the best people in the industry, and with access to more than 12,000 automotive retailers throughout the UK, the company is able In 2002 together with fellow Director Lorrie rodia, Martin was responsible for acquiring and providing to ensure that any vehicles are dispersed into the market discreetly and efficiently. additional financing and support to purchase FCS Computer Services and to create DrIVe Software Solutions, a privately owned UK business dedicated to the delivery of vehicle management, contract grs offers a full service, from collection and vehicle appraisal through to inspection, refurbishment, valet and management and leasing solutions to owners of large fleets of vehicles and complex assets. storage at its modern, purpose-built logistics centre in the Midlands. DrIVe Software Solutions Ltd is the creator and supplier of the DrIVe Fleet Management and Leasing Spread across 36 acres, the centre has the facility to store up to 4500 vehicles. These are inspected and Software product – a single generic product that can support vehicle management requirements worldwide. appraised within four hours of arrival and an estimate for any repairs generated. This speed of service The product, Martin’s brainchild, represents over 150 man-years of effort by DSSL development staff. positively impacts on customers’ bottom lines by reducing the time it takes for a vehicle to come to market. everything is driven by technology. At every stage, the customer can be in the driving seat, having 24/7 web The DrIVe product is currently installed worldwide on four continents with clients in Australia, Africa, North portal access to any information about the vehicles in their fleet, whether it’s three or 3000 vehicles. America and mainland europe as well as a number of prominent private and public sector users in the UK. For more information contact grs on 01743 281800 or visit chrIS BerrIDge pANeLTex After completing an honours degree in mechanical engineering with business economics at Surrey University, Chris joined Unilever as an engineering Management Trainee in 1981. A specialisation in manufacturing engineering led him some years later into the world of commercial vehicles and, ultimately, to found paneltex Ltd in 1991. Dedicated to making products to meet the needs of the new food safety legislation of the early 1990s, paneltex today operates four UK manufacturing sites building a wide range of refrigerated and multi-temperature delivery vans, specialised vehicles and containers. Chris believes strongly that many urban delivery vehicles can and should be battery electric driven. Two years ago, paneltex formed a joint venture company with vehicle management specialist VMS Fleet Management to develop and market a range of battery delivery vehicles under the Zeroed brand. Working closely with Isuzu UK, the company now has product available for market. passionate about anything on wheels, Chris lists the restoration and driving of vintage cars among his various practical hobbies, and can usually be found at weekends getting his hands dirty somewhere. 6 7
  5. 5. VehIcle leaSIng fInance 3.11.2009 Speakers charleS taYlor IAA ADVISOry Charles Taylor, IAA Director, banking and private equity, has 35 years’ experience in the finance and banking industries with particular expertise in leasing and asset and business finance. He is an accomplished strategist, adept at identifying a business’s drivers, its competitive advantage and place in the market, while charting a course for future growth and success. He enjoys direct involvement in a project and this has led to numerous chairman and non-executive board positions. He is based in the North West, within a short distance of Manchester Airport and the UK rail and motorway network. Charles has a distinguished career working with major banks – The royal bank of Scotland, bank of Scotland, bank Austria, Alliance & Leicester, girobank and Sovereign Finance – where he held executive roles with profit responsibility in excess of £100 million per annum. His ability to turn around losses is illustrated in his previous role as Managing Director of Sovereign Finance, where he turned losses of £145m into a £7m profit and then sold the business to Alliance & Leicester. Charles ran Sovereign for A&L after the sale, increased its profit to over £20m and also became Managing Director of girobank and Commercial banking Director for A&L, achieving profits of circa £100m. Charles has advised on and arranged the raising of equity finance, including a listing on the AIM market, and has expertise in the disposal of non-key subsidiaries. He has successfully concluded numerous and diverse financial projects for banks and commercial businesses. Charles has extensive contacts and has held numerous leadership positions in the Finance & Leasing Association, including Chairman of the Asset Finance Division. He is a Chartered Accountant (Scotland). QuentIn BoYD LCF rOTHSCHILD Quentin boyd is a Director of Corporate Finance at LCF rothschild. Having qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KpMg, Quentin joined LCF rothschild in 1990. Since then he has been heavily involved in the development of LCF rothschild’s corporate finance business with a particular focus on automotive- related financial and support services businesses. The lead advisory role on the management buy-in of the port of bristol provided an early introduction to finished vehicle logistics and this was followed by a similar role on the equally successful management buyout of Walon. Other assignments have included the sale of british Car rental to europcar, the sale of Warranty Direct to Cardif pinnacle and, more recently, the sale of Camden Fleet Solutions to paragon. Unsurprisingly, much of LCF rothschild’s current work is focussed on helping banks dispose of non-core assets. 8
  6. 6. VehIcle leaSIng fInance 3.11.2009 profile Speakers auto WInDScreenS JaSon green prICeWATerHOUSe COOperS During its 38 years in business, Auto Windscreens has established itself as the leading supplier of partner at pricewaterhouseCoopers, Jason green has 15 years’ experience in investment appraisal, banking automotive glazing services to the fleet industry. From cars, vans, buses and coaches to HgV, plant, and debt advisory. prior to joining pwC in 2001, Jason was a structured finance banker with The royal bank agricultural, rail and even marine vehicles and equipment, Auto Windscreens has the resources, skill base of Scotland and National Australia bank. and experience to replace virtually any glass. Jason’s varied experience includes lead arranging and participating in commercial bank debt transactions, established in 1971, the Company recently reclaimed its independence following its sale at the end of 2008. acting as agent in the syndicated loans market, advising on debt capital markets transactions, The launch of the all new Auto Windscreens brand followed shortly after, including a new logo, corporate securitisations/monetisations and leases and advising on ‘distress’ refinancing/restructurings. colour (blue) and three sub brands – Specialist glazing, Innovation and Training and Manufacturing. Since joining pwC, Jason has advised many corporate and financial sponsors seeking implementation Auto Windscreens’ 24/7, 365 days a year national service is provided through a UK-based contact centre advice (for refinancings, restructurings, acquisitions, disposals), or advice on buy and sell-side equity in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, a true UK-wide network of fitting centres, which is supported by a fleet of fully- valuation matters. Through this experience, Jason has a deep knowledge of funding markets. Jason is equipped mobile units. The company boasts the UK’s largest all-weather fleet thanks to the unique canopy currently working on a number of transactions in the automotive financing space. van, which allows mobile windscreen replacements to be completed even during wet weather. Also, Auto Windscreens is the only automotive glazing services company to manufacture its own windscreens – around half the amount it replaces each year – giving it total control of the supply chain. The capability of Auto Windscreens’ sub brands coupled with its brand values – Integrity, Innovation and professionalism – lets the marketplace know that Auto Windscreens is clearly different to the competition. For further information about Auto Windscreens services for fleets, call 01246 223129 or visit JeremY goulD TOMTOM WOrK Jeremy gould is Country Manager UK & rOI at TomTom WOrK, the business-to-business division of TomTom, the world’s leading portable navigation solutions provider. Jeremy joined TomTom in 2004 as Automotive Channel Manager, and helped to secure TomTom’s position as the leading satellite navigation provider in the UK. In 2006 he joined the newly created TomTom WOrK, and has successfully launched and positioned TomTom WOrK as a premier telematics provider in the UK. Jeremy has extensive knowledge of the navigation and automotive industries, working with major automotive OeMs and navigation device manufacturers during his time at ViaMichelin and Avon Automotive in France. 10 11
