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My final group presentation. This was our answer to ISAP\'s problem in the county and how we addressed the issues.

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I.S.A.P. Coalition

  1. 1. + ISAP Ingham Substance Abuse Prevention Team Sober
  2. 2. + Team Sober Account Executive: Cyle Dowling Media Director: Grant Griffin Creative Director: Josh Rogers Art Director: Katie Cheek Research Planner: Lia Homeister Public Relations Coordinator: Brandie Hansen
  3. 3. + Table Of Contents   Executive Summary…………4   Campaign Brief………………5   SWOT Analysis……………….6   Competitive Analysis………..7   Target Audience……………...8-9   Brand Strategy………………..10   Creative Brief…………..........11   Creative Execution…………..12-19   Media Plan………………….…20-21
  4. 4. + ISAP Memo To: Ingham Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition From: Team Sober CC: Harriett Dean Date: 12/6/09 Re: New Marketing Communications Campaign Executive Summary When we were presented with the Ingham Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition and the challenges it faced almost three months ago, we knew that we would have to work tirelessly as a group to achieve the goals ISAP had presented us with. Not only were we facing the challenge of trying to change the social norms regarding substance abuse, but we were also trying to bridge the gap between people’s perception of drug use and the actual reality of it. After extensive research and time spent gathering data, we have formulated three main objectives for our campaign: create a brand identity that is relatable to our target audience, improve responsible drinking behavior, and support visions of ISAP, with a focus on alcohol abuse. Our mission is to reduce the pathological use of alcohol and drugs to better the Ingham County community. When it comes down to the excessive use of a potentially addictive substance, we want to educate individuals that if you choose not to use the substance, there are others in the county with the same mindset. This is where we developed our “You’re Not Alone” campaign. We believe that with our recommendations and ideas, ISAP can grow and become a well established - name in the Ingham County community and set the bench mark for substance abuse organizations in the state. We look forward to presenting our full marketing communications plan to you.
  5. 5. + Campaign Brief Project Key Goals for Target Brand Advertising Advertising Media Description Challenge Client Analysis Strategy Objective Strategy Objective Create a Break through To: -Ages 17 & -Communicate Using a You’re Not Main goal is brand identity the social 1) Increase under data in a mixture of Alone is our not to fall that is norms stigma total brand -Ages 18-20 creative way both serious advertising below 50% relatable to and close the awareness for -Teenagers to engage and personal slogan that reach, we are our target gap between ISAP by 25%. and young target. tones in our addresses the aiming to audience. people’s adults under advertising social norm fulfill about perception 2) Establish the legal age -Use social strategy we and 70-80% of Improve and reality of ISAP as a of drinking. norms tactic to can keep a personalizes our given responsible drug abuse. credible and bridge the gap larger ISAP’s reach in the drinking reliable -“Country between demographic mission. target behavior, source for Comfort” & perception and engaged in audience focusing on drug abuse “Mainstream reality. our message The mosaic using a underage prevention Families”— and brand of faces variety of drinking. and protection families with -Position mission. represents media. methods. at least 1 ISAP as an everyone in Support the child under approachable We can use Ingham Promotional visions of 3) Increase the age of 18. organization images and County that Strategies ISAP, but advertising that is words to does not focus on funds and -Residents of relatable to show what follow the -Earned alcohol abuse. earned media Ingham the target. the reality is social norm. media opportunities. County, MI. regarding (promotional abuse, and The positive events). how much it statistics affects back-up the -Social media Ingham argument of outlets. County. how to close the gap of -Posters, perception flyers, and reality. brochures, billboards and postcards.
