100 hr ideas for better business


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100 hr ideas for better business

  1. 1. 100 HR Ideas for betterBusiness : First 5 All it needs a beginning :A First Step to Reach to the TopI was thinking within myself, if I have to give the best readingexperience, what is that I can do differently on this Blog. I realized that tons of description may not excite any reader. Keepingit simple and sweet is the only way. While we want to give the bestback to the readers, I decided to write a series of the 100 things that abusiness owner/CEO/Family Business Owner could do to improvehis/her business with specific focus on People Management for betterbusiness.I would be writing small bits of inputs/advise for business owners,which could be used with ease. I would try not to cover these inputs ina sequence of the HR Process but based on the experiences of ourteams from time to time. I would plan to summarize at the end tocompile the series in an e-book for future readers. This way I wouldcover the important things first and may be of use for the readers.
  2. 2. In each of the posting we would like to share 5 such Important aspectswith Inputs & Ideas if any. Please note these are not necessary in anorder of Induction/performance during the course of building business.Use your discretion. If you have any question at any point please dowrite to me at : gr(at)husys.net1. Vision & Mission : One of the most important ingredient oforganisation building. You may want to focus on what you want to doin future and how you want to achieve the same. If you are a start-upyou can build this with a team of first few and work with rest toimprove and achieve the same. Making sure that every individualis chosen to fit into this framework and win in long-term. Please donot hesitate to part with people who may not fit into this framework.Link every of your actions/processes/policies for present and future.Idea : You may build this including the core team and someone whocan see your vision. Alternatively can use an external expert help infacilitating this process (Please do not ask external facilitator to draftfor you)You can only build an organisation when
  3. 3. everyone walks with you to the top2 - Building the Long-term & Short-term Objectives : While youhave a vision and mission for your organisation. Even if you do nothave a clear Vision & Mission Statements (In most of the organisationits true that they do not have a formal vision & mission statements).Set your clear goals for short-term (for Financial year or CalenderYear). Make sure that the Objectives are Simple, Clear, Time Boundand measurable. Make it convenient for people to relate it toperformance.Idea: Build at-least Revenue targets with timelines(Sales, Collectionetc.,), New initiatives in People practices, Processes and FutureExpansion. Make sure that the same is communicated through a mail /team meetings / all employee meeting.3. Set Expectations & Communicate Clearly: Its always best to setthe expectations of performance at the beginning of the relationshipwith any employee in organisation. The longer the relationship withoutset expectations, difficult to agree/accept the reality of business.Idea : Spare few minutes in writing the expectations and end outputthat measures the success of the individual on a peace of paper andDocument(body of text) through an email. This 10-20 minutes ofinteraction and documentation can save many business days.
  4. 4. Its Tough to be on the Top : But its a reality4. Share the Business Realities : Do not hide or hesitate to talkabout your business situation with the employees. I am sure they areequally aware of what is happening in business. Spare few minutes oftime to share the business realities during regular meetings and sendcommon notes through email. This can include information aboutobjectives achievement, new happenings, new competition and anyother challenges that the organisation is going through. Do nothesitate to share the difficulties and people would come forward tohelp. You would have people come forward to extend help who relatethemselves with the organisationIdea: Set a frequency of communication based on the communicationand type of groups to be informed - function, divisions or overallorganisation. Eg. Organisational Update to everyone by 5th of everymonth.5. Ask for Help : Do not hesitate to ask for that extra-mile help frompeople who work in your organisation. If you have shared your vision,mission, business realities frequently, it would be easier for seeking
  5. 5. such support. You dont do that every bit of business deliver anyway,you need people to run the business and take those right steps in thepath of growth.Idea: You can ask for any such support from the team immediatelyreports to you. In turn encourage the team to take further steps basedon the ground realities.100 HR Ideas for betterBusiness : 6-10 : Induction,Probation, Hiring, Grievance,ExpectationsHere are the next 5 Ideas for better Business performance in buildingHuman Synergies. In this posting you would find basic informationabout Induction, Probation, Grievance Redressal,High Requirement Hiring and Setting Expectation of Performance.These are very day-to-day issues and needs to be addressed on thego. Please do read and add new inputs and perspective to make thisblog a repository for simple & practical solutions.