  7. 7. VehIcle leaSIng fInance 3.11.2009 Speakers profile JulIan roSe FLA DrIVe Julian rose is Head of Asset Finance at the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA), the leading trade DrIVe Software Solutions is a british company and leading Oracle partner providing market leading association for the asset, consumer and motor finance sectors in the UK. A chartered management Software for the management of vehicles and complex assets worldwide. The DrIVe Vehicle Leasing and accountant, he started his career in industry with NCr Computers and United parcel Service. At UpS’s Fleet Management software is used worldwide on four continents. european head office he carried out financial analysis for acquisitions of parcel operators in Spain and the Netherlands, and implemented a new european shipment costing system. DrIVe is implemented in the US, Africa and Australia as well as installations in the UK and mainland europe. The DrIVe software provides support for operators and users of large fleets of vehicles and other complex He became a management consultant with price Waterhouse and KpMg, specialising in cost management assets. DrIVe is used by public utilities, emergency services, telecoms providers plus global contract hire techniques and systems. From consulting Julian moved to the Competition Commission, where he carried and leasing companies with significantly more complex requirements than conventional corporate fleets. out industry analysis for the regulator’s investigations into mobile phone termination charges and extended warranties. He then went to the Financial reporting Council, the regulator of the accountancy, audit and Not only are these large fleets composed of tens of thousands of cars, LCVs and HgVs, but also bespoke actuarial professions. custom vehicles, items of heavy plant, power generation units, ships and even aircraft. The DrIVe software recognises that in contract hire and leasing companies this complexity is further compounded by the Julian joined the FLA in May 2008 where he leads policy development and lobbying on behalf of members requirement of service level agreements (SLAs) specific to individual customers and different tax and providing equipment (including commercial vehicle) leases and hire purchase to businesses. regulatory regimes that exist worldwide. built around the Oracle Database Software, DrIVe has the scalability and flexibility to absorb the impact of growth whether organic or by merger and acquisition. The ability to import new data quickly and accurately via the ‘Contract Loader’ for existing contracts and other more specific loaders, combined with the application of the correct SLA, is a key tenet of the DrIVe system. DrIVe software is fully web enabled and allows the users to take full advantage of economies and efficiencies available in the internet age. Importing data quickly and accurately is one thing but extracting it as actionable intelligence is the key to successful management. The DrIVe system delivers this key information to management and users, thereby empowering DrIVe users to make informed strategic and commercial decisions. theo KortlanD grs Contact DrIVe Software Solutions on +44 (0) 1438 317731 or see Theo is an MbA graduate with commercial analysis, risk management and business development experience. He has more than 20 years’ automotive and financial services experience gained from a number of high profile, pan-european roles at gMAC in the UK, germany and the Netherlands. before leaving gMAC, he was Chief Operating Officer and european project Director, in addition to spending three years as managing director of gMAC UK based in Cardiff. Multilingual (French, Dutch, german and english), Theo has a deep knowledge of the automotive industry in areas such as business development, change management, marketing strategy and planning, sales and global team management. Theo joined grs as business Development Director in January 2008. He continues to expand the company’s core business – automotive remarketing – while developing new business areas. 12 13
  8. 8. VehIcle leaSIng fInance 3.11.2009 profile Speakers tomtom WorK nIgel DaVIeS AUTO WINDSCreeNS TomTom WOrK provides a range of easy-to-use, affordable fleet management solutions to commercial Following its sale late last year, the former Kwik-Fit Sales Director was appointed Sales and Marketing fleets. Our mission is to provide businesses with a smart solution to run a more efficient and greener fleet, Director at the automotive glazing services company, Auto Windscreens. Having left Kwik-Fit in 2006, Nigel while reducing their costs and providing a better service to their customers. spent 2007 and early 2008 as the CeO of pirtek europe. His appointment at Auto Windscreens earlier this year marked the return of one of the fleet industry’s most well-known characters. The range starts with vehicle tracking and can be upgraded to a Connected Navigation solution, which allows companies to send jobs directly to the TomTom in-cab device. As a leasing industry supplier coupled with a career spanning more than 15 years, Nigel has witnessed first-hand the changes within the contract hire and fleet management industry due to the effects of the TomTom WOrK continues to innovate in both operational excellence and product development, and challenging economic climate and the polarisation of the major players; all of which have combined to give has recently launched a new portable tracking, messaging and navigation device as well as a dedicated