  6. 6. S.W.O.T. Analysis Strengths Weaknesses ! Funded through government dollars ! *BIG* Lack of Identity ! Collaborations with community ! Not enough money we are dealing with organizations to increase awareness compared to other big time alcohol ! MSU Social Norm Campaign advertisers such as Budweiser ! 90% of Ingham County adults are either ! Parents give children too much freedom light or moderate drinkers, or don’t drink nowadays at all ! MSU Social Norms Campaign has worked on campus, but doesn’t address Ingham County as a whole ! Parental Substance Abuse Opportunities Threats ! Targeted prevention program efforts can The Beer Industry (Anheuser Busch, Samuel reduce the burden of alcohol abuse Adams, Miller, Coors) ! 90 % of Ingham County adults are Sponsorships/ Events: NASCAR, football, either light or moderate drinkers, or baseball don’t drink at all Concerts: Busch Lite Featuring the Dave ! Parental support against underage Matthews Band on Private Island Cruise, drinking remains very high at 71 % tailgate packages, etc. ! Support for funding the coalition still Hard Liquor Companies (Smirnoff, Bacardi, + remains very high and on the rise Captain Morgan) Peer Pressure:Friends, trying to fit in with a specific crowd Over saturation: Similar Organizations (MADD, SADD, MCRUD, FACE)
  7. 7. + Competitive Analysis Mothers
(MADD)   Recognition Programs: SALUTE Michigan Law Enforcement encourages agencies to prioritize drunk driving arrests Students
(SADD)   21 or Bust Campaign: Teams up with Licensed Beverage Outlets law enforcement officials to prevent the sale of alcohol to those under the age of 21 Michigan Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking (MCRUD)   Social Networking Campaigns: Facebook, Twitter FACE Campaigns   Community Campaign, School/Campus Campaign and Statewide Campaign
  8. 8. Target Audience Target Prospects - 17 and Under: High School/Underage - 18-20: College/Not Legal Yet - 21 and Up: Legal/Adults - * Focus on the issue of alcohol abuse of teenagers/young adults + There are many communities located within Ingham County, each one h aving its own unique social groups and life-stage groups. “Country Comfort”: - These Americans tend to be married, mostly between the ages of 25 and 54, with or without children. “Mainstream Families”: - While the age range of adults is broad--from 25 to 54--these are households with at least one child under 18 still at home
  9. 9. + Target Audience – Ingham County
  10. 10. + Brand Strategy • Communicate data with pictures or in a creative way to engage target. • Use social norms tactic to communicate data. • Position ISAP as an approachable organization that is relatable to the target
  11. 11. + Creative Brief • What!s the business challenge? • What do we need to say? – Decreasing the numbers of teenagers – Perceived norms about drinking are and young adults who drink illegally or different from reality. irresponsibly by using social norms. • What makes this believable? • What!s the communications objective? – Statistics and focus group research – Associate ISAP with the real social conducted by ISAP. norms by using statistics. • What!s the brand character? • Who are we talking to? – Positive, relatable, multidimensional – 11-17 & 18-21 year olds/Male & • What else do we need to keep in mind? Female – Executional mandatories: – Ingham County residents – Logo must be featured in the ad. • What ! s the key insight to make the – Ad must integrate social norms. brand meaningful in their lives? – Ad must integrate statistics to back up – Despite the idea that most teenagers claims. drink/use drugs, statistics reveal that – Campaign must be integrated using most teenagers and young adults do several different types of media. not engage in such activities or do so responsibly. Why do we matter? Who is the enemy? What do we stand for? We are here exclusively for The perceived norm that We are here to change the the residents of Ingham “everyone” is drinking or perceived norm and reveal County, using the providing services and drugs. reality. programs in drug & alcohol prevention.
  12. 12. + New Logo Concept
  13. 13. + Creative Rationale Headline -”Fact” is a clear and concise way Statistic to represent -Positive statistic to reality. engage the target, rather than push them away -Statistic that represents the reality to represent the social norms. Slogan -“You’re Not Alone” tightly Logo describes what -ISAP viewed we are trying to as a person say: the makes ISAP a perception is far- more approachable fetched from organization. reality. Background -The -More people -Mosaic of many people represents the idea that silhouette is choose you are not alone. The majority of people actually simple, but do not drink Not to drink than can represent -Blue translucent block simplifies the ad, making any person the people who the statistic and slogan stand out more choose to drink. who sees it.