  6. 6. On-Job & Experiential Induction is the Key for Success6.Induction for Performance : Induction of a new employeeinto the system is the first step for building Human Synergies.Induction is a process which would help the new joinees contribute thebest by understanding the organisation and its systems. Organisationhelps the new joinees to understand the history, policies, procedures,cultural values along with some bit of experiential learning. Thisprocess can be simple to complex based on the person / seniorityand/or implication of the decisions by the person (if they are seriousmore days and more in-depth induction). Since we bring people intothe organisation to perform and deliver the best, Induction would helpthat process effectively.Idea: Induction plan can be few hours to few months as per theintensity of the requirement. Create a standard template for a day ortwo and make sure you execute as soon as you have a new joinee.You can discuss with your senior team members and set expectationsof information sharing and experiential learning. Eg : The template canhave columns like Date, Function/Department to visit, person to meet,Questions to Ask and time(from-to). Do not forget to ask the Inducteeto ask for feedback report at the end of those few hours/days.
  7. 7. An Informal Chat helps the New Entrant Establish Quickly7. Probation: Probation is primarily to help the new joinees to getused to the environment and fit into cultural of the organisation. It isnoticed that there are different set of probation methods inorganisations. Some have a probation for junior level people. Someorganisations follow for all the levels. It is noticed that however theexperienced or accomplished in other organisation does notguarantee the same performance in the new organisation. Theduration of the probation can be defined based on the general timeframe that a new joinees get adjusted into the new system. Based onthe organisational need and the general time taken for adjustment canbe considered as a yardstick in defining the duration. There is aperceivable notion that Probation confirmation is linked to theincrement/revision in salary. This is totally not true and should not belinked to monetary gains, so that the sanctity of organisational fitmentcan be managed.Idea: Set some basic parameters to help assess the involvement ofthe Individual into the organisation. An open-ended one page reportfrom the Supervisor would help in confirmation of services to keep itsimple in consultation with the team member. Its also important to set
  8. 8. the next set of expectations and measurable outputs agreed at thistime.8. One-time High Recruitment Needs: Many times you mayhave a need to recruit large pool of people at once. This numberwould vary from organisational size. Smaller companies to have 3-10number of requirement may be high. For large organisations thenumber could run in Hundreds. You can segregate the positions indifferent buckets of experience and expertise and define a differentstrategy. Like for all fresh positions you can approach a college fordatabase or for organizing interviews. For experienced you may wantto use the position posting and a database access service for a short-term, with a job portal to make sure you reach the target. Oralternatively your own employees can be of great help with little focus.Idea: Call any Recruitment Agency and negotiate a different model,where they would work on retainer basis to close all the positionswithin a specific time period. This is possible and doable for theRecruitment Company. If you really assure some basic fee for theirefforts, they can do a good job than just on success based in suchsituations.
  9. 9. 9. Performance Expectations: Setting the performanceexpectations at each level is important. It not only important to set theexpectations but also to share what outcome you would like to see asa performance. for example: for a sales person Revenue & Collection%age. Production: Production Output in numbers, Wastage %age tobe maintained, For HR person : %age of positions to be filled in daysfrom requisition, employee turnover to be contained at a level.Idea : For every job/ position / individual define only two keycomponents as output that you would be expecting and communicatein writing. Set a frequency of review to ensure that your single point ofagenda is to discuss and see the progress. Its All about setting the expectations on Performance or on resolving Grievance10. Employee Grievance : Grievances typically are handledthrough a process of grievance handling procedure for large teams.However, In case of smaller organisation, Identify the problem relatedto Work norms infrastructure, performance,Salary, increments etc.,
  10. 10. and appropriately respond. All the policy related framework doneby HR need to be interpreted and clarified. Also see that if you needto resolve with the appropriate documents/ approvals. If it is relatedto interpersonal relationships, work related issues you may wantto involve the manager to get the right picture and help them toresolve. This is a quick overview and specific problems can behandled based on the need/situation/background. One thing for sure,do not jump to resolve issues... identify the core of the problem andinvolve the appropriate authorities to make sure that grievance isresolved to the best of organisational capabilities/boundaries. Finally,never think that you are going to satisfy all the parties 100%....Idea: If you really work on a detailed grievance redressal policy would be great. However, if you do not intend/cant define,then Identify last one year issues and resolutions. Set some basicguidelines in such cases if repeated and communicate to the teams incommon forums/intranet/meetings etc.,. For any unresolved issues,set an escalation point and also what level it would be final andbinding for resolution.About Husys:Husys - HR Function Management Company ( www.husys.net ) is striving to build HRDepartment for Start-up, Small and Medium businesses since 2002. Husys strive to help inmanaging to stream line the change that organizations go through during their growth
  11. 11. phase. Husys addresses the key Human related issues to support organizational Growth.We integrate the Hiring, Inducting, Performance Measurement, Policies, Employee Bondingand Development. Reach for any support in HR Services / HR Outsourcing / HR FunctionManagement / Customized HR Outsourcing in India.We truly live our Vision: "Synergizing Human Potential for Business & Society".