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Griffith DC/NY Trip 2011
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Griffith DC/NY Trip 2011


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Travel
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  • 1. Washington D.C. & New York City
    June 28th – July 2nd2011
  • 2. Rules & Behavior
    This is an educational trip, you should be listening and learning
    When either chaperone or tour guide talks, ear buds off.
    MP3 players, cell phones, etc. should not be used during tours or instructions.
    You are considered an ambassador of Griffith Middle School and East Los Angeles
    Be considerate of all tour guides and chaperones
    Students must wear proper attire and shoes at all times outside of your hotel room
  • 3. Before You Leave Home…
    • Pack efficiently and compactly for 5 days only.
    • 4. Pack for multiple temperatures ~50 – 90 degrees (bring layers)
    • 5. Recommended:
    2 – 3 pairs of pants or jeans
    1 – 2 pairs of shorts
    1 swim suit (no bikinis, there is an indoor pool in hotel)
    4 – 6 shirts (short and long sleeves)
    1 good jacket
    5 - 6 pairs of underwear
    5 – 6 pairs of socks
    1 pair GOOD walking shoes
    1 pair of slip-on shoes or slippers/flip-flops (for airport)
    Toiletries and medications
    • You may want to bring a book, or deck of cards (something to entertain yourself on the plane and on the way to New York City).
    • 6. You should also have a small bag (provided by chaperones) to carry around DC
    • 7. Whatever you buy, you are responsible for carrying and packing back into your luggage
  • More on Packing
    Airport baggage guidelines:
    Checked luggage
    Less than 50lbs
    Should not be locked
    Have contact information on WorldStrides tags
    Carry-on luggage
    Less than 40 lbs (with personal items)
    Less than 40 in.
    Should have contact information on WorldStrides tags
    No prohibited items (see Airport Guidelines)
    Valuables, medications, etc.
  • 8. Airport Guidelines
    According to the TSA (airport security), passengers may NOT carry-on
    Anything with a blade (i.e. knives, scissors, razor blades, utility knives, etc.),
    Any sporting goods equipment,
    Any guns or firearms,
    Any tools,
    Martial arts and self defense items,
    Gel-type candles, or non-flammable gels, liquids, or aerosols.
    No snow globes.
    Passengers may not carry-on or check any type of explosive or flammable items.
    Passengers may not carry-on or check any illegal substances or contraband
    Regarding liquids in carry-on luggage, all liquids in carry-on liquid needs to be in a bottle no bigger than 3.4 ounces and those bottles need to be in 1 quart sized clear plastic zip-top bag. You may only have one zip-top bag in your carry-on bag.
    Medications are ok, but must be declared when you go through security.
  • 9. Do NOT Forget!
    All students must carry with them their school ID, and their WorldStrides name badge around their necks at all times outside the hotel.
    Students will need a school ID and their flight ticket to get through security.
    Most planes only serve small snacks and beverages during the flight. You may bring solid food in your carry-on bag in order to eat on the plane, but nothing liquid, or gel-like.
  • 10. Arriving at Griffith
    Arrive at 3:00am
    Meet in underground parking
    You will receive:
    Your World Strides badge (must wear at all times outside of hotel room)
    WorldStrides luggage tags
    A number (for roll taking purposes, so don’t forget it)
    We will boarding bus no later than 4:00am
  • 11. Going Through Security
    Please have carry-on bag well-organized in order to get through the lines quickly.
    Have your liquids in a clear 1 quart zip-top bag.
    Pack jackets, sweaters and coats in your checked baggage if possible. You will need to remove and put through x-ray.
    Do not have wrapped gifts
    Be prepared to remove shoes, belts, keys, electronic items, coins, any metal objects.
    When in doubt, leave it out. If you’re not sure about whether you can carry it on, put it in your checked bag or leave it at home.
  • 12. Items that might set off metal detectors
    Keys, loose change, mobile phones, mp3 players
    Heavy jewelry
    Clothing with metal buttons, snaps, or studs
    Metal hair barrettes or other hair decorations
    Belt buckles
    Underwire bras
    Body piercings
    Shoes (flip-flops recommended for airport)
  • 13. Boarding Plane
    We will board at our called time
    Sit in your assigned seat
    Once all are seated, we can move around.
    Please be courteous to all passengers
    Please keep noise levels low
    Be aware it is about a 5 hour flight
    Bring something to do or read on the plane
    You are responsible for anything you bring
  • 14. Arrival in D.C.
    Our plane touches down at approx. 3:35pm EST (that is 3 hrs. ahead of PST - approx. 12:35pm)
    We will deplane, stop at restrooms
    Get our luggage
    Meet our representative, who will take us to our bus
    Proceed to Washington D.C. White House
    Have dinner
    See a few monuments
    Hotel check in at 10:30pm EST (8pm PST)
  • 15. Hotel Routines
    We will arrive each night at approx. 9:00pm
    Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM
    Lights out at 10:30 PM
    Students may not leave the hotel unless accompanied by a chaperone
    Students must sleep in their assigned room every night and remain in their rooms until awakened by the chaperone (6:00am wake up call)
    Students must wear proper attire and shoes outside of their hotel room (this means traveling to and from the pool as well)
    Also, be aware that any convenience in the hotel room (such as refrigerated beverages or snacks in room) is not free.
    You will have night security from 10:00pm – 5:00am, who is employed by World Strides.
  • 16. General Daily Schedule
    Wake up at 6:00am
    Breakfast 7:00 – 7:45am at hotel
    Sightseeing and tours
    Lunch out around 12pm
    Sightseeing and tours
    Dinner out around 6:00pm
    Sightseeing and tours
    Return to hotel around 9:00pm
  • 17. Leaving NYC
    Saturday morning we will load luggage onto bus before we leave the hotel
    Flight leaves EWR at 5:35pm
    Arrive LAX 10:10pm PST
    Parents pick up students at Griffith no later than 11:15pm
  • 18. Staying Connected…
    For more information and to stay updated on this trip go to:
    hotel information
    and more…