25 HR ideas for better business


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Sharing 25 HR Ideas for Better Business by Husys

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25 HR ideas for better business

  1. 1. 25 HR Ideas forBetter BusinessA Collection of 25 HR Ideas from our HRSME blogpostings. An effort to enable the Business & HRProfession. - Husys
  2. 2. List of Contents 1. Social Presence 2. Power of Occasion 16. Building Revenue Focus 3. Collaboration 17. My Plan 4. Employer Branding 18. Recruitment by Reference 5. Networking 19. Hire the Skill 6. Employee Grievance 20. On_job_Hiring 7. Performance Expectations 21. Hiring Fresh Talent 8. Probation 22. Campus Hiring 9. One-time high recruitment 23. Hiring Tests for Evaluation need 24. Group Discussions 10. Vision & Mission 25. Just-In-Time Fresh Talent 11. Building Longterm and shortterm objectives 12. Ask for help 13. Share the business realities 14. Set Expectations & Communicate clearly 15. Induction for performancewww.husys.net More Information @ www.hrsme.blogspot.com
  3. 3. First 5 HR Ideas for Better Business: 1. Vision & Mission :  Social Presence  Power of Occasion One of the most important ingredient of  Collaboration organisation building. You may want to  Employer Branding focus on what you want to do in future  Networking and how you want to achieve the same. If you are a start-up you can build this with a team of first few and work withI was thinking within myself, if I have to rest to improve and achieve the same.give the best reading experience, what Making sure that every individualis that I can do differently on this Blog. is chosen to fit into this framework and I realized that tons of description may win in long-term. Please do not hesitatenot excite any reader. Keeping it simple to part with people who may not fit intoand sweet is the only way. While we this framework. Link every of yourwant to give the best back to the actions/processes/policies for presentreaders, I decided to write a series of and future.the 100 things that a businessowner/CEO/Family Business Owner Idea : You may build this including thecould do to improve his/her business core team and someone who can seewith specific focus on People your vision. Alternatively can use anManagement for better business. external expert help in facilitating this process (Please do not ask externalI would be writing small bits of facilitator to draft for you)inputs/advise for business owners,which could be used with ease. I wouldtry not to cover these inputs in asequence of the HR Process but basedon the experiences of our teams fromtime to time. I would plan to summarizeat the end to compile the series in an e-book for future readers. This way Iwould cover the important things firstand may be of use for the readers. You can only build an organisationIn each of the posting we would like to whenshare 5 such important aspects with everyone walks with you to the topInputs & Ideas if any. Please note these 2 - Building the Long-term & Short-are not necessary in an order of term Objectives :Induction/performance during the courseof building business. Use While you have a vision and mission foryour discretion. If you have any question your organisation. Even if you do notat any point please do write to me at : have a clear Vision & Mission gr(at)husys.net Statements (In most of the organisation its true that they do not have a formalwww.husys.net More Information @ www.hrsme.blogspot.com
  4. 4. vision & mission statements). Set your Its Tough to be on the Top :clear goals for short-term (for Financial But its a realityyear or Calender Year). Make sure thatthe Objectives are Simple, Clear, TimeBound and measurable. Make it 4. Share the Business Realities:convenient for people to relate it toperformance. Do not hide or hesitate to talk about your business situation with theIdea: Build at-least Revenue targets employees. I am sure they are equallywith timelines(Sales, Collection etc.,), aware of what is happening in business.New initiatives in People practices, Spare few minutes of time to share theProcesses and Future Expansion. Make business realities during regularsure that the same is communicated meetings and send common notesthrough a mail / team meetings / all through email. This can includeemployee meeting. information about objectives achievement, new happenings, new3.Set Expectations & Communicate competition and any other challenges that the organisation is going through. Clearly: Its always best to set the Do not hesitate to share the difficultiesexpectations of performance at the and people would come forward to help.beginning of the relationship with any You would have people come forwardemployee in organisation. The longer to extend help who relate themselvesthe relationship without set with the organisationexpectations, difficult to agree/acceptthe reality of business. Idea: Set a frequency of communication based on the communication and typeIdea : Spare few minutes in writing the of groups to be informed - function,expectations and end output that divisions or overall organisation. Eg.measures the success of the individual Organizational Update to everyone byon a peace of paper and 5th of every month.Document(body of text) through anemail. This 10-20 minutes of interactionand documentation can save many 5. Ask for Help :business days. Do not hesitate to ask for that extra- mile help from people who work in your organization. If you have shared your vision, mission, business realities frequently, it would be easier for seeking such support. You dont do that every bit of business deliver anyway, you need people to run the business and take those right steps in the path of growth.www.husys.net More Information @ www.hrsme.blogspot.com
