The Sunni-Shiite conflict

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  • عرض كله أغاليط و معلومات مضروبة لا أساس لها من الصحة، أراد صاحبها الطعن في الإسلام بصورة أساسية ثم التعرض لأهل السنة و الجماعة بشكل خاص. و في هذا العرض يبدو واضحا الميل للتشيع و لا ريب أن يكون صاحب هذا العرض إما مواليا للشيعة أو مدعيا موالاتهم و هو نصراني حاقد . لا بارك الله فيك على عملك هذا و أسأل الله أن تجده في صفحتك يوم القيامة ليسود أعمالك. عليك من الله ما تستحق.
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  • The most erroneous and confused slide I have ever read about what is so-called Sunni-Shiite conflict. No wonder westerners are mocking us, because of such distortions and misconceptions revealed through the net. Uploader of this slide : You are completely wrong and misleaded!
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    PORTLAND, OR—Nearly four years into the war in Iraq, local sales representative Howard Morrison finally conceded that it was probably time to just pick up a newspaper and figure out what distinguishes Sunni Muslims from Shiite Muslims.
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  • 1. The Sunni-Shiite Conflict By Adam Fay
  • 2. The Sunni Muslims
    • Largest denomination of Islam
    • They are referred to as Ahl ul-Sunna
      • Means “People of Tradition”
    • Sunni Comes from Arabic word Sunna
      • Means the tradition of Muhammad
  • 3. Sunni Beliefs
    • Sunni 5 Pillars of Islam
      • Shahadah- Profession of faith
      • Salat- Prayer
      • Zakat- Paying of alms (giving to the poor)
      • Swam- Fasting during Ramadan
      • Hajj- Pilgrimage to Mecca
    • 6 Articles of Belief
      • Belief in God
      • Belief in all prophets
      • Belief in all the books
      • Belief in the Angels
      • Belief in the day of Judgment
      • Belief in destiny
  • 4. The Shiite Muslims
    • Second largest denomination of Islam
    • Follows strictly family of Muhammad’s teaching
    • Sunnis believe Shiites deviate from Muhammad’s teachings
  • 5.
    • Roots of Religion
      • Tawid - The oneness of God
      • Adalah - The justice of God
      • Nubuwwah- God’s prophets and messengers are perfect
      • Imamah- God appointed specific leaders
      • Qiyama- God will judge the world
    • Branches of Religion
      • Salat- 5 daily prayers
      • Swam- Fasting during the month of Ramadan
      • Hajj- The pilgrimage to Mecca
    Shiite Beliefs
  • 6.
      • Zakaat- Paying money to the poor
      • Khums- Paying 20% tax
      • Jihad- Struggle to please God
      • Amr-Bil-Ma’ruf- Enjoy the look
      • Nahi-Anil-Munkar- Forbid the evil
      • Tawalla- To love the holy family
      • Tabarra- To not associate with enemies of holy family
    Shiite Beliefs cont.
  • 7. Main Differences
    • Leading After Muhammad
      • Sunni belief in the first 4 Caliphs rightful succession to Muhammad
      • Shiite believe that heirs of 4 th Caliph only rightful successors of Muhammad
    • The next Caliph leader
      • Sunni- Next Caliphate yet to be seen in history
      • Shiite- Caliphate has been seen and will return
  • 8. Why Is There A Conflict?
    • Divide between Sunni and Shiite happened after Muhammad’s death
      • Sunni want to elect most capable of followers
      • Shiite wanted leader to stay within Muhammad’s family
    • Shiites don’t follow elected leaders of Islam
      • Follow self elected Imams said to be chosen by God
    • Sunnis are more democratic and Shiites are religiously run
  • 9. The Conflict
    • How did the violence start?
      • In 656, Ali’s supporters (Shiites) killed the third Caliph. Soon after, the Sunnis killed Ali’s son Husain.
    • Violence Broke out
      • Sunnis and Shiites fought- Sunnis won
      • After defeat Shiites focused on developing religious beliefs through Imams (descendents of Ali)
    • Ironic because both sects are considered religious brethren
      • Founded on same principles and follow many of same laws
  • 10. The Conflict Today
    • Been escalating since U.S.-Iraq war started in 2003
      • Got worse when new Iraq gov’t and constitution ratified
    • Sunnis committing mass killings of Shiites
      • Suicide bombers, car bombings, death squad killings
    • Shiite leaders urged people to stay calm even if mass killings occurred
      • Calmness ended after Sunni bombing of Shiite shrine in Samara
  • 11. The Conflict Today
    • United Nations labels Sunni-Shiite conflict in 2006 civil-war.
    • Recent study estimates 601,000 Iraqi deaths caused by conflict
      • Less than 1/3 of deaths from coalition forces
    • Many murders and killings committed by Iraqi police
      • More loyal to Shiite militias then the government
        • Shiite militias have massive power in Baghdad
      • Won’t investigate because police are ones committing crimes
  • 12. Timeline of Recent Conflict
    • 2003:
      • August 29 th , suicide car bombing of Imam Mali mosque
    • 2004:
      • February 28 th , twin suicide bombing killed 117
      • April 21 st , suicide bombing kills 73 people including 17 children
    • 2005:
      • February 28 th , suicide car bomb kills 125 in Shiite town of Hilla, deadliest single blast in Iraq history
      • September 14 th , bombing kills 114 and Sunni leader wages all out war against Shiites
    • 2006:
      • Dozens of bombings increase as violence escalates heavily
      • Curfew in place to help stop violence
  • 13. Documentary on Conflict