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SXSW -  So you have the tux but can you do the dance?
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SXSW - So you have the tux but can you do the dance?


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Presentation I gave at SXSW 2012 - Social Media

Presentation I gave at SXSW 2012 - Social Media

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 75% of companies lack a holistic strategy (Altimeter)
  • CrawlInternal:Steering Committee IdentifiedGovernance models in placeInternal network deployedListening tools and process in placeKPI/Measurement framework establishedPolicy establishedCenter of Excellence identifedExternal:Public facing moderation policyCommunity coordinationContent developmentControlled Paid Media in SocialWalkInternal:Social Enterprise Architecture ConstructedRules of Engagement circulatedEarly adopter training initiatedMonitoring/Analytics inform policy, process and contentCommunity Management Plan activatedExternal:Social properties enhancedVoice and tone establishedInfluencers identifiedTest & learn pilots launchedContent published across multiple propertiesRUNInternal:Partners coordinated and connected to internal leadSocial CMS tools & internal staffing formalizedRegional additions to steering committeeTraining rolled out across the entire organizationExternal:Influencer partnerships formedPlatform partnerships solidifiedEngagement at scale establishedCoordination exists between social, owned, mainstream & Tra-digital propertiesMeasurement, KPIs formalized & standardized across organizationFLYInternal:Systems integrated on back endEmployees, partners and customers connectedCulture of organization more adaptablePeople, processes & platform maturity well establishedExternal:Ambassador programs operating globallyEmployees engaged systematicallySystems integrated on front endAll business functions integrate social layerProduct/service innovations result
  • Transcript

    • 1. So, youboughtthe tux…
    • 2. But, can you do the dance?(Sony Pictures Television)
    • 3. And, it looks differenttoo, depending on who you are.(20th Century FOX)
    • 4. Social media has evolved beyond threeguys with pony tails,Into a vital communication channel that ispowerful and pervasive
    • 5. And, now everyone is doing itCustomer Care PR IT HR R&D MarketingSocial Media touches all of these(20th Century FOX)
    • 6. But, it is complicated, non-linear, anddifficult to manage
    • 7. Why, it matters:Can you say,billionsandbillions?(New Line Cinema)
    • 8. Of course, we need a framework…• People• Process• Technology• Measurement
    • 9. People: So, where are you?(Edelman 2011,
    • 10. Process: So, where are you?CRAWLPolicy, Process, ProcedureWALKPropertyManagementRUNEcosystemEngagementFLYSocial Innovation& Integration
    • 11. Technology: So, where are you?(Warner Bros. Pictures)
    • 12. 22
    • 13. 14Now the challenge is to measure theimpact of each dimensionMetrics come in all shapes andsizesMeasurement: So, where are you?
    • 14. 15Twitter ImpressionReachVideo / Slide Share ViewsRT!Retweet Rates Social ClicksSocially-ReferredSite TrafficSocially-ReferredRevenueTotal ReachSocially-ReferredLeadsEngagement RateChatter LevelsTalking About ThisSocial Page Views
    • 15. HOLY GRAIL
    • 16. Social ID Personal ID(e.g., Customer File)
    • 17. 18Social ID – Customer IDMary searches for“Small Business Help”Earned MediaPaid MediaOwned ContentUser Generated Content (UGC)Follows on TwitterE-mail Opt InJoins Small Business CommunityFriend asks about Small Business on Facebook,Mary shares BofA contentSharedContentMary’s post triggerslive chatMary chats with BofA SmallBusiness ConsultantMary enrolls inOnline BusinessSuite!
    • 18. CustomerBehavior$ ImpactofInteractionInteraction(experience)ROECustomerBehaviorWOMRecomandBehaviorSROIROE + ROIReturn on Experience Return on Influence
    • 19. It takes a village(20th Century FOX)
    • 20. Q & AMark Grindeland, Chief Marketing OfficerTeleTech