  5. 5. Idea: You can ask for any such supportfrom the team immediately reports toyou. In turn encourage the team to takefurther steps based on the groundrealities.www.husys.net More Information @ www.hrsme.blogspot.com
  6. 6. HR Ideas for better Business : 6-10 : learning. This process can be simple to  Induction, complex based on the person / seniority  Probation and/or implication of the decisions by  Hiring the person (if they are serious more  Grievance days and more in-depth induction).  Expectations Since we bring people into the organisation to perform and deliver theHere are the next 5 Ideas for better best, Induction would help thatBusiness performance in building process effectively.Human Synergies. In this posting youwould find basic information about Idea: Induction plan can be few hours toInduction, Probation, Grievance few months as per the intensity of theRedressal, High Requirement Hiring and requirement. Create a standardSetting Expectation of Performance. template for a day or two and make sureThese are very day-to-day issues and you execute as soon as you have a newneeds to be addressed on the go. joinee. You can discuss with your senior Please do read and add new inputs and team members and set expectations ofperspective to make this blog a information sharingrepository for simple & practical and experiential learning. Eg : Thesolutions. template can have columns like Date, Function/Department to visit, person to meet, Questions to Ask and time(from- to). Do not forget to ask the Inductee to ask for feedback report at the end of those few hours/days. On-Job & Experiential Induction is the Key for Success6.Induction for Performance :Induction of a new employee into thesystem is the first step for buildingHuman Synergies. Induction is aprocess which would help the new An Informal Chat helps the New Entrantjoinees contribute the best by Establish Quicklyunderstanding the organisation and itssystems. Organisation helps thenew joinees to understand the history,policies, procedures, cultural valuesalong with some bit of experientialwww.husys.net More Information @ www.hrsme.blogspot.com
  7. 7. 7. Probation:Probation is primarily to help the newjoinees to get used to the environmentand fit into cultural of the organisation. Itis noticed that there are different set ofprobation methods in organisations.Some have a probation for junior levelpeople. Some organisations follow for allthe levels. It is noticed that however the 8. One-time High Recruitment Needs:experienced or accomplished in otherorganisation does not guarantee the Many times you may have a need tosame performance in the new recruit large pool of people at once.organisation. The duration of the This number would vary fromprobation can be defined based on the organisational size. Smaller companiesgeneral time frame that a new joinees to have 3-10 number of requirementget adjusted into the new system. may be high. For large organisations Based on the organisational need and the number could run in Hundreds. Youthe general time taken for adjustment can segregate the positions in differentcan be considered as a yardstick in buckets of experience and expertise anddefining the duration. There is a define a different strategy. Like for allperceivable notion that Probation fresh positions you can approach aconfirmation is linked to the college for database orincrement/revision in salary. This is for organizing interviews. Fortotally not true and should not be linked experienced you may want to use theto monetary gains, so that the sanctity of position posting and a database accessorganisational fitment can be managed. service for a short-term, with a job portal to make sure you reach the target. Or alternatively your own employees canIdea: Set some basic parameters to be of great help with little focus.help assess the involvement of theIndividual into the organisation. Idea: Call any Recruitment Agency and An open-ended one page report from negotiate a different model, where theythe Supervisor would help in would work on retainer basis to close allconfirmation of services to keep it the positions within a specific timesimple in consultation with the team period. This is possible and doable formember. Its also important to set the the Recruitment Company. If you reallynext set of expectations and measurable assure some basic fee for their efforts,outputs agreed at this time. they can do a good job than just on success based in such situations.www.husys.net More Information @ www.hrsme.blogspot.com