leasing companies more spending power than ever before. navigation system for trucks. As a key member of the leadership team, Nigel is working to shape the all-new Auto Windscreens to ensure For more information visit it meets both the technological and financial needs of the vehicle leasing industry. mIKe grIffIthS bLACK HOrSe FLeeT FINANCe SIM Mike has over 30 years experience in the asset finance industry, and for the last 20 years has been with the Lloyds banking group having previously been with Forward Trust group. During this time Mike has developed a broad range of skills and wealth of experience across sales, business development, credit, marketing and strategy. prior to his current role as Head of Fleet and Major groups, since 2001 Mike managed black Horse Fleet Finance.During this time the business grew by over 10 per cent per annum. In his current role, Mike leads a TomTom WEBFLEET TomTom LINK 300 sales team providing specialist fleet funding and motor retail finance for large national motor groups. Mike has a proven track record of exceeding targets and is committed to delivering a high level of customer service to the company’s diverse customer base. TomTom GO 7000 14 15
  9. 9. VehIcle leaSIng fInance 3.11.2009 Funding Survey 16 17
  10. 10. VehIcle leaSIng fInance 3.11.2009 WWW.EVENTSANDPUBLISHING.COM Funding Survey Conferences and Websites Seminars and Magazines SUMMER 2009 Networking and Reports Launches and Brochures Dinners and Blogs Exhibitions and Advertorials WELCOME p2 p3 p4 Functions and E-bulletins Awards and Sponsorship The customer is king SLAs Belgacom Receptions and Advertising FUTURE PROOFING Meetings and Design FLEET SYSTEMS 5. Hospitality and Newsletters 10. Presentations and Mail-shots Ten essential checkpoints: 6. 1. 2. Handshakes and Business cards 3. 7. There is a quicker and Shows and Proposals easier answer... 4. 8. Simon West-Oliver, DRIVE Sales & Marketing Director 9. DRIVE TALK 1 for you Events and Publishing 18
  11. 11. VehIcle leaSIng fInance 3.11.2009 Advisory gorDon lYSter eVeNTS AND pUbLISHINg SImon WeSt-olIVer DrIVe SOFTWAre SOLUTIONS Managing Director of business media specialists events and publishing, gordon Lyster has a long DrIVe Sales and Marketing Director, Simon West-Oliver is a renowned fleet industry IT expert with over 21 association with the fleet/automotive sector, variously managing well-known media brands including Fleet years of experience. He was responsible for launching FOCIS (Fleet Operators Computerised Information News, AM (Automotive Management) and Car where he devised and executed campaigns for major global System) in 1988, which dominated the standalone micro-based solutions space in the early years of the corporates and specialist niche brands across both trade and consumer media. development of such systems. His deep experience of electronic media as well as live events, combined with the knowledge that traditional With Tektronix and then the euro group, West-Oliver pioneered some of the most successful early telematics media was changing radically, led to the formation of events and publishing which he describes as a new devices and fuel management solutions. kind of media company. Talking about the company he says: “Although as a team we do consulting work for established publishing companies and other media owners, events and publishing primarily works Simon joined FCS Computer Services in 1996 to launch the DrIVe product. He took a sabatical to join with companies who want to do their own thing and create genuinely professional newsletters, websites, the supply chain dotcom boom in 1999, becoming Sales and Marketing Director for Kewill/Swisslog and conferences and so on as part of their marketing communications.” eventually became Managing Director of ObS. recent projects include: the Vehicle Leasing Finance Conference sponsored by Auto Windscreens, DrIVe, In 2003 Simon returned to help DrIVe grow its global presence. Since then DrIVe has become the market grs and TomTom; DrIVe Talk newsletter; the Conference and events Industry get-Together business leader in the large/complex fleet arena and is now used by more of the world’s leading vehicle leasing networking events series; and the creation of the eventful Times on/off-line publication for the Association of companies, utilities and telecoms fleets than any other. Conferences and events. educated at Keio University in Japan and a former three-times european karate champion, Simon is famous for his unique approach to software sales. garY JefferIeS experTeye DereK WeBB NICHOLAS bUSINeSS ADVISOrS gary leads the commercial affairs of experteye, an international consultancy specialising in benchmarking Derek Webb has worked in the motor vehicle industry for the last 40 years. From an apprentice motor and performance development for the finance, leasing, and fleet sectors. mechanic in 1965 to showroom salesman