6. key successes_in_the_british_film_industry


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6. key successes_in_the_british_film_industry

  1. 1. Key Successes in the British FilmIndustryAIMSTo explain why some British films have beensuccessful.To be able to explain how Britain’s cinema is bothMonopolized by Hollywood, whilst also beingdistinctly British.
  2. 2. STARTERTHERE ARE TWO SHEETS ON EITHER SIDE OF THECLASS.I would like you to write at least one thing on eachsheet to show what you have learnt about thatnation’s cinema.BRITISH FILM AMERICAN FILMIt can be about any stage of the film production cycle:PROUCTION  DISTRIBUTION (/MARKETING)  EXHIBITION
  3. 3. BAFTA – Best British Film• This is often a measure of how successful afilm has been, with critics anyway• Awards and accolades provide extra publicityfor a film and lead to increased box-office andDVD/BD sales revenue• BAFTA has toyed with the Best British Filmcategory (changes, incorporations) but nowhas The Alexander Korda Award forOutstanding British Film
  4. 4. Recent BAFTA winners• 2012 – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy• 2011 – The King’s Speech• 2010 – Fish Tank• 2009 – Man on Wire• 2008 – This is EnglandWhat are the qualities of ‘Britishness’ that thesefilms convey?
  5. 5. The Oscars• British films have fared well at the ceremony• Internationally recognised• Boost sales significantly• ‘Licence’ to make more personal films• Make the films you want• Curse – past performance is not a guide tofuture success
  6. 6. Recent British Successes at the Oscars• 2011 – The King’s Speech• 2009 – Slumdog Millionaire• 2006 – Helen Mirren for The Queen• 1998 – Shakespeare in Love, Best Picture• Aardman Animations (Nick Park) –1991, 1994, 1996 = Best Animated ShortFilm, 2005 = Best Animated Feature (Wallace andGromit, Creature Comforts)• Why has the American film industry chosen theseparticular British films to reward?
  7. 7. Heritage of British Success at theOscars• http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2010/mar/08/british-oscar-winners• How much of this is down to actors anddirectors working exclusively in Britain?• Why is this?
  8. 8. Honour is not always Profit• Making the most money does not mean you will winthe award for best film• http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1232776/ (Fish Tank)• Look at the Inbetweeners Movie... Makes £50m, costs£4m... No Oscar glory there!http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1716772/videogallery• Look at Four Lions... Wins the BAFTA Best British Filmaward, but makes only a modest profit at the boxoffice... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1341167/
  9. 9. What does it take to be successful?
  10. 10. Total Box Office Gross£200,938,649Total Box Office Gross£20,297,569£1.3m£3.5m
  11. 11. Film4• Launched as part of Channel 4 in 1982 under‘Channel 4 films’ to Commission low- tomedium budgeted films.• Promoted diversity in film and exploredcontemporary social and political problems.
  12. 12. • Channel Four films were a major contributorto British films success in America.• However still only accounted for 1% gross atthe UK Box Office.
  13. 13. • Re-launched as Film4 in 1999 with thesuccesses of Four Wedding and a Funeral(1994; gross of $240m), Shallow Grave (1994)& Trainspotting (1996).Film4 was a unique attempt to bridgedistribution and production in Britain.
  14. 14. The end of Film Four• The distribution arm of Film Four came to anend in 2002. It is often claimed that the filmCharlotte Gray (2001) is most responsible forthis.• In trying to make films that appealed to bothinternational and domestic markets Film Fourachieved neither.
  15. 15. “Film four…invested in films that could bedefined as ‘typically British’…” Sarah Casey Benyahia• It played an important role in thedistribution of films which Britishaudiences were unlikely to haveaccess to otherwise, to cinemasand on Video and DVD.
  16. 16. New Models of Distribution• Films are now readily available due toadvances in technology.The first film to be released simultaneouslyin cinemas, on DVD and on the internet onthe same day.The film received 1.4 million viewers whenbroadcast on channel 4.The Road to Guantanamo
  17. 17. THIS IS ENGLAND(Shane Meadows, 2006)Create a presentation that addresses thefollowing:• How it was financed – by whom? how much?• How it was produced – Film studio? starpower? Director?• How it was exhibited – Cinema (how manyscreens), DVD, Box Office Figures, reviews,was it successful abroad?Try to comment on why you think these things happened. Why was the budget what itwas? Why did it get released how it was released (ie, number of screens or straight toDVD)
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