  8. 8. 9. Performance Expectations: performance,Salary, increments etc., and appropriately respond. All theSetting the performance expectations at policy related framework doneeach level is important. It not only by HR need to be interpreted andimportant to set the expectations but clarified. Also see that if you need toalso to share what outcome you would resolve with the appropriate documents/like to see as a performance. for approvals. If it is related toexample: for a sales person Revenue & interpersonal relationships, work relatedCollection %age. Production: Production issues you may want to involve theOutput in numbers, Wastage %age to manager to get the right picture andbe maintained, For HR person : %age of help them to resolve. This is a quickpositions to be filled in days from overview and specific problems can berequisition, employee turnover to be handled based on thecontained at a level. need/situation/background. One thing for sure, do not jump to resolve issues...Idea : For every job/ position / individual identify the core of the problem anddefine only two key components as involve the appropriate authorities tooutput that you would be expecting and make sure that grievance is resolved tocommunicate in writing. Set a frequency the best of organisationalof review to ensure that your single point capabilities/boundaries. Finally, neverof agenda is to discuss and see the think that you are going to satisfy all theprogress. parties 100%.... Idea: If you really work on a detailed grievance redressal policy would be great. However, if you do not intend/cant define, then Identify last one year issues and resolutions. Set some basic guidelines in such cases if repeated and communicate to the teams in common forums/intranet/meetings etc.,. For any unresolved issues, set an Its All about setting the expectations escalation point and also what level it on Performance or on resolving would be final and binding for Grievance resolution.10. Employee Grievance: Grievances typically are handledthrough a process of grievancehandling procedure for large teams.However, In case of smallerorganisation, Identify the problemrelated to Work norms infrastructure,www.husys.net More Information @ www.hrsme.blogspot.com
  9. 9. Make sure that each of your teamHR Ideas for better Business: 11-15: members is in different groups as point of contact and attending events. That  Networking would help you to cover by saving time  Employer Branding for everyone while creating connectivity  Social Presence to organization. Being part of the virtual  Collaboration groups would help in spending less time  Power of Occasion and recall as more. 12. Employer Branding:While we have a great concept andtechnology, it is important that your Today any small & medium enterpriseidentity in the outside world would (SME) can hire more good peoplebring more prosperity and based on the Reputation that they havesustainability for your Business. We in the market. It is essential to creatediscuss some of these Important and the brand and uniqueness of yourcost effective ways to build your SME organization as to why someone joinsbusiness. you. In today’s world what makes people attracted towards your11. Networking: organization is the “Employer Branding”. While it was a very costly affair someToday’s world is small and networked. years back, now it’s the easiest due toNo business can ignore the networked the advent of Technology andworld to sustain the business in their Transportation. Technology helps infield of operation. Be it physical meeting virtualisation and Transporting helps innetworks or the virtual network they give reaching out where required faster andimmense potential to build relationships better. On the virtual world the brand isfor better business. Business built based on the knowledge that yousustainability in future is marked by the share with fellow community throughpower of networking by the teams various forums. Every CEO / HRworking in such organizations. Function has a great role to play in this area. Idea: Spend money effectively in creating the branding. There are many organizations competing to give you a better identity in the market. Use any corporate merchandise company, set a budget (even if it is spread over a year/ ASK for EMI) and ask them to Husys Team helping @ TIE-ISB give you the best solution. Use start- Connect Event up merchandise companies for suchIdea: Being part of the Industry support, they are dying to give differentAssociations and groups would help. solution and prove themselves. Whilewww.husys.net More Information @ www.hrsme.blogspot.com
  10. 10. and established player may give a the standard login-ID, password forvariety and may be cost advantage future usage/modification. Identify thesome times. Also, do not shy to share Social medium : Facebook, Linkedin,knowledge to attract better talent Slideshare, Pinterest, Blogger,through specific discussion forums and Myspace, E-commerce facilitationonline business forums. websites, Industry Websites and other social forums to have your presence. Integrate the information on your website to this medium seamlessly. Always maintain the updated information. 