5.3 Produits & Services en Observation de la Terre au service de la coopération interrégionale en Europe

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  • 1. Toulouse, june 25th 2008
    • Development of Earth Observation products & services : How Galileo can help ?
    Hélène Lemonnier Head of Projects & Services
  • 2.
    • Spot Image company mission
    • Products & applications to serve inter-regional cooperation in Europe
    • Assets of Galileo for the geoinformation technologies and its users in this context
    • Conclusion
  • 3. To bring satellite imaging and geographic information solutions to private and public sector worldwide Spot Image corporate mission
  • 4. Spot Image : One Company – Four skills Operator and Distributor of Direct recevieng Stations Spot constellation Operator & in a near future Pleiades Data provider (production & distribution) Designer of solutions and value-added products SPOT1 SPOT2&3 SPOT4 SPOT5
  • 5. Strategy & Commercial Orientation PRODUCTS INFRASTRUCTURE TELEMETRY As a satellite operator for optical satellites SPOT 2 & 4 SPOT 5 Pléiades 1 & 2 ASTROTERRA / Spot 6 As a strategic partner for other satellites FORMOSAT-2 (NSPO) KOMPSAT-2 (KARI) ERS / Envisat (ESA - SARCOM) TerraSar-X (Infoterra GmbH) APPLICATIONS & SERVICES Solutions: One-Stop Shop In Partnership Defence & Security Agriculture Cartography & Cadastre Telecom Oil & Gas Maritime and many others…
  • 6.
    • Spot Image company mission
    • Products & applications to serve inter-regional cooperation in Europe
    • Assets of Galileo for the geoinformation technologies and its users
    • Conclusion
  • 7.
    • Main key-issues
      • Homogeneous dataset over large areas
      • Format/metadata compliant with standards
      • Knowledge of the product Quality & Reliability
      • Easy access to the information
    • Confidence of the users’ community  Sharing of geo-information
    • Some examples
    Products & Services to serve inter-regional cooperation
  • 8. Example 1 : Reference3D
    • a DEM package made of 3 components
    • collected by SPOT 5 HRS sensor,
    • designed for large area coverage for mapping, GIS and military needs
    Metadata Ortho Image DEM (Elevation data ) DTED2 format elevation data at 1’’ posting (~30m) PAN orthoimage with 5m resolution   Quality information layer References and exact coverage of sources (DEM and images DEM description (processing and feature masks) Confidence levels (0/1)  Without any GCP (no GPS or Galileo…) 10 m (absolute) 5 m (relative) Vertical (LE90) 15 m (absolute) 10 m (relative) Horizontal (CE90) Reference3D DEM
  • 9. HRS & Reference3D availability
    • Availability of data: > 100 M sqkm
    • Availability of ref3D dataset : > 30 Msqkm
  • 10.
    • 2.5 m natural-colour orthoimage , seamless at national scale
      • Off-the-self products
      • Applications : geographic reference for visualization, mapping and planning
    Example 2 : SPOTMaps  Without any GCP (no GPS or Galileo…)
  • 11. SPOTMaps © CNES 2004-2007 / Spot Image Lisbonne, Portugal
  • 12. PARAGE Project (2006-2007) : interregional cooperation for assessing environmental impacts in the French West Indies & French Guyana Guadeloupe Evaluation of agricultural pressure over protected environments Martinique Soil erosion risk assessment French Guiana Deforestation monitoring for slash-and-burn agriculture
    • 3 regions with different issues
    • A common tool to share geoinformation
  • 13. Martinique: “La Baie du Robert” SPOT image from 14-Nov-2006 © CNES, Distribution Spot Image
  • 14. Martinique: map products derived from satellite images
    • Satellite image classification (14-Nov-2006)
    © CNES, Distribution Spot Image => Integrated in the GIS prototype for Geo-Indicator calculation… Processing CIRAD
  • 15. PARAGE GIS prototype http://parage.sigbea.fr
  • 16. Martinique: GeoInd. calculation with PARAGE GIS Prototype
  • 17.
    • Satellite based geoinformation has developed its own processing chain to avoid carrying on ground survey campaigns & to map any place in the world…
    • So what do we do with ?
      • Geoinformation market is a mature market, The user’s requirements are :
      •  More accuracy ! More reactivity !
      •  More Value-added information (combination with in-situ data) & location based services (GoogleEarth, car navigation, etc.)
    So what …
  • 18.
    • SPOT 5 2.5m resolution = 10-15 m without GCP
    • With Galileo = Close 5-6m horizontal accuracy
    For mapping : To improve the planimetric accuracy
  • 19. Satellite Images + Agro-meteo models + navigation in the field Raw data LAI, Cover fraction, Chl. Content… Biophysical variables estimation SPOT, FORMOSAT-2, etc Information for decision making Local Agro & Meteorological models and local expertise For Precision Farming : An assembling technologies Agriculture
  • 20.
    • Field ground survey for agricultural statistics
    Sampling (700x700m) For land cover & use maps
  • 21. For Maritime Surveillance : vessels positionning Detection Reports Server SEAS VMS ( ) Guyana EEZ Optical image SAR Image Operator interface User interface VPN Firewall Firewall Mail
  • 22.
    • Galileo : improvements in many fields of geoinformation for the European citizen life
      • Risk, Emergency management, Tourism, Aerial & Terrestrial Navigation, Security, etc.
      • Within the GMES program
    • Earth Observation should take advantage of its reliability, constant precision and global coverage
      • Increase of accuracy of spacemaps and its derived products (a “Galileo compliant” label)
      • Improvement of location of in-situ data  better integration in the space technology value-added chain
    • Galileo & EO community’s key-success will come from their capacity to propose new location based services
  • 23. Thank you for your attention ! Sugarcane fields Sao Paulo state, Brazil SPOT 5, 2.5m 20 February 2006
  • 24.
    • Contact : helene.lemonnier@spotimage.fr
    The training document herewith and any information enclosed herein are the exclusive property of Spot Image SA, a public limited company (plc), incorporated and existing under French Law, headquartered at 5, rue des Satellites, 31400 Toulouse, France . Any unauthorized edition, extraction, edition, modification, dissemination or use is strictly prohibited. All SPOT Images: © CNES, Spot Image distribution