then on to dealership manager, and for the last 20 years in board positions with major blue chip contract hire and vehicle finance companies. Derek has been involved in prior to experteye, gary held various roles in automotive, starting over 19 years ago in finance and leasing several company takeovers, mergers and acquisitions, both from the inside and out. He is well-known, in the UK within Standard Chartered’s ACL. He went on to become Head of business Development for INg trusted and respected throughout the industry. Car Lease UK and then general Manager for a division of Abbey National’s First National Vehicle Holdings. In 2000, gary joined JATO Dynamics as Head of Sales, responsible for JATO’s global sales activities. As well as operating a successful consultancy, Nicholas business Advisors Ltd – business partner sourcing, acquisition, MbOs and MbIs to the automotive sector – Derek also heads up automotive recruitment firm, More recently gary was a founder member, group Sales & Marketing Director and UK MD for rOADTODATA Nicholas recruitment Ltd, offering recruitment solutions to major industry partners. His vast experience of Ag a business set up to compete with JATO in the area of pricing data research and competitive analysis for the car industry together with his warm, approachable manner make him a pleasure to work with. the global OeM community. This business was sold to rL polk in 2008. gary also has experience in automotive franchise development and after-sales marketing programmes. gary holds a diploma in Marketing and is also a member of the Institute of Credit Management. 20 21
  12. 12. VehIcle leaSIng fInance 3.11.2009 Advisory GO 9000 The Sat Nav which means business Jonathan moSleY eSpere Jonathan Mosley is managing director of espere Marketing Services – a marketing consultancy and support firm that has been specialising in the fleet sector for a decade. Having worked in the fleet market for 20 years, formally in senior fleet-sector marketing roles, Jonathan started espere in 2000 and is very well respected in this arena. Over the years espere has helped several of the FN50 leasing companies, as well as other businesses that provide products and services into the fleet sector – such as driver training providers, telematics, fleet consultants and so on. NEW Jonathan classes espere as being at the ‘business end’ of marketing. rather than simply being a traditional agency, espere looks at fleet sector marketing strategies and tactics that demonstrate a tangible commercial impact and a measurable return on investment. espere has many case studies which support how well its approach works. As well as running espere, Jonathan is also Director of Sales and Marketing at e-Training World – the online driver risk management and e-driver training specialists who, this year, won the business Car Techies Award for best risk Management System. Create mileage reports easily – cut your admin time, choose between business and private mileage. chrIS WaKleY AUTOMOTIVe pr Manage contracted drivers and temporary Chris Wakley is a founder director of Automotive pr, the UK’s leading automotive media relations agency. fleets – the GO 9000 is fully portable requiring The company develops and implements pr programmes for some of the world’s leading automotive no installation; essential when drivers and companies including general Motors, DAF, bosch and Ferrari. vehicles change frequently. Apr is currently establishing an automotive pr agency in China. Chris has worked in media relations for over Keep in contact with your workforce – 30 years starting his career in the press office at the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, moving connection to the office means accurate and into consultancy work in the 1970s. up-to-date information on workflow, driver availability and position. Following a brief spell at the only Welsh specialist car company, Chris created his own independent pr consultancy in 1974 working for companies such as Avis, general electric, Visteon and the Tyre Industry Manage your fleet securely Improve customer service – get your workforce Council. In 2007 he received an award from the UK tyre industry for his contribution to promoting tyre safety. from any PC online with to your customers accurately, on-time and TomTom WEBFLEET. Easy. safely with smart navigation. Chris is a founder member of the Motor Industry public Affairs Association and served on the organisation’s committee and was treasurer for two years. Call us or visit our website to find out how the GO 9000 Sat Nav will improve your business. | 0207 255 9774 guIDe PuBlISheD BY publisher: gordon Lyster. editor: Alan Seeley. Deputy editor: Lisa Millard. production Manager: phil Long. * * * * Contact Information: phone +44 (0) 207 1938533 * email: Website: *Live Services only available with a supporting WEBFLEET subscription. Services vary per country. 22