14. Collaboration: We have earlier discussed in many forums about the importance of Collaboration. Tomorrow’s business is sustained through collaborative deeds of organizations. It’s important to share and collaborate for common cause and Facebook Page of Husys benefit organizations. You can look at collaboration with like-13. Social Presence: minded companies in the areas where one can share and benefit. You can alsoAn organization’s ability to be in the collaborate companies within your lane,Social system is important for attracting Industry Estate, Cluster etc., this wouldbetter talent, building brand and also help organizations to build cost effectivehelping the society. While you create the ways to enable better products/servicesimpact by networking and interacting, for their clients/customers.making the presence felt in the socialsystem would help in reinforcing thebrand. Today, every social platform cancreate an identity for your organization.Building an image and personality ofyour organization can be achievedthrough social impact/presence. Thispresence would help yourcustomers/clients to identify throughsearch. This would also help you in A group of kids involved in areinforcing positive image of your collaborative leaning sessionorganization. Idea: Eg1: For Recruitment, you can Idea: Assign this responsibility to one or pool the resources for hiring by sharingtwo technology savvy individuals in your portals logins, business space on-lineorganization. Make sure that you havewww.husys.net More Information @ www.hrsme.blogspot.com
  11. 11. and also any exhibition space etc., This can be a great idea to build thekeeps your cost distributed and get the cohesiveness in a team (Groupexactly the same benefit that you would Lunches, Shared lunches, Sponsoredreap otherwise. If you are in a same Lunches on these occasions).Industrial estate you could plan for acommon pool of advertisement,community hiring, job mela’s etc., Eg.2You can also do a vendor negotiationson the common pool of services /products that you want to purchase.15. Power of Occasion:Using the power of an occasion wouldbe a great idea in creating interest inpeople. Especially for the internalcustomers who are our back-bone oforganizations. Using the occasionseffectively means that yourcommunication would have moreimportance and relevance for effectiveimplementation or ideas or solutions.Recent Times : A Team from a Software company organised an event for Orphan children on the occassion of Indian auspecious day: Kartika Pournami where people collaborate for group lunch. Idea : CEO can communicate arelevant details based on the Occasion.Like the new year beginning could talkabout the past and what future holds fororganization (Send a note on the 1st dayof New Year). Also a specific festivalwww.husys.net More Information @ www.hrsme.blogspot.com
  12. 12. HR Ideas: 16-20: Revenue Focus, revenue be spent keeping your promiseMyPlan CEO’s, Hiring References, to all stakeholders. Support functionsHiring Skill, On-Job-Hiring would include – HR, Finance, Administration, Logistics etc.,At Husys we all enjoyed growth of ourclients in the year 2012 and look forwardto grow more with positive energy. Wewant to contribute more this year toSME’s in India and across the globe. 17. MyPlan: We find many a times SME’s do not16. Build Revenue Focus: grow beyond their capacity due to the bandwidth of the CEO/Owner. This isMarket today is for the fittest. Survival primarily due to the fear of loss - welinked to the performance on business noticed that in SME’s anything beyond arevenue. It’s always a challenge to point of disclosure about business tomeasure every function in revenue employees may take away with theterms to stay fit. However, it is possible concept/IP/knowhow. Hence, manywith the SME’s due to the size and arm activities revolve around the businesslength distance that you can see the last owner for want of clarity / approval /mile Sale/Cost/wastage. All SME advise. This makes the SME restrictbusiness owners must develop an their growth and also face stiffattitude to help their employees to competition from outside and struggle tomeasure themselves in relationship to survive. In many cases theBusiness Revenue. Also always bring CEO/Business owner becomes thethe focus on what the money you victim of No Growth / Medical Issues /receive from your customer is the Family Issues as he/she would not havemoney you to consider as sale. more time to think and grow their business. You may hear comments likeIdea: Build the Sales & Collection “If I reveal this my employee may runTarget for the Sales Teams and focus away with the formula/knowhow”. It isonly on the collections as benchmark for important that the mindset is changed ifevaluation of performance. For other one plans to grow.Functions its always saving cost isadding value to profit. Hence, make Idea : Remember, If someone is willingsure that you create budgets which are to take your knowhow and start theyvery demanding and ask the support would start in any case. In such casessystems to execute with care. You may your business can never grow andlook at certain percentage of cost towww.husys.net More Information @ www.hrsme.blogspot.com