  14. 14. + “You’re Not Alone” pretty Web Page I can make anbody believe any lie I can make you Concept I can make you pick a fight with somebody twice your size Well, I’ve been known to cause a few break-ups About ISAP And I’ve been known to cause a few births Members Well, I can make you new friends, or get you fired from work... Statistics - “Alcohol,” Brad Paisley Events Contact Us Links Mission: To reduce the pathological use of alcohol and drugs to better the community Purpose: When it comes down to the excessive use of a poten- tially addictive substance we want to educate individuals that if you choose not to use the substance, there are others in the county with the same mindset. We want to create an effective campaign using social norms to reduce the gap between perception and real- ity. Copyright © 2009 Ingham Substance Abuse Coalition. All rights reserved.
  15. 15. + Letterhead MEDIA ADVISORY FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 28, 2009 Media Contact: Team Sober (C) 517-123-4567 teamsober@msu.edu Local Residents Take Steps to Help Prevent Substance Abuse The Ingham Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition Sponsor 5K Walk to Raise Awareness WHO: Ingham Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition voting members and non-voting partners. WHAT: A sponsored 5K walk (3.1 miles) around a designated area around the Michigan State Capitol to help raise awareness and donations to fight substance abuse in Ingham County. There will be booths set up with information about prevention and help lines for friends and family suffering from substance abuse issues. WHEN: 10:30 a.m., Sunday, November 1 WHERE: Located at the Michigan State Capitol. 100 N Capitol Ave, Lansing. WHY: The Ingham Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition has a mission to reduce substance abuse and its related consequences and stigma. There purpose is to bring effective prevention services to our community through comprehensive collaboration. We coordinate, plan, develop and evaluate a comprehensive countywide strategy that addresses locally determined risk and protective factors and achieve changes in substance use behaviors prioritized by our county. ###
  16. 16. + FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LETTERHEAD CONTACT: Team Sober December 31, 2009 123-456-7890 Ingham Substance Abuse Coalition Appeals to Young Adults ISAP Sponsors New Year’s Eve Casino Night Lock-In for Teens LANSING, MICH. –– The Ingham Substance Abuse Coalition is reaching out to Ingham County high school students by giving them opportunities to participate in drug-free activities. “We just want to show students that they can have fun without the use of drugs. Getting involved in the community is the only way we can change the social norm,” said Harriet Dean, ISAP partner. The lock-in will be held at the Michigan Athletic Club (MAC) in East Lansing on Dec. 31 at 7 p.m. Students will stay overnight, under chaperoned supervision of ISAP members, to enjoy a night filled with music, food, non-alcoholic beverages and casino simulated games. “I’m really looking forward to this New Year’s Eve party. It is great to have somewhere to go with your friends and without your parents worried that you will get in trouble,” said Ashley Jones, Haslett High School freshman. ISAP’s mission is to reduce the substance abuse and it’s related consequences and stigma. The purpose is to bring effective prevention services to our community through comprehensive collaboration. We coordinate, plan, develop and evaluate a comprehensive countywide strategy that addresses locally determined risk and protective factors and achieve changes in substance use behaviors prioritized by our county. For more information on ISAP and upcoming events, visit www.drugfreeingham.org ###
  17. 17. + Media Plan Rationale Types of Media   Reach: Main goal is not to fall below 50%   Local television reach, we are aiming to fulfill about 70-80%   PSA- $1,000 for local 30 sec. slot of our given reach in the target audience.   Local radio   Higher Frequency and Lower Reach   PSA- $218.40 for 60-sec spot (97.5)   Regional effort   Repeated exposure needed to change   Local newspaper social norm   $103.00 per square inch   Pulsing schedule   Social media/viral media   Emphasize message before periods of high drinking behavior while still   Facebook Ad = $35.00 for 3 days keeping the message out.   Free: Twitter, facebook page, youtube   Outdoor/posters   $2500 for 1 month
  18. 18. Flow Chart Yearly
 25000 20000 + Dollar
 15000 10000 5000 0