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  • Does anyone not understand Armenian here? Initially I decided to make it in English. But then realized that the target audience is young Armenian people. So I'll speak Armenian. But there is good news for you. You can enjoy the slides. Also you can ask questions in English at the end.
  • We are living wonderful times. It’s easy than ever to start a software company. Traditional software moves to web. Thousands of web startups wordlwide enjoying success. There is not an easy way to compare the success rate of startups. But in general about 50% of startups fail first year.  If a founder has had a successful startup in the past he has a 30% chance of repeating the feat.  Where a first-timer has an 18% chance of success.


  • 1. How to Start UpHow to get your ass up and makesomething or practical advices forlunching your first web startup
  • 2. HelloMy name is GrigorI do software engineering for living.Also Im wannabe entrepreneur andmake web apps on side. grigy.com grigor.yeghiazaryan @grigy
  • 3. The StoryI have a dream, to see 1000 tech startups in ArmeniaSo I started one. It is not successful yet but it growsand there is potential. So we need the other 999Today I came here to tell my story and share what Ihave learned so far...... hope that some of you will start to make something
  • 4. Our Startup Inspection2.com Still in Private Beta Email Signups: 180 Registered Users: 80 From Armenia ~ 20
  • 5. Web Startups
  • 6. Why should you start a startup?• Solve your money problem at one shot.• Work on what you love.• Learn new things every day.• Get experience to support future success.
  • 7. How to come up with ideas?• Solve your own problem.• See what’s broken in other apps and fix.• Pick a business niche and research demand.• Think big, make it international.• Armenia is too small market for most of ideas.• Idea is not secret. Tell friends.• Execution is the key, not the idea.
  • 8. Time Management• Do you already have a full time job? Me too.• Make it side job. Consider it as a pay job.• Plan your day. Dedicate a few hours a day to your “night job”.• Get motivated to make it easy getting into zone.
  • 9. Pick a Co-founder• Difficult to start alone. Get a friend or two on board.• Ideally better than you in something. Diversely skilled works best.• Decide on your intents at the beginning.• Divide shares up front.
  • 10. Funding• There is good news. You don’t need money (or need too little) for starting a web startup these days.• But dont try to go all free.• Fund yourself.
  • 11. NamingThis is separate topic itself. • Everything else can be easily changed, but not the name. • Take your time to choose a good name. • Discoverable vs. brandable • Start with finding a domain name • Get .com domain, or at least as part of name .io .ly • Dont get cheap or free domains .tk • This can be helpful domainjig.com
  • 12. DesignDon’t make crappy design.Hire a professional designer or ask designer friends to help.Design is the third deciding factor of the product success1. market– marketing– aesthetics– functionality
  • 13. Landing Page• Start with landing page• Pitch in your ideas• Collect emails• Show a demo or prototype• Get Google to know you
  • 14. Blog• Communicate your ideas• Keep notes about important events• Share your stories• Give helpful advices, tips, links• Eventually advertise your product and get users
  • 15. Launch Fast• Get something done while still motivated• Launch fast and iterate• Create minimum viable product (MVP)• Learn from user feedback and improve• Try Hollywood Lunch
  • 16. Fail Early• Your first startup will probably fail.• Realize failure early.• Distinguish “give up” vs. failure.• Learn from failure and start over.• Real entrepreneurs fail but dont give up.
  • 17. Web Services• Bug Tracking FogBugz• Code Hosting Assembla• Collaboration Yammer• Email Marketing MailChimp• Online Forms Wufoo• User Feedback UserVoice• Screencasts Screenr• Email Service SendGrid• Web Server Amazon EC2
  • 18. Reading• Start Small, Stay Small: A Developer’s Guide to Launching A Startup http://www.startupbook.net ($20)• How to Start a Startup, Essays by Paul Graham, http://www.paulgraham.com/articles.html (free)• Getting Real, http://gettingreal.37signals.com (free)• Do More Faster: TechStars Lessons to Accelerate Your Startup, Brad Feld, David Cohen ($20)• Founders at Work: Stories of Startups Early Days, Jessica Livingston ($15)
  • 19. Whats next?Lets create a community and discuss local issues• No community (startup culture, founders, angels, VCs)• No startup incubators• Technical problems, for ex. payment gatewaysIve created a blog startups.am as a first step.
  • 20. Thank you Any questions?