  13. 13. would fail eventually. Developing your point of view is to reward for thenext levels and sharing the growth is the recruitment on long-term basis for eg:best answer. When an employee sees pay no/lower reward when the referencea growth why should he/she go and start Is hired. But, pay additionally if thattheir own. Also not every startup that employee contribution is more toway is successful and they fail 99.99 business in long-term.times by going through the samethinking syndrome. You need to build anaggressive plan for growth and helpthem to achieve more by being with you.Business sustenance is all aboutgenerating wealth around in today’smarket. 19. Hire the Skill: SME’s have the best advantage of not having stringent policies or procedures many times. However, we have noticed that there are standard habits during18. Recruitment by Reference: hiring. Some of the common approaches: Hiring the sales personsThis is one of the most commonly used from the competitors or someone whosources of recruitment in Indian SME’s. sold the same products earlier. WantThe reason always seems to be that it’s person only with specific backgroundcheaper and they do not need to shell like the job/jobholder with in yourout money on Hiring cost. We have system. We have noticed in many casesnoticed in many cases by over doing the CEO do not use his/her discretion inthis has impacted business from identifying the alternative skill to bringgrowing in SME segment. It’s also newness to the business. Also SMEsnoticed that 80% of company suffer from hiring the same kind ofsometimes came through one reference profile from other organizations and thebefore even one realizes. employees hired comes and rubs the culture & approach of competitors/jobIdea: Any over doing is not good. Either handled.food for body or for Reference asBusiness practices. Please create some Idea: Thinking alternative source andbasic guidelines for such hiring internally expertise but can execute the job(viz. hiring only one/two employee from requirement at hand effectively shouldone employee in the same location or be the goal. Here is an example: Pick anot more than 30% of hiring happens certain %age of sales persons fromfrom internal reference). Also another different product/service line/industrywww.husys.net More Information @ www.hrsme.blogspot.com
  14. 14. with excellent history. This would help the candidate and organization need tochallenge your assumptions of doing put. Ideal if the college graduates workbusiness or developing customers with on project/internship before joining.newness in execution. Similarly, the This would help as a Realistic Jobapplication of this can be done in many Preview in many cases.areas of HR, Marketing, Operationsetc.,20. On-job Hiring:Today’s resources and businesses areso dynamic that hiring the right person isalways a question even after so much ofresearch gone in Hiring. Any bestrecruiter in the world would never saythat this person fits well in this positionwith 100% accuracy. Especially atSME’s not many tools are available tomeasure the success of any candidateespecially in case of fresh graduate/PGcandidate. However, hiring fresh talentis a business need to keep the costlower and build one’s own cultural-centric teams for future growth.Idea: It is evident that the freshgraduate/PG candidate is yet to proveon the job. Many a time’s most of theSME’s do not have practice of campushiring. SMEs can adapt to amethodology of hiring where they givethe new entrants from college a choiceto work on 2-3 days on-job to measurethe fitment. This would require apreparation of common set of works tobe assigned to the candidate beforejoining. This is the effort/investment thatwww.husys.net More Information @ www.hrsme.blogspot.com
  15. 15. HR Ideas for Better Business 21-25 : many times inevitable to recruit fresh talent for growth.  Hiring Fresh Talent  Campus Hiring  Hiring Tests for Evaluation  Group Discussions  Just-In-Time Fresh TalentIn this blog post we would focus on oneof the key aspect of building fresh talentpool for growth. Every growingorganization cannot ignore this essentialmethod for talent building. This methodis successful based on the current Job Jr.Husyst - Havishmarket, Industry awareness & Social willing to help us grow!!!Influence on the Young Generation in Catching them Young!!!that market. There are many Idea: Create a simple processes forGovernment initiatives in various Fresh Talent Hiring in Organizationcountries based on the including pay range(Your affordability +business/economic environment in availability in your areas of operations),those countries. India – Govt. of India designations(do not go by fancyspending lots of money in developing designations – simple meaningful for theresources through their National Skill role), Training & Orientation time (MustDevelopment Programs. In Wales-UK for getting value), Measurement ofthe companies are provided grants up- performance parameters and Growthto 50% of employee salary to Opportunities in future. Hit the roadcompanies based on the location and once these things are defined withskills they are hiring. clarity. Variations can be possible21. Hiring Fresh Talent: based on Industry, market & Social circumstances around employmentBusinesses across the globe strive to region.build efficiency in People, Process andTechnology. A growing organizationwould have no choice to build within. A 22. Campus Hiring :building within the organization means aplan for cost efficiency and building Campus Hiring is all about building yourfuture talent the way you run your brand with the potential employees andbusiness. Many growing organizations bring some of the bright and new ideaskeep certain percentage of the new into the organization. However, It’s notworkforce hiring for Fresh Talent. This as easy as it sounds. It is a hard workgives them an edge of building and for the employer to make an effort tosustaining Hands to Deliver and Senior identify the potential colleges who canManagement Head to think. It becomes produce the best that suits for you. Nowww.husys.net More Information @ www.hrsme.blogspot.com
  16. 16. campus is right for everyone, please be to test the mathematical, logicalidentify your own campus based on thinking ability etc.,what you want and if they collegegraduates are tuned to come to yourcampus. Ultimate Skill-Test a Sample Idea: Building a Test for evaluation canCampus Hiring by Husys-India be tedious many times. However, use this as a point of elimination first, but theIdea: Do not go by the rank of the result of successful candidates can beschool when you choose. Talk to the used for Discussion point duringhead of the college and see how his/her personal interviews. Build a simple testfocus in grooming the students in their and administer internally to see thecollege. They would be able to give you reliability and build some Upper andmultiple options including they can send lower control limits for eliminationtheir students to your office than you (Tolerances). Do not make it lengthy,going to the college. However, there but focused on the output that you mayare advantages if they visit your office to want to draw. Include Work related &keep them more close to the realities. non-work related together to save time and give equal number of questions as far as possible.23. Hiring Tests for Evaluation:Conducting Test is a universally used 24. Group Discussions:process for filtering from moreapplicants. This test can be applicable Group Discussions are generally tobased on the position (especially evaluate one’s ability to collaborate andjr.level) unless it is a mandatory communicate with the group. This canRegulation in specific positions. A also bring about the team dynamics andSelection Test can focus on the work the adaptability of the individual who arerelated and non-work Related. Work involved. The participants can be put torelated test would include the areas of discuss a specific topic related to theirbusiness/function. Non-work related can function or general ability/knowledge. This method is again used forwww.husys.net More Information @ www.hrsme.blogspot.com
  17. 17. elimination/filtering from a large group ofapplicants. Ganesha - For a Great BeginningHusyst in Group Discussion before Campus Idea: As always “No pain – No Gain”. A Drive step forward can help you to a great extent in building your talent. If you areIdea: Building Group Discussion in a specific area of specialization youevaluation is important which can focus could design a program which can beon 3-4 key parameters which would given to the Government Initiativesimpact the potential job that the (India – National Skills Developmentapplicant is going to face inside your Program). You may get in touch withorganization. Typical parameters include your Industry association to ask for yourCommunication (verbal, non-verbal), required resources and help yourself (InInterpersonal skills, Building Ideas & IndiaDeveloping Relationships. Evaluatebased on their Natural projection of :http://www.nsdcindia.org/our-work/industry-these qualities by the Candidate. associations.aspx,http://www.nsdcindia.org/f aq/entrepreneur-faq.aspx in UK wales govt. :http://www.gowales.co.uk/en/Graduate & UK Govt.https://www.gov.uk/jobcentre-plus-25. Just-In-Time Fresh Talent: help-for-recruiters ).Business wants any resource Just-In-Time to make sure that the return oninvestment is perfectly timed. AnyBusiness organization would be thrilledto see If they get a readymaderesources for them. Currentlygovernments are building lot of talentpool to make sure that the employmentgeneration happens quickly. All theefforts are made to build employablepeople as soon as they complete theireducation.www.husys.net More Information @ www.hrsme.blogspot.com
  18. 18. About Husys: Reach Husys:Husys - HR Function Management Husys Consulting Pvt.LtdCompany (www.husys.net) is striving to Corporate Head Quartersbuild HR Department for Start-up, Small Husys House, Lakeview Enclave, No.1-8-505/E/D/A,and Medium businesses since 2002. Prakash Nagar Extn., Opp: Begumpet Airport,Husys strive to help in managing to Secunderabad – 500 016. Phone : 040-65195632/ 9948078937.stream line the change that Cyber mail : reach@husys.netorganizations go through during theirgrowth phase. Husys addresses the key Regional Offices at :Human related issues to support Delhi :organizational Growth. We integrate the 1102-A, 6 Devika Towers Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110019Hiring, Inducting, Performance Email : reach@husys.netMeasurement, Policies, Employee Phone:011-41750222 / +91-9718691726Bonding and Development. Reach for Mumbai :any support in HR Services / HR 107, Tejaswini Tower, opp: Mumbai University, Manipada, Vidhya nagari,Outsourcing / HR Function Management Santa Cruz (E), Mumbai - 400098. Email : reach@husys.net/ Customized HR Outsourcing in India. Phone:+91-8108128582 / +91-9967678664 Bangalore :We truly live our Vision: "Synergizing 512,1st Floor,16th CrossHuman Potential for Business & Indiranagar II Stage,Bangalore-38 Email : reach@husys.netSociety". Phone:+91-9964312637 USA : Nina E. Woodard, SPHR, GPHR Phone: 1 760 717 1431 Email : nina@ninaewoodard.comwww.husys.net More Information @ www.hrsme.blogspot.com